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How To Shop For Healthy Food

Very practical tips for how to shop for healthy groceries, with lists of foods you should and shouldn’t buy again.



Feb 19

Collective consciousness: the individual is gone

by Jon Rappoport

“In the middle of all the brain-research going on, from one end of the planet to the other, there is the assumption that the individual doesn’t really exist. He’s a fiction. There is only the motion of particles in the brain. Therefore, nothing is inviolate, nothing is protected. Make the brain do A, make it do B; it doesn’t matter. What matters is harmonizing these tiny particles, in order to build a collective consensus, in order to force a science of behavior.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Individual power. Your power.

It stands as the essence of what the founding documents of the American Republic are all about, once you scratch below the surface a millimeter or so.

Therefore, it stands to reason that colleges and universities would be teaching courses in INDIVIDUAL POWER.

As soon as I write that, though, we all fall down laughing, because we understand the absurdity of such a proposition. Can you imagine Harvard endowing a chair in Individual Power?

Students would tear down the building in which such courses were taught. They’ve been carefully instructed that the individual is the greatest living threat to the planet.

If you can’t see that as mind control, visit your local optometrist and get a prescription for glasses.

So we have this astonishing situation: the very basis of freedom has no reflection in the educational system.

You can say “individual” within certain limited contexts. You can say “power,” if you’re talking about nuclear plants, or if you’re accusing someone of a crime, but if you put “individual” and “power” together and attribute a positive quality to the combination, you’re way, way outside the consensus. You’re crazy. You’re committing some kind of treason.


If you lack that standard, you miss most of the action.

If you lack that standard, you have already been worked over by the system.

And in this case, the standard is INDIVIDUAL POWER.

Clean it off, hose off the dirt, polish it, look at it, think about it, remember it.

Then you’ll see some Grade-A prime mind control. Everywhere. Because schools either don’t mention individual power, or they discredit it.

Back in the days when I was writing on assignment for newspapers and magazines, I pitched a story about individual power to an editor. I wanted to trace its history as an idea over the past ten years.

He looked at me for a few seconds. He looked at me as if I’d just dropped some cow flop on his desk. He knew I wasn’t kidding and I had something I could write and turn in to him, but that made it worse. He began to squirm in his chair.

He laughed nervously.

Then he stopped laughing

He said, “This isn’t what we do.”

For him, I was suddenly radioactive.

I had a similar experience with a high-school history teacher in California. We were having lunch in a cafe in Santa Monica, and I said, “You should teach a course in individual power. The positive aspects. No group stuff. Just the individual.”

He frowned a deep intellectual frown, as if I’d just opened my jacket and exposed a few sticks of dynamite strapped to my chest. As if he was thinking about which agency of the government to report me to.

Now, for the schizoid part. The movies. Television. Video games. Comics. Graphic novels. They are filled to the brim, they are overflowing with individual heroes who have considerable power. These entertainment businesses bank billions of dollars, because people want to immerse themselves in that universe where the individual is supreme. They want it badly.

But when it comes to “real” life, power stops at the front door and no one answers the bell.

Suddenly, the hero, the person with power is anathema. He’s left holding the bag. So he adjusts. He waits. He wonders. He settles for less, far less. He stifles his hopes. He shrinks. He forgets. He develops “problems” and tries to solve them within an impossibly narrow context. He redefines success and victory down to meet limited expectations. He strives for the normal and the average. For his efforts, he receives tidbits, like a dog looking up at his master.

If that isn’t mind control, nothing is.

Once we enter a world where the individual no longer has credibility, a world where “greatest good for the greatest number” is the overriding principle, and where that principle is defined by the elite few, the term “mind control” will have a positive connotation. It will be accepted as the obvious strategy for achieving “peace in our time.”





Feb 19

Take A Good Look At What You Feel Like You Need To Defend

By Michelle Walling, CHLC | Editor, Howtoexitthematrix.com

If you find yourself in defense mode about ANYTHING that is coming up in your life, step back and take a good look at why you feel this way. Defense with a negative feeling behind it has its roots in fear and illusion. Ask yourself what are you afraid of? Being fooled? Feeling? Looking ignorant? Being wrong?

If you allow this feeling to surface and then follow the thread of this feeling back to the why you feel this way, you can then let that layer peel back for good with the vulnerability it provides. Identifying where you are still carrying these lower vibrational feelings is a part of the “work” we are all doing right now, and until you finally uncover why you are having this feeling, it will continue to repeat itself in your life.

