Julian Rose: Is the UK Really Leading a Rebellion?

Climate change activists Extinction Rebellion plant trees and hold sit in and party on newly turfed Parliament Square. Earlier in the day activists had blocked five of London’s Bridges, Waterloo, Southwark, Blackfriars, Lambeth and Westminster. The group are calling on followers to rebel against the government’s inaction to curb climate change and a potential ecological collapse. Featuring: Atmosphere, View Where: London, United Kingdom When: 17 Nov 2018 Credit: Wheatley/WENN

Extinction Rebellion/Green New Deal

It is natural for people to come forward in defense of planet Earth once they become aware of the policies of ecocide built into corporate globalization. In fact, it is the general lack of such action which constitutes the real concern for all who care deeply about the health and welfare of the planet and its occupants.

But for a long time now, those with their hands on the control levers of daily life have shown themselves to be extremely adept at tuning-in to expressions of resistance and covertly subverting such expressions to fit their monopoly of unrestrained economic growth – at all costs.

The Extinction Rebellion clash between eco-activist movements and a highly structured elite policy of distinctly un-ecological wealth procurement, has been increasingly in the public eye recently.
It looks, to all intents and purposes, as though these are indeed two camps with major idealistic differences, coming up against each other on the streets, in print and over the airwaves.

However, on closer inspection, it transpires that this is not the case. Just under the surface is an entanglement which we need to grasp in order to know what is actually going on. I am grateful to www.nowhere.news for looking behind the scenes of recent high profile events on the streets of London and elsewhere and drawing out the largely hidden details of exactly who is behind these actions and what they aim to achieve.

In brief, what is revealed to be the real under-text of these ‘happenings’ is essentially a cruel hoax on tens of thousands of protesters, the majority of whom are young and ostensibly making their presence known so as to challenge government on global warming/climate change concerns. People whose stated reason for coming forward is that they don’t believe enough serious actions are being taken to keep CO2 emissions below 400 parts per million.

So let’s try to deconstruct the multiple layered confusion that clouds the road to truth in this matter. Firstly, the majority of ‘stop global warming/climate change activists’ have a problem: they have never questioned the narrative of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change whose edict categorically states that the science behind its prognosis on climate change is an incontrovertible fact and beyond discussion.

Just why would tens of thousands of people, who supposedly have little or no faith in government, not firstly question what a government panel claims to be an indisputable fact? This is the first major question in need of a clear answer.

We shouldn’t need to remind ourselves that the majority of governments are in the pocket of corporations and their main policies never go against the global corporate will. Although they are usually disguised to seem to.

In short, IPCC, industry and government paid climatologists, want people to believe their carefully scripted global warming/climate change story because there is big money to be made mass-producing the infrastructure needed to transform a fading brown and black fossil fuel regime into a supposedly Green New Deal, Fourth Industrial Revolution. Something that would not encounter resistance from most urban ecologists and greens, as they choke everyday on diesel, oil and coal pollutants and, thanks to IPCC, see the demise of fossil fuels as also key to ‘saving the planet’ – not just themselves.

Next, it would appear that those who take on front line street actions within organizations like Extinction Rebellion make the error of also failing to research the background of those who are financially supporting and leading the organization from behind the scenes – or on occasions – quite openly.

In the case of Extinction Rebellion, the co-founder and leading light is a certain Gail Bradbrook, assisted by climate change lawyer Farhana Yamin, both of whose backgrounds have lines of direct working connection with people and organizations committed to exactly the opposite objectives to those of the green protesters following their leadership directives.

According to ‘Nowhere News’ investigations, Gail Bradbrook has a history of working with the perpetrators of top-down elitist organizations committed to upholding the neoliberal capitalist status quo. She is quoted as being an enthusiastic supporter of ‘Otpor’ – an organization funded by the US National Endowment for Democracy – a body closely affiliated with US government promotion of regime change around the World.

Farhana Yamin is CEO of ‘Track O’ a business whose partners include the Rockerfeller Foundation and Chatham House, where she is also an associate fellow. Chatham House, aka The Royal Institute of International Affairs, is perhaps the leading empire upholding think-tank in the Western hemisphere.

Just why would Extinction Rebellion supporters go along with such plainly inappropriate individuals leading their movement?

