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Something Infinite: Excerpt from book Dying To Be Me

Author Anita Moorjani wrote about her near death experience (NDE) in the book Dying To Be Me.

In the book, Anita Moorjani uses the metaphor of The Warehouse to explain what it was like having an NDE. In chapter 8 she says: “Although I try to share my near-death experience here, there are no words that can come close to describing its depth and the amount of knowledge that came flooding through. So the best way to express it is through the use of metaphors and analogies. Hopefully, they capture a part of the essence of what I’m trying to convey at least in some small way”.

This video is an excerpt from the book explaining the concept of The Warehouse as an analogy to convey to us her experience of being on the other side.



May 05

What happens when you bring meditation to public schools

Classrooms all over the country are trying something new: sitting and breathing.



May 05

Hero Worship and The Shadow Self

6910971608_17e761a42f_bby Stevie P

Are you afraid of your own shadow?

I’m not talking about the silhouette of yours on the ground; I’m talking about the psychological shadow.

In Jungian psychology, the shadow is the collection of aspects of yourself that you deem unwanted or undesirable and hide deep in the caverns of your subconscious mind.

What we classify as unwanted or undesirable is largely determined by our cultural conditioning. The classic example is the business man whose true passion is art, yet he suppresses this gift because of what his parents and society labeled as favorable or unfavorable.

This happens with all aspects of self we refuse to accept (which can happen consciously or subconsciously).

While the shadow self is often thought of as the “bad” qualities that we refuse to acknowledge within ourselves, the most suppressed qualities are often the best ones. This is what I call the golden shadow.

The Golden Shadow

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.”
– Marianne Williamson

Hero worship is an extension of the golden shadow. We suppress our inner greatness and subconsciously project our collective golden shadow onto heroes.

Heroes of all kinds – superheroes, celebrities, athletes, gurus – are thought of as amazing and perfect, while we view ourselves as a lesser “poor little me.”

We put all of our hopes and dreams not in ourselves, but in our favorite athlete, or the president, or a superhero we saw in a movie. All of the beauty we’ve refused to accept within ourselves is projected onto models and the “beautiful faces” we see on TV. This is all externally projecting our suppressed greatness because somewhere along the line we’ve deemed ourselves unworthy of embodying.

Here’s the truth. We all have greatness within. Yours may not look like Michael Jordan’s (who supposedly isn’t the nicest human being by the way – a testament to the grand deception of celebrity worship). Your greatness may not look like mine either. But I can guarantee that you have some kind of unique greatness. It’s been there all along, you’ve just refused to acknowledge it.

The Darker the Shadow, The Stronger the Super Powers

Mythological figures like superheroes and omnipotent gods are the projection of a society that feels weak and helpless. This collective projection comes from a huge “elephant in the room” shadow that we refuse to acknowledge. Our hero myths are created to fill the yearning for the brilliant potential that we’re systematically denying ourselves.

Can we fly and lift giant boulders? Who really knows? But super powers are more metaphorical. We’ve denied our inner gems so vehemently that we subconsciously create external, all-powerful saviors to fill that void and balance the scales.

We’re so afraid to step into our own power that we project it outward instead of owning it.

We cowardly choose work unfulfilling jobs, sit on the couch and watch TV instead of coming to grips with the immense power that lies within. You don’t have to be rich and famous to do this. It all simply comes down to your focus. What are you focusing on? What are you giving energy to?




May 05

A Scientific Understanding of Reiki

handreadingby Tim Brainard

If you are trying to understand how Reiki works from a Western perspective, you are probably especially interested in gaining a scientific understanding of Reiki. What’s really going on? Is it a scientifically valid form of alternative medicine? Does it belong in our hospitals? All of these questions hinge on the scientific underpinnings of this healing modality, so this article has been written for the purpose of providing you with a basic scientific understanding of Reiki as an energy-based form of healing.

The Basic Philosophy and Modern Science

Reiki, as a philosophy, is based on the ancient Eastern concept of energetic interaction. Basic and familiar to the Eastern mind, yet still foreign and often confusing to the more analytical Western mind, this concept understands all of life to be energetic in nature. Within this context, the effect of Reiki on the human body is that of an energetic force exerting its influence on an energetic body.

A scientific understanding of Reiki must provide some form of explanation for this ancient perspective. Until very recently, there was no scientific framework from which to view the Eastern philosophy that underlies Reiki Energy Healing. But now, thanks to recent advances within the sciences allowing Westerners to think outside the box of concrete Newtonian Theory, progressive sciences like String Theory, Unified-Field Theory, and Quantum Physics are lending validity to the energy-based medicines and healing modalities.

Electromagnetism and the Human Body

The electrical nature of the human body plays an important role in its functioning. Electrical currents flow through the nerves, through the blood, and through all organs and cells. According to Ampere’s Law, which states that when an electrical current flows through a conductor, an electromagnetic field is created around that conductor, it is now understood that each cell, organ, and function within the human body emits a unique and measurable electromagnetic signature. The electromagnetic nature of the human body is not confined to merely physical interactions, either. Even thought and emotion emit measurable electromagnetic signatures.

Electromagnetic Induction and Healing Hands

Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction states that “a change in an electromagnetic field will induce a similar change in electrical flow in conductors close by and therefore in their electromagnetic fields.

This means that the state and presence of one electromagnetic field will influence the state of another. Remembering what we learned about electromagnetism and the human body, this means that the body, mind, and emotions are all linked together, connected and affecting one another through electromagnetic induction. This is one explanation for why negative emotion tends to create feelings of physical discomfort – the unhealthy frequency of negative thoughts or emotions have exerted an influence on your healthy body system, forcing alignment with that frequency and causing physical discomfort.