We are all ONE and there is only truth vibration and that is LOVE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION, PATIENCE (fill in the blanks with beautiful high vibrational descriptions). Anything else is illusion, it is not “true”. It is HARD to uncover all of the things you thought were true, even in the metaphysical and spiritual teachings. Beliefs, heirarchy, laws, and teachings that do not hold these higher vibrations do not exist on the New Earth!

Realize that it was ok to follow some of those teachings! They served a purpose. How would you know what isn’t true unless you dove into it head first? Everyone has what they feel is their own truths and that’s why there is so much fighting and dissent. We are simply fighting with ourselves, which is the metaphor for the snake eating it’s tail.

With that being said, even when you find the truth, the person right next to you may not ready to let go of their illusions. All you can do is to show someone the litmus test of vibration. Whether they want to let it go or not is their free will choice.

More and more of this will be happening and we have to be careful that we do not defend nor do we try to force the truth. Truth doesn’t need forcing, one day it is just blatantly obvious. One day we will say well it doesn’t even matter about the hot discussion topics of politics, religion, money, flat earth, secret space programs, aliens, astrotheology, illuminati, chemtrails, etc. because none of it applies to the new reality we should be focusing on. There is no love in any of these things. If we could just agree on this we could shift as a collective to a new reality rather quickly.

I am not suggesting to not acknowledge these things, in fact this article is about how to see the illusion. It doesn’t mean that yesterday’s truths weren’t serving a purpose, as everything comes from the one creator and can’t be dismissed. It just means that we are now separating from the illusion and are standing in new truths in order to align with a new reality. We are finished with the illusion of separation and are now choosing unity consciousness.

>As we continue to peel the layers of the onion back on the illusion, there will be an underlying organic reality underneath it that has been hidden. That organic matrix is the organic fabric which is created with the vibration of love of one creator that is experiencing life as individuals who are all connected. We are already there in that reality, we just have to connect the two by dissolving the illusion of time and separation.

In the new reality some have called New Earth, you would never fight another because you would see it is harming you and the collective because you are all connected. You would never call anyone stupid or an idiot because you would be calling yourself that. I see so called spiritual and metaphysical leaders bashing humanity, calling them stupid and uninformed and it eventually backfires to them where they lose their shit. I also see people who are awakened fighting for their individual food choices, occult teachings, mystery school doctrines, or flat earth theories, negatively attacking others that do not agree with them. Unfortunately, this fighting can cause “dis-ease” within the individual as well as the collective.

You can deal with this by creating a litmus test. Start dissecting what your programmed truths are. Discuss the facets of a belief and find out whether you can find love in any of it. Does it carry a high vibration? Does it feel good? Is it something that doesn’t need proving? Does it work for you and has it brought you to the understanding that you are a part of the creator and everything is connected? If anyone wants to argue about love, then it’s time to let them go argue with themselves. Love is the common point that we can all agree on that can “glue” us back together. We may have to give up some things we thought were true in order to do so.




Feb 19

Still looking for ideas…




Feb 19

Ancient Love II – The Alignment & The Synchronicity

by Soren Dreier

In the first post (Ancient Love) on this topic I described the impact of meeting your Ancient Love and what it can do to you. The joy of knowing that this other person is out there, is as said, very high impact and seen from the perspective of romantic love, there is nothing like it.

What many either don’t know or tend to overlook, is that it does not necessarily have to play out in Real Life 3D. That is because, as oddly as it may sound: the safety in knowing, even the love that generates ‘just’ from knowing, is enough to fulfill you, make a heart in turmoil rest and put an anxious mind at ease.

That can sound like a contradiction but it is not, since both your mind and heart are even in a greater turmoil now, since you obviously would like to also be physically near your Ancient Love and have that person resting by your side.

The quality that makes it non-contradictive is solely spiritual; it is metaphysical and it is like: “Well, I have come all this way and there he or she is – time will tell.” It´s a spiritual safety and you are highly connected already in your ‘other bodies’ such as the emotional, astral and the etheric.

Some Ancient Lovers rush into each other’s arms, abandon everything as goes for the life they have, because the pull is so strong. Nothing wrong with that – but it can go wrong, since the Alignment hasn’t been architected yet. And this is where the ‘Hollywood New Age’ version becomes unreal.

The alignment I am addressing is: The merging of life experiences and the merging of values of the Soul as in: We have suffered a lot; we have been through pain on the romantic scale and our goings about on the thin ice of modern life. And you do not want to throw those experiences overboard since soul core values don’t come for free. They often come through suffering.