Before answering this, I would like to focus on how government is using these quasi leaders to misguide and demotivate all those who could, if properly organized and motivated, actually present a serious challenge to genuinely destructive globalist environmental practices that play-out everyday of our lives. But first, of course, the green aspiring supporters of Extinction Rebellion would have to realize that their ‘rebellion’ never steps outside the confines of a globalist agenda. But instead lands up actually supporting it.

The think-tank secret societies like the Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission are made-up of leading figureheads from – among others – global banking interests, the military industrial complex, Big Pharma, Big Agro, Big Legal, Big Telecommunications, Big Energy and Big Media. All of which share a common interest in preserving and expanding their empires. To do this they need to be ahead of the game and always ready to infiltrate any movements that might provoke a wider uprising for change in another direction.

This requires considerable cunning and a well developed knowledge of how to deceive in such a way that it appears that one is doing the opposite of deceiving i.e. promoting pragmatic solutions to global problems – the very one’s one has been responsible for creating in the first place.

This includes the re-branding of global capitalism as something benign and indispensable to the greening of the national and global economy.

Such deception is standard procedure, along with the by now infamous technique of ‘divide and conquer’, for deflating opposition to the expansionist globalist agenda. However, as we shall see, Extinction Rebellion doesn’t really need much encouragement to stick by the rules of the game – as it already bears the official stamp ‘government approved’ .

In the latest round of negotiations that took place between Extinction Rebellion representatives and UK government ministers, it is reported that a green activist put it to Environment Minister Michael Grove, that the current economy is extractive and thereby the cause of much hardship. Grove’s answer caused surprise; because instead of denying this fact, he showed some sympathy for it – stating that the government is working on a more radical circular economy that would overcome the pitfalls of the extractive factor.

This is a classic example of ‘repositioning’ so as to appear to be acquiescing to the demands of a popular movement – by saying that the government is actually ahead of the game in its vision of a better, cleaner, brighter future for all!

But is anyone fooled into believing that what is termed by government ‘ a circular economy’ would be so in reality? Would actually involve the redistribution of income within communities in a way that would close the wealth gap between rich and poor?

Grove, like nearly all government ministers, is schooled in the art of deception. In today’s world of predatory politics, ministers don’t hold down their jobs for long if they are not seen to be towing the line of their masters: the corporations that provide the funds and give the orders that go with them.

What we see in the rash of non governmental organizations suddenly getting excited about initiatives to put pressure on governments to uphold the climate agreement clauses approved at the Paris climate accord, is not actually a demand for radical change to the extractive economy. That is something that would indeed put the capitalist global economy firmly in the dock; whereas what these protesters are demanding resembles nothing much more than a shuffling of the deck chairs around the Titanic.

The Green New Deal, which appears to be closely affiliated with Extinction Rebellion, makes proposals that claim to be the answer to ‘global warming’ and ‘saving the world’, but has correctly been exposed as simply a massive reinvestment of global banking capital into the next big corporate energy heist after coal, oil and gas. Green New Deal lauds itself as having the capacity to provide thousands of new jobs in constructing the next generation of infrastructure to ensure the coming into being of a brave new world of ‘clean energy’.

What is being referred to as a world of clean energy is this: 5G WiFi driven ‘smart cities’; 5G guided autonomous driver-less cars; 5G treeless microwaved streets; 5G robots taking over from people on the factory floor and a 5G satellite and ground based total surveillance grid. Add to this the pleasures of a diet of hydroponic and nanotech ‘clean foods’ plus a near total vegan take-over of the food chain, with its accompanying ending of family farms working with time honored sustainable mixed rotational livestock/crop systems.

The Green New Deal, in its present form, will lead directly to a microwaved and monitored world population reduced to a state of abject poverty and slavery to the high-tech masters of the long predicted New World Order.

The Green New Deal is being promoted by such figureheads as leader of the DiEm 25 movement ex finance minister of Greece Yanis Veroufakis, Green MP Caroline Lucas and .. yes Gail Bradbrook, leader of Extinction Rebellion.

The great tragedy in all this is that tens of thousands of idealistic young people, seemingly motivated to do something positive for the this planet, cannot see that they are being betrayed. Co-opted by government to sell its industry backed climate change agenda; with its ‘cap and trade’ and ‘carbon tax’ levies serving as lucrative cash cows for the benefit of government and industry alike.