May 04

The Human “Aura” Observed Through Digital Metadata

Image1By Anthony Tyler | Guest writer for Wake Up World

Lately there has been an enormous flux of research recently, attempting to expand on the uncharted relationship that man has with electrical technology. With the streamline of the internet in modern culture, humans have found themselves immersed in the dimensions of raw data at a rate of which has never been conceivable before. As if one were traveling to other places nearly instantly, the internet can be philosophically considered a new dimension — and even scientifically, this is not a stretch in definition.

So, with this integration of the internet (for better or worse) it is interesting to try and understand not only the way that humans react to digital information, but also the way digital information reacts to humans as well. For example, a recent study done demonstrates that when humans use digital communication regularly, it becomes a “digital circadian rhythm” of pattern that persists with time. What this really reveals, however, are the dimensions of the human “aura” through its digital metadata footprint.

The human body is naturally capable of communication through means outside the common senses. Modern science shows us that extra-sensory perceptions are common activity to certain organs in our body such as the intestines and the heart, for example. These organs play a critical role in “intaking” and interpreting electromagnetic information that is given off by other peoples’ brain and heart EMI signatures (and any other EMI signatures for that matter). This electromagnetic information is processed through the subject’s cognitive senses — and also through the neurological activity in their intestine, which seems to be the literal interpretation of everyone’s intuitive gut feeling. Indeed even the heart has a large amount of neurological activity and is responsible for communicating most of the body’s electromagnetic information in its EMI signature, seeming to scientifically uncover a piece of the shamanistic “human aura.”

Ancient people were well aware of their own organs’ capabilities. The Egyptians have long worshipped the heart as the organ of intelligence, and also a great deal of religious art around the world commonly shows the aura or globe of light around the crown of the head — often represented as a halo in Christianity. These things are meant to represent the body’s natural forms of extra sensory perception and communication, and those with halos were considered divine for their ability to perceive the world around them. The unique thing about the internet, and digital communication technology as a whole, is that it allows human beings to interact on this communicative level that is by nature extra-sensory, but in such a detached way that we are capable of using the full spectrum of our cognition to navigate this digital sense instead of this sense being a root component in our cognition to begin with.




May 04

Tom Campbell: Fireside Chat Feb 2017

Tom Campbell answers questions on various subjects involving our reality and consciousness from the viewpoint of his theory, philosophy, and experience.



May 04

These Islands Just Banned Western Junk Food to Promote Health

Taro-BasketsLocal tourist hot spots in some South Pacific Islands will no longer serve pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, and sugary sweets in plastic wrap – typical Western junk food – to encourage healthier eating habits among people who live there. The government hopes that banning junk food will also sway people to support local farmers and stop feeding the coffers of American junk food companies.

Torba in Vanuata (spread out over about 13 islands) has a population of about 10,000 people, many of whom are farmers, but tourist spots have been providing both locals and tourists in the area convenience foods instead of the fruits and vegetables that are grown locally. Obesity rates in the Pacific Islands have been sky-rocketing as well, causing an additional financial burden.

To combat this effect, tourist bungalows and city meetings alike will now serve fresh limes and coconuts, seafood, and other local, healthy delicacies.

“We want to ban all other junk food from this province,” Luke Dini, a city council’s chairman said.

The province only gets about a 1,000 tourists a year, mostly Europeans, but the current food choices are ruining local health. Vanuata is also only one area in the Pacific that is affected. There are about 10 million people throughout the Pacific, and the rates of diabetes and obesity are becoming absurd. The area simply can’t afford dialysis machines, and other treatments for the growing epidemic.

“Imagine if 75 million Americans had diabetes — that’s the scale of the epidemic we’re talking about in Vanuatu,” commented Roger Magnusson, a professor of health law and governance at Sydney Law School in Australia.




May 04

Panpsychism: an Intriguing Theory That States Everything in the Universe Has a Consciousness

panpsychismSo what is Panpsychism exactly? Where does it come from?

Panpsychism is the view that everything has a mind or has mind-like qualities. Panpsychism derives from the two Greek words pan (all) and psyche (mind or soul). It can be argued what these things actually mean. What does it mean by “everything”? What does it mean by “mind”?

Some philosophers say that every single object in the universe has mind-like qualities. Other philosophers say that certain classes of things possess a mind. In these cases, one of these circumstances is not a true panpsychism.

Panpsychists see the human mind as unique.

It is argued that animals, plants, or rocks are as sophisticated or as complex a human being’s mind, but this brings new questions: What are mental qualities that are shared by these things? Why are they qualities even “mental”?

Panpsychism is a theory without proof about how widespread the mind is in the universe. It doesn’t define “mind”, and it does tell how the mind relates to that objects that possess it.

This theory seems unlikely and improbable but also fantastic. Some of the greatest philosophers have argued for a form of panpsychism or expressed strong feelings about the topic.

Philip Goff, a philosopher, states that objects like electrons and rocks have an inner life, feelings, sensations, and experiences. He also says that “Panpsychism is crazy, but it’s also most probably true.”

Here are some of his arguments for panpsychism:

– Humans know nothing about the nature of inanimate matter, so it is possible that it could have a mind.

– If the matter in the cerebrum can make mind and consciousness, then the continuity of matter within electrons, rocks, and brains suggest that it is safe to assume that electrons and rocks have minds than to say they don’t. This is the assumption that no properties can distinguish a rock from a mammal.