So what now? Negotiate, would be my answer and do not bin your hard earned experiences blindly.

One thing helps here, and that is the Spiritual Maturity in both of you. I don’t think we get these wonders served on a platter if we are not ready for them on a spiritual note. The meeting with your Ancient Love is all a feel but it also leaves you in a choice – will, should, can I let this play out in Real Life? It is a Yes, if the values are shared and they often will be.

Let me stray to Romantic Relationships. There are, for every love affair, certain deal breakers, either based on moral standards or ethics. The classic one is to draw a line on infidelity. So if your love does that, it would mean that you will depart the relationship, faster than your partner can count to ten.

It´s a value you have that cannot be tampered with and you won’t bow down, or go into the big discussion with your partner. The relationship just went from warm to below zero. Again it is your value and what others think of that value shouldn’t be your concern. For you: It is simply not up for debate.

Another relationship deal breaker could be: Do not ever take your partner down in front of others and make him or her feel as a lesser being – being dragged into your little drama of having an audience for your frustrations with that partner. I mean: If your partner is that low in your esteem, why are you in that relationship in the first place?

Lying, is also on top of most people’s relationship deal breaker list and of course abuse on any level.

The Ancient Lovers come out of this reality and have their wounds, have their experiences, have their hurt and by God you know that the Ancient Beloved can heal those experiences: IF, they share the values that are the source of the hurt. If she or he does not, the hurt will continue, now from the Ancient Love, and it is very important to stress: It will break you. It will fracture your soul into a split of: Why did I sell out; I should have waited or I (we) should have outlined these deal breakers before I took the action of moving in with him or her.

I am aware that this sounds very ‘mind’ or intellectual, it is not. The Gold is this:

“I know myself – I am ready on all levels to love this person silly – but I also have to protect myself in a way that I do not follow blindly – lose myself on soulful core issues, because: if I both lose myself and my Ancient Love – I will break, like I never have broken before.”

It is not fear based. It is not the intellect. What it is, is: Conscious surrender.





Feb 19

Shedding the Layers in Our Collective Expansion

By Rachel Horton White | Guest writer for Wake Up World

There is something magical happening right now. Many of us are awakening to the understanding that we are so much more than we have been taught. That we are beings of light, we are creators, we are healers, we are manifestors. We are connected through a web of energy that cannot be seen (by most) but can be felt with the eyes of our hearts.

Indigenous cultures around the world understand this. They know how connected we are.

When a red-tailed hawk eats a snake, it starts with the head first. Many believe this is because it is intuitively consuming the most vital energy of that animal, which lies in the head, where our crown chakra is also found (our direct connection with the Divine). The hawk is absorbing the energy of the snake and all that the snake has eaten. And so it goes up and down the food chain.

How often do we stop to consider this web of interconnection and its effect on our own lives, as we cohabitate a world with other living beings? How do our daily actions affect their lives? How do the experiences of animals and plants affect our own?

The Interconnection of Life

We are all linked, more intimately connected than we may realize.

When we hurt the Earth with pollutants, we are also hurting ourselves. Now, I know you may have heard that before in a figurative sense. But what if it is literally true? That chemicals from our food that end up in the Earth actually make it back into our bodies, rising up the food chain? That when we spray our lawns with pesticides, and a bee lands on that lawn, that we are effectively poisoning our own food supply?

When we scream in pain outside, does it hurt the heart of the bird that hears our cry? Maybe it does more than we know. Maybe the Force is more real than some may think.

So what does this mean for our lives? Many of us have heard about the interconnection of all beings, and it sounds great on the surface. But do we actually stop to consider how literal that is? Most of us have never been taught about how energy really works. Like many of you, I was raised mostly in traditional public education and in the modern workplace. I was taught to follow the rules and to draw inside the lines. In school, I was not encouraged to follow my active imagination into a world of intuitive knowing, maybe into other dimensions, and trusting my inner voice (and my guides from a higher, Divine realm) to guide me. In fact, the system that I grew up in poked fun at that, as if anyone who did this were crazy, weird or just plain lying.

Sound familiar?

Shifting Energies on Earth

Thankfully, this is all changing. The energies of the Earth are shifting. We are receiving frequencies from beyond our planet that are activating our DNA. Like a radio antenna that was broken in two, we are piecing that antenna back together to receive light, which is information. Through meditation, we are re-wiring our brains to learn to listen to, and trust our inner guidance, our intuition, our spirit guides, angels, masters, teachers, loved ones, Source/Spirit/God.