Gail Bradbrook, recently interviewed on Sky TV, stated (in a conversation about global warming) that UK government advisors had told her “We need you guys to do the job”. We’ll, one doesn’t need to try and prove the collusion between government and the leaders of the social movement called Extinction Rebellion, when it is already openly admitted by its leader.

Frankly, this is serious. Serious because firstly the government presentation of climate change is rife with inconsistencies and deception. And secondly, it comes at a time when most people able to think recognize that governments – in most of the Western World and beyond – are not representative of the will of the people – but of the will of the corporations and multi millionaire bankers.

This is so fundamental a fact that one can’t begin to see how movements and organizations like Green New Deal, Extinction Rebellion and Climate Action – which are all lead by people tainted by their close affiliation to the neo liberal globalist status quo – can be taken seriously. I reiterate “by anyone who can still think”.

Let us recall the words of Albert Einstein “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

For all the emotional good will generated by a carefully programmed Greta Thunberg and the contortions performed by ‘inconvenient truth’ multi millionaire jet setter Al Gore, all we land up with is a deeper blurring of the real agenda being enacted by the deep state/shadow government architects of control. Of a supranational, totalitarian New World Order.

While the United Nations pretends to care about sustainable development, the International Monetary Fund pretends to care about the economy, the World Bank pretends to care about the starving, The World Health Organization pretends to care about health. Yet even while these corrupted organizations (and many more) eat into our planetary survival, too many environmental activist organizations remain transfixed by the hugely over-hyped government red herring known as global warming. I might be castigated for bringing out this ‘inconvenient truth’, but it needs to be said.

I would also like to flag-up this fact, it is the military war machine which has been identified as contributing the highest levels of toxic pollutants into the biosphere.

There is no doubt that the climate is changing and being changed. It is a recognized fact that our planetary weather is frequently being manufactured and manipulated by superpower military interventions, particularly by US operatives. Who has not seen the sky criss-crossed by the toxic atmospheric geoengineered aerosol jet trails designed by these criminals.

As a direct result of such interventions our world has a fever. She is running hot and cold. After all, our planet is Gaia, a living being – and living beings get fevers when their bodies can absorb no more sickness inducing pathogens.

It is highly significant that the architects of the central control system that holds this world to ransom, have succeeded in side-lining a large percentage of those who might have otherwise poured their energies into tackling the the military intervention of natural climatic cycles and other such brutal interventions with the health of our living planet.

I would like to conclude this article by revealing the agenda that has been most side-lined by the proclamations of the United Nations and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This is the promotion of a vision of a decentralized society that fosters into reality benign, local and regional socio-economic cells of creative activity. Activities that lead the world away from the suicidal globalized capitalistic cliff face.

The United Kingdom and all European Countries as well as the USA and beyond, could and should be nations built on the foundations of human scale, self governing communities, in which central government quite simply becomes redundant. Has no role to play, except within the sphere of certain international concerns.

This is the only truly radical ‘people power’ take-over that would channel human energies in a positive direction. One in which taking control of – and responsibility for – our destinies becomes the precursor for all actions that follow.

I have written at length about how this can be practically achieved in Changing Course for Life, now republished under the new title ‘Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis’ (Dixi Books). I show how all aspects of community life and higher human aspiration can be met via a logical and really quite simple re-organizational and regenerative process that starts at the local level. A formula I have named ‘The Proximity Principle’.

This is not to say that intensive efforts to stop governments and corporations rolling-out their disastrous policies should be dropped in favour of concentrating on building the local community ‘arks’ envisaged. Of course not – one simply has to redouble one’s efforts and fight on two fronts simultaneously.

At the moment, the vision that would lead to the creation of human scale, self governing communities, is simply not being considered or expressed. Maybe because most green activists who join organizations like Extinction Rebellion, are urban raised and schooled; buy their foods in supermarkets and are preoccupied with maintaining the life styles peculiar to the urban jungle. Unfortunately, most couldn’t begin to envision the practicalities of building a new life outside the urban rat-race.

The majority are dependent on the very corporations they expose; the materialistic global agenda they blame for planetary warming and global ecocide. In urban settings nobody is independent of a heavy reliance upon unsustainable, toxic and extractive economic patterns of daily life.
People caught-up in this way of life firstly need to find a way out, if they are to present a meaningful critique of its pit-falls. One cannot avoid the old axiom ‘practice as you preach’.