Animals have feelings, sensations, and experiences, and things such as rocks and molecules do not. The smallest of matter such as electrons and quarks have basic kinds of experience or inner life. So if animals can be conscious and have emotions, then their molecules and atoms do as well.




May 04

Spiritual Enlightenment – The Awakening Of Consciousness

Spiritual-Enlightenment-790x381by Nirmala, Guest author,

A definition of spiritual enlightenment or spiritual awakening is hard to pin down.

This is, in part, because “spiritual enlightenment” and “spiritual awakening” have been used in so many ways to describe so many things, similar to the way in which “love” is used to describe everything from a preference for ice cream to a merging with everything.

And it is also because spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awakening are such rich and complex experiences that they are innately hard to define.

Some definitions are very specific and narrow. One such definition for spiritual enlightenment is the complete dissolution of one’s identity as a separate self with no trace of the egoic mind remaining.

This sets the bar very high and means that very few people qualify as enlightened.

The opposite approach is to say that everyone is enlightened, that there is only awake consciousness. In this view, it’s only a question of whether this natural awakeness has been recognized or not.

Of course, when a word describes everything or everyone, it loses some of its usefulness. If everyone is enlightened, then why even talk about it?

Combining perspectives on spiritual enlightenment

Perhaps there’s a definition that includes both of these perspectives, which recognizes that consciousness is always awake and enlightened, but the amount of awakeness, or aware consciousness, that is present in any moment can vary.

This definition acknowledges that there’s a difference in the amount of awakeness, or enlightened consciousness, that different people experience or that one person experiences at different times but still suggests that the potential for full awareness or becoming enlightened is the same for everybody.

If every apparent individual consciousness is infinite in its potential, then each can also be infinite both in its capacity to expand or awaken and in its capacity to contract or identify with a narrow or limited experience.

If all consciousness is made of the same essential awareness and light, and if everyone has an equal potential for enlightenment, then all expressions of consciousness are equally valid and valuable.

Everyone truly is a Buddha or enlightened being, at least in potential. So defining enlightenment in many ways now makes sense, depending on what is being pointed to. One may use the word enlightenment to point to the state of self-realization beyond the ego or to point to the innate potential for this realization in all of us.

As for differentiating between the words enlightenment and awakening, “enlightenment” implies a more finished and constant state of realization, while “awakening” has more of the active quality of a verb and therefore suggests a movement or shift in consciousness.




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Stop Trying To Forcing Things To Happen ~ Alan Watts



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The Mystical Experience



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One-Moment Meditation



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The Rainbow Warrior

“We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.” ~ Dakota proverb

A-Call-to-the-Rainbow-Warriors-2-350x273If you are supportive of institutions over individuals, then you better not read this. If you disregard The Native American Rule of Seven Generations, then maybe this article is not for you. If the phrase “fuck war” irritates you because of its ‘foul’ language and not because humanity is still struggling with the devastation of institutional conflict, then I suggest you look for other reading material more appropriate to your refined sensibilities. If you support war as a political means, if you support the idea that peace can only be achieved by force, if you support the profitable status quo upheld by the Demoncats and the Republicons (or whatever leftwing/rightwing paradigm you currently are under) then move on. If you oppose the notion of real change, of social revolution (just as you’ve been taught to) then you might as well stop right here.

If, on the other hand, this sentiment inspires you, if the foulness of war makes such expletives as “fuck war” seem a reasonable use of language, then I hope you’ll read on.

The Wendigo War World

The Native Americans saw the European newcomers as being spiritually afflicted. There were probably many descriptions for this craze, but one that survived is Wendigo. Roughly translated, the word ‘Wendigo’ means ‘the evil spirit that devours mankind’. Native Americans believe that when a person consumes the flesh of another human being, he or she is overcome by evil spirits and transformed into a Wendigo, a creature with glowing eyes, long yellowed fangs, long tongues and penetrating claws.

A human infected with the Wendigo devours the proverbial or actual flesh/life force of other people, places and things with an insatiable hunger. Cumulatively, a human race infected with the Wendigo poses a far greater problem…

“If we dig precious things from the land we will perish.” ~ Hopi Prophecy

Whether taken literally or figuratively, the story of the Wendigo holds many lessons for our society today. We live in a Wendigo war-world, a place where force dominates and an insatiable appetite for income and stuff is considered a quality – and indeed, a necessary – characteristic.

Wendigos want. Always hungry, they are never satisfied, and never have enough. It leads one to destroy its own home. You cannot fight a Wendigo, for it is made up of colorless evil, and fighting it only feeds it. Endlessly digging, the ravenous Wendigo can only be confronted with open hands and open heart. Only by sharing can it be defeated.


The Hopi People of Arizona eloquently described this predicament when they encountered institutionalized individuals for the first time. They referred to the institutionalized Europeans who arrived on their shores as ‘two hearted’, as they recognized that those who succumb to greed and ego, who lose the conscious connection that can only exist in the moment, had a second ‘heart’ to feed – one that could never be satisfied. We can see this two-heartedness in every aspect of our society today: literally devouring everything before it, our culture constantly seeks but seldom finds fulfillment.

“When a man moves away from nature, his heart becomes hard.” ~ Lakota proverb

We live today in a sea of pollution and systemic corruption. We have created a culture of separation based only on ‘masculine’ ideals, forsaking and even undermining the ‘feminine’ virtues of sustainability, individuality, co-operation, community and nurturing. Now women join the perverted masculine military, as long as they get equal pay… We celebrate battles, victories and war heroes, instead of healers, peacemakers, pacifists and progressive thinkers, artists and poets. We yield our power to institutions that blatantly value competition, conformity, war, profit and power over equality, peace, diversity, advancement and solution — and we allow them to determine for us the options and directions available in our lives without ever holding them accountable to that abuse of power.

And by this two-heartedness, we have collectively lost our way.

The Heart of the Rainbow Warrior

The rainbow is the opposite of colorless evil. A rainbow is made from clarity and also is a reflection of every color. A rainbow is symbolic for omnipotent grace in its clarity and its ability to equally reflect all seven colors. A rainbow represents no thing and all things at the same time. Diamonds share this quality of clarity and ability to reflect. A Rainbow Warrior is like a diamond rainbow, clear but reflecting all colors, opposite of unclear evil and colorlessness.




May 02

The Positive/Negative Realms Of Higher Densities

Higher-Densities-2-790x381In the higher densities, the Name of the Game is Consciousness.

This simply means that the higher densities of existence, whether positive or negative in orientation, all recognize that the business of all being and existence everywhere is always that of Consciousness… becoming more and more “Aware.” Awareness is related to “density” of consciousness, so to say.

The STS (Service To Self) way of achieving “density of consciousness” is to “gain weight” by assimilation of other consciousness units. This is generally promoted as “All is One” and refers to “evil” as a “rebellion” or a fault or something that will ultimately be “done away with.”

STO (Service To Others), on the other hand sees “gaining weight” in a different way.

It sees that an acknowledgement of the consciousness of “other self” as equal to its own consciousness, in spite of completely different manifestation of that being, is the way to “network” the consciousness so that the Whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

The difference is that the STO guys recognize consciousness as being an “integrative” activity of mutual networking and interdependence because they view all others as self, even if they are different, and therefore seek to help and assist because the other IS self in an absolute internal sense.

In this way, Absolute Consciousness, or God is “glorified” by a marvelous diversity of being if you wish to put it in those terms.

The negative guys, on the other hand, play the game in terms of domination, subjugation and absorption of other consciousnesses into “One.”

But, they too, understand that the rules of the game posit that in order for them to truly “absorb” into their being these other “consciousnesses,” that the “other” must choose to become part of their “self-aggrandizement.”

An unwilling “food” is, in essence, not “nutritious” so to say. If the consciousness does not choose, it becomes a “poison” to the consciousness that seeks to “eat it.” And so they must promote “Oneness” in a very particular way.

Note that both sides acknowledge “Oneness,” but in very different ways.

So, we have to understand here that the true Negative Realm agenda is to “eat consciousness.” So, this actually prevents an overt “take-over” in literal, physical terms.

If an “invasion” was detected, this would mean that the veil would be lifted and all would see the “man behind the curtain” and would be disgusted and turn away. Just as in the “Wizard of Oz,” those Ruby Slippers have to be obtained VERY CAREFULLY!

Gathering the essence is an art of great subtlety! The “negative alien plan” is, in its purest sense, STALKING.

The aim of Stalking is to create a completely controlled artificial environment composed of thoroughly predictable human behaviors – made predictable because they have been programmed to respond to cues of conditioning [inculcated through centuries of lies and obfuscations presented in the form of religions] and all of this revolves around a ’story’ that is actually untrue, and wholly misrepresentative of the real negative aim.

For centuries these programming signals have been being set up – either because of time travel capabilities, or because of actual historical presence.

Various prophets or religious leaders have been influenced to preach, or teach or prophesy philosophies designed to lay a foundation for later take-over – possibly in our present time.




May 01

Energetic Anatomy: A Complete Guide to the Human Energy Fields and Etheric Bodies

the human energy field is an aura of etheric energy that surrounds and overlays our physical selves and interacts with our mind body and spirit. photo: emoji

the human energy field is an aura of etheric energy that surrounds and overlays our physical selves and interacts with our mind body and spirit. photo: emoji

by Cyndi Dale

There are many human energy fields. These include the physically measurable electromagnetic and magnetic fields generated by all living cells, tissues, and organs, and the body as a whole. But there are also biofields—subtle or putative fields emanating from these pulsing units of life— as well as our subtle energy bodies, channels, and aspects of self. Here are brief descriptions of the most important human biofields.

Morphogenetic Fields

In biology, a morphogenetic field is a group of cells that leads to specific body structures or organs. For example, a cardiac field becomes heart tissue. Scientist Rupert Sheldrake, in the early 1980s, was the first to label a learning field that instructs the scientifically recognized ones, calling them the energetic or subtle morphogenetic or morphic fields.

Sheldrake suggested that there is an energy field within and around a morphic unit— the physical developmental unit of what later becomes a tissue or organ—that forms it. All living organisms—from cells to people—that belong to a certain group tune in to the morphic field and through morphic resonance develop according to the programs within that field. Resonance only occurs between forms that are similar, so a monkey would not take on the characteristics of a plant. According to Sheldrake, these energy fields serve as a database as well as a mental form.

Sheldrake’s theory seeks to explain why members of a family pass down certain behaviors and even emotions and why species might share common characteristics and developmental patterns. Various studies have also shown that even when separated, members of certain species acquire similar traits or behaviors, a puzzle that can be explained by morphogenetic fields. Subtle in nature, they are not limited to time or space. This theory would portray DNA as the recipient of information from human energy fields through the subtle body, which instructs it to act in certain ways.

Grandpa’s musical gifts might be then carried on to grandson via morphic fields rather than DNA. Morphic energy fields may instruct the epigenetic makeup, the chemical storage houses.