No progress can be made while one is financially supporting those who one attacks. Those that represent the interests of multinational/transnational business conglomerates that keep inorganic life-styles going. In other words one has to start on a new journey which involves saying ‘no’ to supermarket shopping, sweat shop and branded clothes, money deposits with big banks, fast food chains, household chemicals and so forth and so on.

It is hard to see such changes happening overnight, but they will have to if movements like Green New Deal and Extinction Rebellion are to have any credibility or achieve any meaningful results.
The unfortunate truth is that, in the great majority of cases, if one cannot ‘lead by example’ one is no better than the people and policies one seeks to expose.

Real resistance is a much tougher proposition than participating in happenings on the streets of London, New York or Berlin, however well-intentioned and spectacular they might be. Especially ‘government approved’ TV spectacles like Extinction Rebellion, led by insider individuals whose agendas have been tainted by careers that would appear to have successfully initiated them into the corporate art of deception. It all comes down to un-hideable hypocrisy.

Extinction Rebellion and other comparable protest statements, are essentially bandwagon movements. Pop-up cult like manifestations cleverly branded by those who have something significant to gain from the manipulation of others. So long as this sort of mass outcry is seen as the best hope for achieving change, we will be on a road to nowhere. A highway already so well traveled that the tarmacadam has worn through and potholes are now the predominant feature.

The serious route to positive change is built on more than just good intentions. It is built on holistic awareness and long-term graft – with a solid determination to ‘practice what one preaches’. Practical examples need to form the core of actions designed to halt the destruction. Sound examples that demonstrate a way forward that heals wounds and catalyses a way of life based on conscious responsibility, ecological awareness, real justice and a strong predisposition for humanitarian sharing.

Step forward all those who are committed to face the deeper challenges of life, with bravery. For these are the people who will form the vanguard of resistance to the erosion of values indispensable to the coming-through of a new paradigm. A new paradigm in the way we humans creatively interact with each other and our priceless planet Earth.

That is the real rebellion.

Julian Rose is an international activist, writer, organic farming pioneer and actor. In 1987 and 1998, he led a campaign that saved unpasteurised milk from being banned in the UK; and, with Jadwiga Lopata, a ‘Say No to GMO’ campaign in Poland which led to a national ban of GM seeds and plants in that country in 2006. Julian is currently campaigning to ‘Stop 5G’ WiFi. He is the author of two acclaimed titles: Changing Course for Life and In Defence of Life. His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ will be available from this July. Julian is a long time exponent of yoga/meditation. See his web site for more information and to purchase his books www.julianrose.info


The Crystal Eyed People

by Soren Dreier

I have crossed paths with some very interesting people who bear some very interesting similarities.
I had the idea of writing about them for about half a year, but decided to wait until I was absolutely sure and that I had enough experience so I could describe them. I don’t know if they are described elsewhere.

I have touched on non-biological beings before, in the astral and more lighter realms (devas), whom we share this planet with, us being in the physical body.

The Crystal-Eyed People are in the physical body and they have such rich deva-like features that —it is my understanding—that at some point in their evolution, they made a crossover and incarnated as human beings in the physical form.

Seen from a metaphysical perspective, that makes sense since there are sober non-religious ancient scriptures describing that Angels are able to make that crossover and humans also can make that crossover and pursue their evolution either as Angels going Human or Humans going Angel. It’s embedded in many song lyrics, poems, and literature, so maybe we know it, but don’t really know that we know it.

I also take into account that The Crystal-Eyed People sometimes lose their composure and suddenly, for some seconds, shapeshift into their deva-like state. They have Deva DNA imbedded in their human DNA.

This shapeshifting isn’t spooky or dark in any way like the reptilians. Being beside a Crystal Eyed person, when they do will most likely strike you with awe. They become more ethereal, the flesh of their human body can’t coat the high frequency they have. When that hits you out of the blue, you will know that you’re with one.

The first encounter I had with The Crystal-Eyed People was about five years ago.
I met some more briefly in the following years and last summer, they seemed to present themselves in numbers. As I got used to the whole concept of them, I started seeing them in the photos people send me if they need a healing or a reading. It’s in their eyes. The people I met was between 21 – 33 years of age.