Sheldrake’s philosophy also holds that past life memories could pass from lifetime to lifetime through a soul’s morphic energy field. These memories would be nonlocal in nature and therefore not anchored in the brain or a particular life.

Etheric Fields

The word etheric is often used as a substitute for the terms subtle body or aura. There are actually independent etheric fields around every vibrating unit of life, from a cell to a plant to a person, as well as a specific etheric field that is connected to the body, as described under “Special Human Energy Fields” below.

The term etheric is a derivative from the word ether, which has been considered a medium that permeates space, transmitting transverse waves of energy.

When associated with the entirety of the auric field, it surrounds the whole body, hence why it’s a pivotal part of the human energy field.

As a separate energy body, which is a more substantial and popular view, the etheric body links the physical body with other subtle bodies serving as a matrix for physical growth. As Barbara Brennan, a contemporary expert on the aura, suggests, this human energy field therefore exists before the cells grow. Lawrence and Phoebe Bendit say the same of the auric field, asserting that it permeates every particle of the body and acts as a matrix for it.




May 01

Smoke & Mirrors

smoke-and-mirrorsby Matthew Pallamary

One of the tenets of the New Age is the adage that we are all one, connected in our hearts, minds, and spirits. Ancient indigenous medicine men understood that everything is interconnected, including man, plants, animals, trees, and every part of creation. American Indians often referred to these other beings as brothers.

On an esoteric level, everything is connected within everything else in what modern physicists call a holographic manner. To record a hologram, a coherent light beam passes through a beam splitter. Some of the light scattered from an object or a set of objects falls on the recording medium. The other part of the split beam reflects off of a mirror. This second light beam is known as the reference beam, which also illuminates the recording medium, so that interference occurs between the two beams. The resulting light field generates a seemingly random pattern of varying intensity, which is recorded in the hologram.

An interesting property of holograms is that if one is cut up into smaller pieces, each portion contains information about the whole object.If you look at the Internet with this paradigm in mind you will realize that the World Wide Web is really a huge mirror of the collective consciousness of humanity. All of the information is contained everywhere in the whole and much of this information is not accurate; it comes from someone’s reflection on something which can often be distorted either unconsciously or intentionally.

An interesting property of mirrors is that they often show us what we do not want to see and if the mirror is distorted, then so is the reflection.  In World War II before television, those outside of the war zone got their information from newspapers, radios, and newsreels, all of which were filtered through the individual viewpoints of reporters, their editors, and government censors. The Vietnam War has been called the first televised war, but even these images were filtered through a few major networks which were censored by their editors and the government.

In the new age of the 21st century we have Internet access with technological mirrors known as digital cameras, cell phones, and all manner of instantaneous communication. Because of these mirrors the editors and the censors are being by passed and the mirror of truth is laying bare the lies of governments and the atrocities of war.Who hasn’t heard about the Abu Ghraib torture scandal? Everyone is buzzing about Wiki leaks, not to mention the numerous incidents of police brutality that have been captured. The phenomena of Facebook allowed Egyptians to plan out and execute a relatively nonviolent overthrow of an oppressive government and the violence that did occur was instantly transmitted out to the World Wide Web for the entire world to see.

Literally on another front, many believe that our erratic weather patterns are a reflection of the turbulence going on within human consciousness and many believe that this turbulence is the chaos that precedes the birth of something new.

If you do acknowledge that we are all one, then each one of us is a mirror to each other in a holographic manner from the macrocosm of the collective, down to the microcosm of our individual selves, down to the sub-personalities that make up what we think of as “I”, but is in fact many. Some of our sub-personalities we like and we constantly take them out and show them to the world. Others we don’t like and we suppress them, making them our shadow, which we don’t want to acknowledge.

Mirrors often show us what we do not want to see. If you have the ability and the strength to be completely honest with yourself, and you desire to be a whole, integrated person, then the work lies in reintegrating your hidden shadow(s). They aren’t called your shadow for nothing. They are cunning, elusive, and some would rather see the death of you than to be found out. They think that if they are discovered that they will die,which contains a grain of truth because in order to be reborn, a death is necessary.




May 01

Tuning into the Wisdom of your Body

Image1by Natalie Geld

Did you know the disconnect we have with our bodies inhibits spiritual development? Perhaps you ‘get’ the idea of self-love intellectually, but don’t ‘feel’ love. Ironically, we crave intimacy and fully armor against it.

Our body absorbs experience like a sponge. Even our lungs look and feel like plump, supple sponges. I know this because I spend hundreds of hours reverently exploring human anatomy. I marvel while breathing my own air into soft pink lungs of a human cadaver in the anatomy lab. When filled with air they appear to fly, like ‘wings’ of a great gentle Manta Ray gliding through the sea.

Look at your skin.

Notice its scars and wound etchings on your hands, your forearms, knuckles, and your thumb. If you peel off your clothes right now, how many healing marks could you count? Each one is a work of art, your cells reinvesting themselves to protect you. Each mark looks and feels different for the effort, different for the pull of skin over joints. Different for how it was cared for, or neglected. Imagine peeling away your artful skin, the largest organ through which we breathe. How many wound etchings can you imagine live inside? Each layer is intimately connected with the others.

If we could peel our skin, we would be surprised to reveal how profoundly interwoven we are — every layer’s interdependence stunningly clear. Intimacy begins with our sensual intelligence. Awareness and engagement, rather than fixation and attachment to our body, is power, deeply felt.