Their Eyes

On occasion, I would sit across a table from, or go for a walk with, a Crystal-Eyed person. I learned that if the sun hits their face sideways, then the sunlight would go into their eyes from the side.
The sight of that simply makes me go Wow! inside.
They have layers of colors in their eyes. Many of us do, but this is different.
As an example, if one has blue eyes, there would be a range of blue colors in the iris of both the deepest almost amethyst purple/blue and out towards the very light white/blue in the frequencies of the blue scale. Some of us have that too.
But a sure sign is that the colors move like tiny plates of thin fragments of crystals embedded in and moving around in the fluid of the eye. It is such a dazzling sight to see.

We can spot reptilians often by their reptilian eyes. That also happens when they lose their composure. The advice here, as you know, is: Run.

The difference is that the dance of crystals like elements in The Crystal-Eyed People’s eyes is permanent. It is always there, but it takes some sharp light coming in sideways to spot it.

That is the primary way to spot them.

There are other shared traits and it is a fixed list, since I only have taken the main characteristics, because on the not-so-important scale they are very individual. Just like the rest of us: We can make a list to spot Humans and it would be infinite. But we share characteristics that defines us from other species that we share the planet with.



Children of the Tides

by Soren Dreier

Are you among the tired and weary?
You are certainly not alone – many spiritually engaged people currently feel this way.
Body aches, low key mood, and very little intellectual energy.

Some of it can be explained from the collective, the endless war drums that are pounding Venezuela and Iraq, the unrest and hostility of the collective consciousness and further down that path.

People write me and say that their inner life pulls them back in time to pain they have cost, mistakes that were made, wrong things said and done, and it’s hard to understand the inner turmoil.

If we are in that state of mind, there is no bypass – the only way through is through.
We can’t change the past or what we perceive as our wrong doings, but we can change our attitude towards it and use this period, to accept going back and try to understand that we always did the best we could. We did what we did because that was what we knew and where we were at that time.

I am not necessarily talking about self-forgiveness, since that is very, very hard to achieve in this particular vortex, but more as a plain expression of: Why – Why did I do that stuff?
When we understand that, and this understanding can burn like hell on the inside, we can make sure that we do not do it again. It is pattern seeking time and pattern breaking time and when it is so it is better to work with it, than trying to avoid it. Time to surf the big waves.

The experiences here are highly individual. Maybe you stole a candy bar from the supermarket, or maybe you triggered a divorce, or maybe you were mean to your kids… It’s a very diverse list.

The beauty in it is that it’s self-examination time once more and it’s not so much a question of blaming others for their deeds that overstepped your boundaries. That is not so much on the table. It is about the self-blame that’s there and it bites like a Tasmanian Devil come mating season.

Self-blame is both very destructive and normally advised against.
In this vortex – it is one of the most powerful waves I have ever seen – it is okay to go into the self-blame mode. Do not bypass it, just walk through it. It is not a healthy place to be but we’re only passing through once more.There is solace and redemption waiting. Once we’re through and once it’s conquered, you will not have to deal with it again.



Julian Rose: A Pagan Easter

Children wearing masks walk in a street during “Bele Poklade” carnival celebrations in the village of Lozovik, some 100 km (62 miles) south of the capital Belgrade, on February 22, 2015. “Bele Poklade” has its roots in old pagan customs and is marked annually seven weeks before Easter. Children walk through the village to collect eggs, and at the end jump over a fire to banish evil demons. AFP PHOTO / ANDREJ ISAKOVIC (Photo credit should read ANDREJ ISAKOVIC/AFP/Getty Images)

I live and work for 8 months out of the year in Poland. To be more precise, in a small cottage in a village situated on the edge of the Beskidi mountain range in the Province of Malopolska, about 40 kilometres South West of Krakow.

We, Jadwiga and I, cultivate about 1.5 ha of land composed of around 7 fields, each in a separate location., but all within walking distance. Most is for vegetables, grazing and hay.

In our garden is an orchard comprising apple, cherry and plumb trees, a herb growing plot and 3 green houses. There is also a barn made from clay and straw, which we converted into an educational centre some 20 years ago.

Within this centre, known as ICPPC Eco Centre, we demonstrate various forms of renewable
energy, mostly established by Jadwiga’s son Chris. Passive solar energy, photovoltaic and wind power; clean waste water system and a small ‘off-grid’ clay/straw house featuring a double chamber wood burning stove and a passive solar glass extension for propagating young plants.

The animal population of our smallholding consists of 3 Alpaka, 3 mountain sheep, 2 ducks and a small flock of hens. The 120 year old farm cottage in which we live, has light tunnels to bring sunlight into the interior and a heat pump with underfloor pipes to keep out the winter chill.