I’ve been wrestling with the disparity of communication in our medical and mental health fields my entire life. I’ve been honored to present my perspective, and interview some of our most lucid minds at the Science & Nonduality and Towards a Science of Consciousness conferences. I wanted to know why we feel so stressed and disconnected, even when practicing mindfulness. I wanted to explore why our sensual intelligence, our body, and our sexuality, is still left out of most conversations for raising consciousness and improving our experience of living. I wanted to know how we could evolve. What was missing? And you know they were glad I asked.

I interviewed Dr. Cassandra Vieten – a licensed clinical psychologist, President and CEO of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and author of Mindful Motherhood: Practical Tools for Staying Sane During Pregnancy and Your Child’s First Year, coauthor with Marilyn Schlitz of Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life, an avid soccer player, and a mom. Say that three times fast.

Genuine and direct, her energy and big blue eyes are quietly electric. Cassi blew into my interview room to discuss the truth about consciousness practices and our human experience. She embodied her work by being absolutely present, captivated me with her candor and said,

Natalie, what you are talking about is such a fresh topic, it’s still so taboo. But for a few of the traditions of Tantra, there has been this idea that we have adopted now in the West that it’s about catapulting ourselves out of mundane reality. It fits right into our whole Protestant, and Catholic, and patriarchal world-view that there is sin, our body and sexuality are dirty and mundane. There is just as much of that in Eastern philosophies. They don’t frame it the same way, but say it’s a lesser world, and I really don’t think it is.

I think that in this lifetime, in this incarnation that we are all sharing together, there is this unbelievable meeting of consciousness and matter. There is a meeting of energy and form, of immaterial and material, of subjective and objective. It’s right at that meeting place where the action is. To fall too far on the material side is imbalanced. You are missing the joy, the richness, the beauty, the wonder, and curiosity of life. That’s what life is all about. If you fall way over to the completely transcendent end of things (which I think is tempting because we have been so hyper-focused on the material that all of us in the consciousness world want to pull it all the way over there), the problem there is you forget about blood, and guts, and juice, and bodies, and sweat, and sex, and nursing. That’s a mistake. We are not here to transcend this – it is how we are living right now. It’s consciousness through form and form through consciousness. That doesn’t mean that the way that I love my child, or the way I am attached to people I adore in this life, or the beauty that’s created in a piece of art is any less than transcendent consciousness.

Mindfulness in motherhood for me was transformative; not only mindfulness transforming my motherhood, but motherhood transforming my mindfulness practice. There is wisdom in learning to be calm and neutral, to observe your experience in equanimity. But what I learned in the pregnancy process, the birthing process, the nursing process, and now even in the parenting process, it’s about embodiment! It is all right here — there is milk and there is blood and there are tears and there is vomit — this is not excluded. In fact, this is what the journey of mindfulness is all about.

Mindfulness is about learning to approach all of your experiences, as much as possible with openness, curiosity, and compassion. Learning to ride the waves rather than resisting them and getting battered about in the process.”

To sum it up, I like the way Cassi says, “Consciousness practices offer richness, juiciness, depth, meaning, purpose, pain, awe, wonder, joy — all of it. The whole enchilada.”




May 01

You Dream That You Are Awake

meditation-fast-730x480by Frank M. Wanderer

Allow me to draw your attention to an apparently surprising thing. If I told you that now, when you are reading these lines, you are in fact asleep, you would certainly believe that I have gone mad.

Your are awake, you are concentrating your attention to reading, and you are aware of your environment as well. You can see the furniture of your room, you can hear the call of the birds from the nearby forest. You are also aware of your thoughts and emotions, too.

How can anyone claim that you are asleep in this very moment?

Naturally, you, just as everyone else, sleep at night, and yes, sometimes you see dreams while you sleep.  But now it is daytime, you are awake, so how could you see dreams?

You Imagine a Whole World Around Yourself

I believe, however, that you do not only sleep at night, but also at daytime. I believe that in your present state of Consciousness your greatest illusion is that you think that you are awake. I believe that in your present existence your greatest illusion is when you think that you are alert. What I see is that in your present state of Consciousness you are asleep, and at present you are dreaming, and what you see and hear are all parts of your dream.

Your nighttime sleep is only different from your daytime sleep in that in the night your dreams are less active. During the day you imagine a whole world around you, and you play an active role in that dream. Your personal history takes place in that world, and identifying with that world shapes your personal identity.

At present you are dreaming that, as a part of your personal history, you are reading these lines while you identify with the role of the spiritual Seeker, and you are outraged by what you are actually reading.

The question may arise in you why I claim that you are asleep and dreaming now. Well, from the state of Consciousness I call Alertness I can see that you are asleep, you believe yourself to be a separate Self, you are a captive of the works of your mind.

You are not Present

What is the evidence for me that you are now asleep, and as a citizen of a dreamland you dream that you are awake?

First, that you are not present. To be present means that you are fully alert, attentive, and conscious in the present moment. Whatever you do, you do that fully consciously, you focus your entire attention on that particular activity.

Or, do you feel free to declare that you are present in every moment of your life?

The case with you (and with the majority of people) is that you are not awake in the sense described above. You are careless most of the time, as a large segment of your attention is bound by dealing with events of your thoughts, events of past and plans for future and your own self. Psychological time therefore displaces the moment of the present, or subordinates it to past or future.

You therefore perform the overwhelming majority of your daily activities mechanically. Your attention only becomes more intensive when you meet someone or deal with something who or that you find interesting, or useful in some way. Or the opposite: the person or thing may do harm to you in some way.