We are now approaching Easter, which, in a predominantly Catholic Country, means that celebrations are mostly of a religious nature. The good people of Stryszow head for the village church. Jesus Christ is the centre of attention, as he is every Sunday of course, but especially so on Easter Day. For as the legend has it, Jesus Christ died and rose again from the dead within the small space of time they call ‘wielka noc’ in Poland – ‘the great night’.

A significant portion of the village line the pews of the village church on Wielka Noc – as they do on most Sundays – as Poland is a bastion of traditional Christian persuasion – the priest holds a high position within the community hierarchy. What he says, by and large, gets done. For the congregation, and within Catholiscism in general, the priest is the interpretor of the word of God.

Loud speakers placed outside the church blast passages of the service out into the surrounding environment, calling all attendees and non attendees, to atone for their sins, pray for forgiveness and offer humble obeisance to Jesus and Mother Mary via the imbibing of the Communion sacrements.
And on Easter Day, to find a further degree of humility, because, as the priest reminds them, on the occasion of Wielke Noc their Saviour suffered the crucifixion – ‘so that they may live’.


At the top of the hill on Easter Day, the sun is shattering the gloom of grey winter; the air is sweet with the aroma of waking earth; birds are aroused into melodious song and a non conformist ‘heathen’ couple are busy sowing the first seeds of the new season. The greenhouse doors are opened wide; freshly composted soil is taken-up in the hands and mixed into small pots that are the birth place of the new seasons vegetables. Old leaves are raked into compostible piles and the sheep, alpaka and hens are turned-out onto the first shoots of Springtime pasture.

We are celebrating the rising from dormancy of the new life. We feel it in our blood – a pleasurable sense of upwardly rising life, celebrating in partnership with the call of nature; the rising from dormancy of that which brings nourishment to body, mind and spirit.

If we are on our knees, it is because the planting of seeds demands being close to the soil. If we are feeling humble, it is because nature teaches us the lessons that every true farmer and grower cannot avoid confronting. If we are in communion, it is because we are in the hands of the elements, the wind, sun, snow and rain – and our best call is to learn to work with them and not against them.

The elements are a part of a seasonal cycle of death, birth, life, which forms the trinity of our life here on Earth. We don’t need a priest to divert us from this truth.

The earthy Springtime ritual is connecting us with our deeper nature. We are vibrating to the rhythm of a pagan journey; being reminded of what sustains, nourishes and supports us, both now and in the months to come. The essential rudimentary needs of all of us.

When not working the land we are carrying the message out to the wider public arena – as campaigners – defending the small farmers from government, EU and corporate attempts to destroy them.

Not so long ago, most of those lining the pews of the village church were also working on the land. But as the Western myth of a ‘free market’ and capitalist dream replaced the old communist regime, so did the decline of once thriving small scale enterprises on the land follow suite. So now, even the majority of monks in the famous monastery in Calveria – just down the road – shun the hoe and rake and purchase their third rate meats, milk, grains and vegetables from the nearest supermarket chain store. This lifeless food, having travelled from all over the world, is being consumed by a brotherhood whose metier is to bring people closer to God, but which finds itself and its congregation, sinking ever further into the godless world of Western materialistic dependency.

And as it is, just like the plant kingdom, we humans are supplied with our life blood via our roots. Unless those roots are strong, we cannot grow into our fullness. Poland is a Slavic nation and its true roots belong in this ancient culture. A culture closely affiliated with cultures of the Far East and expressing itself through a language rich in spiritual nuance and earthy wisdom. Something it shares with fellow Slavic nations to the East and South; including of course, Russia.

The Slavic/pagan festivals of Easter celebrated the rebirth of life on the land and in the human being. Celebrations largely swept aside by Christianity and the centralisation of religious power into the hands of popes, priests and bishops. With the net result that a constricting dogma replaced the expression of ritual celebration.

In the pagan tradition of Easter, children painted eggs with bright colours, symbolising the fertility of new emerging life. The egg has been a symbol of fertility for millenia in almost all countries of the world, and the re-enactment of decorating it in early Spring is a pagan tradition that long supersedes the churches claim to invention. Likewise the decorating of homes with plants, wreathes and other ornaments depicting the re-emergence of the light after the winter.

These activities are also taking place in our small home on the hill this Easter time, along with the recently introduced feature of decorating the wool from our alpaka and sheep and hanging it as a colourful tapestry on the wall.

It is a salutary experience to be able to participate in this powerful expression of a way of life on the edge of destruction. A way of life suffering under the jack-boot of neoliberal capitalist regimes and the standardised educational system that are perpetuated on behalf of the corporatist global agenda.
A regime that neuters all aspirations to a life that takes nature as its true guide.

The day after Easter 2018, I was out harrowing the wild flower rich meadows from which our animals would graze and the Summer’s hay be gathered. The snow gleamed white and iridescent on the distant mountain tops. Some wild deer gingerly emerged from surrounding woodland, cropping the young shoots of Spring grass.

A warming wind smelt of renewal, revival, rebirth. A small tingle of ecstasy ran throughout my veins. A smile touched my soul. Nature had died – but been reborn – so that we all may Live.


The Life Test Is To See And Then Avoid The Life Trick


You Are Suffering – Well, It’s Meant to Be?

by Soren Dreier

There is a narrative in spirituality that says: ‘We chose that’ – or, ‘We chose that when we signed up for this life.´ Often it is used to understand suffering from a spiritual perspective, a personal perspective, or a collective perspective .

The problem is when that narrative makes us cold and indifferent to suffering.

When we use it as an excuse not to intervene or to generally recognize the boxed in religions’ take and main Matrix of life, which broadly translates into: Yes, we came to this Earth to suffer, and the suffering ends when we die and go to ‘a better place.’ (The best excuse ever made for treating people like dirt.)

So why go here in the first place? Forced? Hardly.

We evolve through opposites and our way of steering through them and deciding which path to take. To stretch that argument – and it is not a far stretch – we chose between what we see as Darkness and Light.

As we know, many cover their darkness in a spiritual coating. I have touched upon this many times, so I will not go into that here. Unfortunately, those who do so operate under the cover of awareness – of being aware. The reality is their lack of self-awareness. They feel entitled. Let me leave that for what it is – it speaks for itself.

It is mirrored in politics.
The new ‘progressive’ left, with its appetite for censoring, suppression, and character assassinations of anyone who doesn’t plug into their promotion of being offended over basically everything, shows a severe gap of self-awareness when they act like and turn to the tools of fascism.
Disempowerment is their aim while promoting empowerment. That is why they mirror some distorted dynamics in spirituality.



The Hijacking of Gratitude and Its Rescue

by Murray Hill

The new-age prophets, gurus and aspirants tell us to “be grateful”. The Church tells us to “be grateful for what God has given you”. The Eastern mystics say “Practice gratitude”.
Be grateful your parents tell you. Be grateful for your “blessings”, and for your “abundance” we are told. Be grateful for your demeaning job (if you are “lucky” enough to have one) and your debt.
What they are really saying is just take it. Don’t doubt it, don’t examine it, and most certainly don’t question it. Just take it and be nice while you are about it.

What we are being force fed is not nourishing, it is not loving, virtuous, or anything else even approaching integrity of any kind. But be grateful. There is something wrong with this picture – in the form of what could be called “default gratitude”.

We are living in the time of the “upside-down”.
War is peace, credit is debt, sustainability is wholesale destruction, integration is genocide, it goes on and on … Our very language has become a weapon that is used against us. We have been so terrorised that we are afraid to even use gender correct pronouns.
Politeness has become a form of abuse. But be grateful for that. When we are told to be grateful –  we are really being told something very different, something sinister and disempowering. And it has nothing to do with what real gratitude is. It is its opposite.

If you are not grateful, or at least displaying gratitude, then you are not playing the game. We are talking about a cloned version of gratitude. Compulsory gratitude. Default gratitude. Weaponised gratitude. The commodified new-age version of the practice of gratitude.

What they are really saying is that this dreadful and corrupt situation that you find yourself in is “god-given” or it is the result of your lack of faith, or your lack of positive thought, or a previous life, or your sin.
Your financial problems are your fault – you didn’t train, or get a degree, you missed the housing bubble, or you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But be grateful for that. When the good stuff happens it is due to a “higher” power, an external force – so be grateful.

When stuff goes wrong it is more likely to be caused by some error, wrong doing or deficiency on your part. So show some gratitude in the hope that the gods of supply and demand will notice your passive good behaviour and reward it. When we delve deeply into it, we are being trained to be good little children, to be polite, to say please and thank you, no matter what. And to not question what is being done to us. What exactly are we being driven to be grateful for? That this is as good as it gets? That this is as good as it can get?  That appears to be the message.