You Live in a Separate World

How deep you sleep may depend on how realistic you find your dreams, how much you identify with your identity embedded in your personal history.




Apr 27

The Art of Solitude: 7 Lessons For Modern Times


A man can be himself only so long as he is alone; and if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom; for it is only when he is alone that he is really free.  ~ A. Schopenhauer

There are supposedly two main characteristics that have helped us stand out in our evolutionary journey; our unique 3D vision and our ability to work in groups.

Many people attribute our social instinct as one of the main reasons for our survival in an environment full of dangerous threats.  Of course, there were a few lone wolves here and there who managed to survive on their own, but the majority felt comfort in being part of a larger social structure.

Within the last century or so, with the discoveries of science and the development of technology, something unique has begun to occur.  Mass fabrication has become possible, and due to the massive developments in media advertising and the discovery of our sense of identity (also known as the Ego), mass consumerism has been born.

Suddenly we’re informed that we all have the opportunity to be unique, to stand out from everyone else in the way we dress, the cars we drive and the houses we live in.  Consumerism has provided a way of expressing our individuality, with more and more inventions coming out that promise us a happier life and lifestyle.

As a stronger sense of self has emerged within us, so too has a greater desire for self-fulfillment.  We live in a time where we crave self-fulfillment as unique individuals.  This is evident from the large numbers of psychologists, gurus and life coaches readily available to us at a click of a button.  However, the more we adopt the solutions provided to us by society of consumption and ambition, the further away we find ourselves from inner-fulfillment at all.

Often we get lost in our search for answers in the external world and we forget that most of the answers can be found internally – if we provide the space for them to manifest themselves.

Now that our sense of self has become so strong, it has made itself more available to allow for its own evolution, or Involution, and personal growth.  I believe we are at the beginning of an evolution of the self that will require immense Solitude to aid it.

It’s a great time for us to live in, and to begin our acceptance of Solitude now will make it a lot easier to be who we are destined to become in the future.

These are seven lessons you can learn when you find the space for Solitude.

1.  Solitude Centers You

How often do you feel that life is living you, rather than you are living life?  In the fast paced society that we live in, we often feel that our lives are controlled by the schedules, commitments and demands in our daily routines.

In conversations with others we touch on the surface of many different topics without allowing ourselves to be completely absorbed by any single one of them.  Solitude provides a strong center, an inner core, that makes your attention feel centered rather than dragged around by different social or environmental stimulations.




Apr 27

An Expansive Consciousness

Image1by Ernie Fitzpatrick

Most people are simply unaware of how fast and how far we have come as collective consciousness, let alone how fast things are set to exponentially explode in the years ahead. Like the “Frog In The Kettle“, we’re seemingly immune to the increased heat as the water heads to the boiling point. In the last 50-75 years, there have been so many advances is the understanding of human consciousness and a renaissance in the whole Jungian concept of a collective unconsciousness.

We are truly on our way to major and revolutionary jumps in consciousness. Are you game?

What was once on the fringes has now found acceptability. I’m talking about subject and concepts such as: hypnosis psychotherapy, rebirthing, Eastern mysticism, Spiritual shamanism, primal therapy, biofeedback, sensory deprivation, dream state, NDE, OBE, and many more. Who is to say what’s right, what’s wrong. They are all pieces of a very big puzzle.

We have no idea as to what major advances we are about to see in human consciousness. But the NDE (near death experiences) and thanatology advances are opening worlds of possibilities. The cumulative effect of where we’ve been and are headed, will definitely re-define life as we know it in a few short years.

Albert Einstein was a genius in so many ways; however, his view of the universe was so small compared to what we know today. Einstein developed the theory of relativity, but he saw the universe as static, unchanging. His view was that the universe was a large cloud of stars. How many he didn’t speculate.




Apr 27

First of Its Kind Study Finds Cannabis May Be a “Miracle” Treatment for Autistic Kids

cannabis-autism-696x366Autism could now be added to the lengthy and perpetually-expanding list of afflictions and symptoms treatable with the one product of nature shamefully prohibited by the federal government — the “miracle” palliative, cannabis.

One in every 68 children in the United States is now affected by autism, and the number of kids coping with the developmental disorder has been increasing at an explosive rate in recent years. With onset most common during infancy and early childhood, autism can impact social and communication skills and may cause repetitive or compulsive behaviors, among other manifestations.

Now, fresh evidence again frowns upon U.S. federal prohibition of cannabis — listed as a Schedule I dangerous substance of no potential medical use, alongside heroin — which could be depriving ailing children the chance for treatment, and hope for a better-adjusted future.

In contrast to its staunch U.S. ally, Israel has approached the cannabis plant as the medicinal healer it has more than proven to be — medical marijuana was first approved in Israel decades ago, in 1992, making it one of the first in the world to do so.

As USA Today notes, in a recent article titled, Marijuana may be a miracle treatment for children with autism, Israel and just two other countries — Canada and the Netherlands — have government-sponsored medical marijuana programs available to citizens.




Apr 27

Why The World Hasn’t Changed Yet

We live in exciting and hopeful times. More and more people are beginning to challenge the status quo and care about creating a better world for future generations. We are beginning to understand that change won’t come about by putting all faith on political leaders, but by cultivating and exerting our own power to steer society in a new direction by living differently.

Though understandably enough, many of us are angry. Angry at authorities who continually push for an agenda that destroys the earth and causes suffering across the globe. Angry at the lies we have been fed; designed to make us apathetic to injustice and give our power away.

We march the streets, we shout out against injustice on social media, we follow and scrutinize politicians’ every move… but sometimes at the expense of remembering the most important factor in creating the change we say we want.

The following video serves as a reminder for us all activists and changemakers to keep our eyes on the path and be more effective in our mission of making the world a better place.




Apr 26

The Healing Darkness

darknesshealing-990x556Author: Soren Dreier

As we each travel the road toward enlightenment, which for many also means breaking free of the Matrix, we often find ourselves in the middle of a pendulum swing between empowerment and disempowerment (mostly experienced as weariness). We also find our nervous systems becoming more and more fragile and in need of rest from the turmoil of this world.

We try to strengthen our connection to the vertical, the Heavens, the God force, the Uni or whatever we each label it.

This world, the Mundane, with its craving for our attention and its need to fish the souls caught up in soulful troubled waters, fits us less and less and so do its distractions. They Morph into every kind of ‘noise’ known and partly unknown to us. The world seems to become louder, uglier to watch and ever uglier to participate in. It just keeps on insisting.

The poles being: We crave Celestial and mundane peace within and are caught up in a world not really designed for us; who still perceive using the heart, compassion, empathy and genuine caring about our fellow beings.

Obviously Main Stream Media is designed not to inform us, but as a fear factory, telling us that everything we disengage from is the real thing about this life and dreams of a world designed for people, love and ‘just leave me alone to go about my business in a way that I see fit’ really can’t be done. It’s a naïve dream. A naïve state of mind. Naïve wishfulness. No it is not.
We are as the frontline of humans trying to toss a coin down the spiritual wishing well of broken dreams and visions of a world in balance, which would include us as being in our own world of balance.

It’s David versus Goliath for all of us. The strategy of winning here is to find exactly where to aim, since every mean of brute force has its Achilles Heel.

Some know where to aim at the Dragon of the United Forces of Destruction, whether it be systems of belief deigned to lure us in when we’re most vulnerable, systems of Big Industry healthcare that neglect to tell us cancer has a cure already, telling us that vitamins and minerals are deadly and if you get cancer struck the only good thing is to be connected to the Machine of Healing via chemical tubes that fuck up our immune systems. Now pass over the CBD and what have we and tell us that we are in charge of our health – not bloody Wall Street and Big Cancer.

What we need to focus on is our spiritual nervous system that has to deal with all of this Mundane ‘noise’ in order to let us enter a room of tranquility and bliss. Seems impossible, but it is within reach, since it is for each of us a question of finding that room amidst the great war of collective suffering and stress.

The New Ice Age is not so much a meteorological term as a psychological – metaphysical phenomena; it is what most of us are trying to melt, sometimes with a hairdryer. A frozen world can be melted; it basically just depends on the number of people trying to warm it up.

As we walk this road, some meditate, some pray, some try to eat healthy (an option that’s rapidly deteriorating), some do movements on yoga mats and those who feel they have the right spiritual praises often find themselves caught up, as I mentioned: In the swing of the Pendulum, bouncing from a state of balance to a place of imbalance.

This very much stresses people spiritually, and that is a contradiction since a state of spirituality, grounded sober spirituality, clearly expects to find everlasting bliss, explanation, the safety of Knowledge and so on… but we still feel fragile and not especially empowered as a state of mind.




Apr 26

We Are Laughing Hard At The Cosmic Joke; Do You Get It?

18697339_mby Luke Miller | Truth Theory

My understanding is that life is a game, and like any game you can either choose to play it with a light heart, or you can take it so seriously that it ceases to be any fun at all. Now don’t get me wrong, when a group game of monopoly is going on, I am playing to win, but there is a difference between playing to win and the walls of Jericho falling down because you were handed a lesson.

My understanding of why we have to laugh at life is due to the fact that life makes no sense, this is due to something called the divine paradox- which states everything in the material world is duel and in the case of the divine paradox makes complete sense, but no sense at all.

Think about things on a more serious note- we have Donald Trump as the president of the United States, if we had a real choice, would we really want him leading us? Of course not, yet we do have a choice and he is still leading us. He is a manifestation of the cosmic joke, it is funny, but really unfunny at the same time. My understanding of this is we can never make complete sense of the world, as it has 2 types of truth- absolute and relative: Examples:

Absolute truth: The grass is green

Relative truth: What if a color blind animal is looking at it? What if my green and your green differs? The universe is illusory in nature, so does the grass even exist? I could go on, but I am sure you get the gist of things. Here are a few more examples of the divine paradox in motion:

We Are Both Finite and Infinite

We are infinite in our creation, if we create something, that which was created never ceases to have existed, yet it can still be destroyed, making it both finite and infinite.

All we are- exists from a single particle and that particle is infinite in its creations, yet our physical body dies. With that being said our physical body decomposes and gives back to nature, so it continues to be part of the ecosystem.

What we can achieve is infinite in nature, but at the same time has extreme limitations. You can pick from an infinite amount of subjects or even create your own. However you can never fully master a subject.

We Are Both Significant and Insignificant

We are all central to our own worlds, people often use the phrase “you think you are centre of the universe” as a way to highlight someone’s selfishness, however we literally are all central to our own worlds. We matter, we all have the ability to make the world a better place and contribute in the most amazing of ways. What we can achieve in just a single moment of selflessness, has the ability to infinitely ripple through time and on an individual and collective level we are significant.

However, on an individual level we are just a spec in a big city, in a big country in a huge continent, within a gigantic world. The size of the solar system cannot even be comprehended by the logical mind and the universe is debatably infinite.





Apr 26

The Nature of Reality & Twilight Zones of Consciousness ~ Anthony Peake



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