The Positive Void

by Soren Dreier

Voids are really not that popular.

I get a number of mails, people telling that they seem to be a bit ‘down’ and feeling a touch of hopelessness.

Such ‘soul searching voids’ can be very interesting, if they are not confused with swimming around in a soup of doubt, which is not very interesting, but sometimes necessary – if we feel sorry for ourselves or we think the navel is the most interesting place in the universe or – and that is a real opportunity for growth:
When we detach from whatever we need to detach from, a void will appear. The flip side of detachment.

We often find ourselves in these voids through life, but they can only be perceived as voids if we somehow have engaged in soul searching, self-development, or in some manner have worked with ourselves on a conscious level.

It seems like when we hit the void at this level, the soul is confused on how to proceed, to take a choice, to “giving it up”, which of course is not the same as “giving up”. When the soul does that it hurts and stings until we can shift perspective on it and find ourselves actually in a natural state of mind.

The void holds great benefits. We seek it through meditation or other techniques. What we seek is the calm and quiet of it, away from the Ego-business in our minds and nervous systems.

So actually, somehow we know that ‘void state of mind’  to be very healing, and maybe we really don’t know: that we´re home, really home in that void.

No grand ego schemes, no attachment – just the silent pulse of being often combined with a quiet like melancholy vibe.

We have many homes in the void during the quest of our lives, and when we finally come home and can rest a while, we might still see the void as a problem. It isn’t. It’s a gift. Often brilliant creativity springs from the Void, so it’s a potential we have. Why not use it wisely?



Tales of Realms – Wolf

by Soren Dreier

On a small peak overlooking the plains, Wolf was contemplating the Zen hour of twilight below his beloved tree under an approaching new moon. He´d been there all day, in fact he´d been there for many moons.

By noon his rest was interrupted by a commotion coming from the plain beneath him. It was the joyous greeting of a returning son of the flock. Looking up it brought great joy to his heart that a member had returned.

As tradition would call for, Wolf noticed The Returned making his way up to greet him, over the plain it came and soon it was close. A small spider made its way over Wolfs paw. ‘Sorry-didn’t mean to step on any toes’ Spider nervously stuttered. Wolf smiled.

‘Permission to approach?’ The Returned politely asked (also a formal greeting).

‘Sure’, Wolf replied.

The Returned settled beside Wolf.

‘Welcome, good that you are back, hope you had a good year’, Wolf said with kindness in his eyes.

‘I did. It was awesome. One year at the Academy and you are certainly not the same. I´ve learned so much. Strategies of hunting, different strategies for protection of the flock and how to deal with renegades, strategies of protection against the Human world, crises management. The Pillars of Debating. Ohh don’t even get me started.’

Wolf responded with an appreciative nod.

‘It was a wonderful year and I found love. She will come and join the flock if granted by the full moon.’

‘Great thing, being in love’, Wolf responded.



Cryptic Mystic – Desire

by Soren Dreier

Often the concept of ‘going home’ seems so inviting.
Not that used to being here, we have come once again from the vastness of the cosmos with our celestial knowledge roaming wildly inside the alchemy of our hearts, looking for fellow travelers. We will find. We will know.

Some say that reincarnation is a complicated affair. Some say they ‘don’t have to come here no more’.

Not considering the pull of the heart.
Not considering the love for it all.
Not considering ‘Celestial Consciousness’.

Desire driven we are.
Not Ego desire – it is the desire of our spirits to evolve.

We might not understand that it is one thing and one thing only that drives us, thrives us, fills us in the space between lives where we are in the flesh. Every life is a drop in a cool morning drizzle, and without the drops there would be nothing to caress the soil dark as summer into a display of abundance.

When we look from the spirit world at people in harms way, we don’t stay.

When our spiritual family (soulmates) leaves the celestial realms out of that desire, we don’t stay behind.

We see it from a divine perspective that seems like a forgotten knowledge, washed away by the constructs of a planet in deep dark pain telling us that we are not eternal, that we are not the souls we are looking for, making us petty, making us dispensable. They look at us, like some look at the dharma of the people here living ‘quiet lives.’ How dare they, even on the account of spiritual superiority.

We have to look at ‘Dharma’ as multifaceted.



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