And we are coming to understand that our universe actually exists on vibrations, on the space that is in between the protons and neutrons and electrons in every atom which makes up every piece of matter on Earth. And in that space is energy, waves of frequency upon which our thoughts travel and create vibration. Waves that connect each of us, through our emotions, to each other.

I had never understood that there is a net of energy, like the threads of a spider web, linking every living being, plant, human, animal, rock, dirt on this planet and beyond this planet. I knew a bit about quantum physics, and was fascinated with theories about the existence of God, but I never really connected the dots.

Releasing the Old Pattern

It wasn’t until I took some bold steps in my life and left my stressful job, started meditating again, talking to higher guidance (I particularly like angels) and doing some research that the lightbulbs began illuminating in my brain. I started seeing through the illusions of mainstream media, designed in large part to foment fear and anger and keep us separated from our intuitive, Divine essence. I started to understand what has been happening in our world. It was, one might say, an awakening.

I began piecing together why things are the way they are, and believing that I have, within me, just as you have within you, a piece of the Divine Source Energy commonly known as God. I started to see that we have all the answers we need within ourselves – we just need to unlock them. That we can heal others with our minds and with our hands, using light, just as Jesus, Buddha and other Masters did. And that we are powerful creators, and with our free will as humans, we can manifest realities and situations with our own thoughts (not as simple as it sounds since our subconscious thought patterns, often based on years of conditioning from a young age and many lifetimes, often block our high-vibration thoughts!).

From a global perspective on the connection of our spirits to each other, maybe this makes sense to you. But what about from an individual perspective? How does your soul, with its unique qualities, contribute to what’s happening on Earth energetically?

As we expand in our consciousness, we are also expanding in our souls. In fact, the more we explore what it is that we have to offer the world, what our individual gifts are, the more that we can evolve toward the ultimate goal of enlightenment, or just self-actualization, and ultimately to bring healing to the Earth and all its beings!




Feb 16

The Power of Reiki – Explained By Postdoctoral Research Fellow At Harvard Medical School

Below is a clip from an interview we recently conducted with Dr. Natalie Leigh Trent, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School and Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, where she investigates the mind-body practices of yoga and mindfulness for health and wellbeing. She obtained her Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto in 2006 and her Doctorate in neuroscience from Queen’s University in 2012.

In this part of the interview, we discuss the ancient healing art of Reiki, a healing modality that has been practiced and taught around the world for thousands of years. As Dr. Trent shares in the interview, it’s a relatively new field of science and medicine that’s continually growing, with approximately 80 studies that’ve been published so far.

With scientific research now emerging attesting to the ability of human thoughts, emotions, and intentions to affect the physical material world, an increasing number of scientists, and quantum physicists in particular, are stressing the importance of studying factors associated with consciousness and its relation to our physical world. One of these factors is human intention.

Reiki essentially uses human intention to heal another person’s ailments. Practitioners usually place their hands on the patient in order to channel energy into them by means of touch. It can be roughly defined as using compassionate mental action and physical touch, energy healing, shamanic healing, nonlocal healing, or quantum touch.

The popularity of this practice is exemplified by the fact that, as of 2000, there were more ‘distant healers’ in the United Kingdom than therapists practicing any other form of complementary or alternative medicine, and the same goes for the United States. (Barnes PM, Powell-Griner E, McFann K, Nahin RL. Complementary and alternative medicine use among adults: United States, 2002Adv Data. 2004. May 27;(343):1–19. [PubMed])

We published an article going into more detail on this, linked below:

How Reiki Actually Works (The Science Part) 

Dr. Trent points out how further scientific study in this field has been hindered by a lack of funding. This isn’t really surprising, since the medical industry, as Arnold Seymour Relman once said, has been “bought by the pharmaceutical industry.” Dr. Trent also discusses the science behind this practice. She is one of the leading academics bringing more credibility to this treatment.

If you want to catch the full CE News interview with Natalie Trent, and many more,  click here.




Feb 13

Hypnagogia: The Trippy Mental State That is the Key to Deep Self-Discovery


What is Hypnagogia?

We all know that there are two primary states of consciousness: wakefulness and sleep. But did you that there is also an in-between state? This state is called Hypnagogia, a word that derives from the Greek words “hypnos” (sleep) and “agogos” (leading), meaning the state that leads into sleep.

Have you ever had a nap and experienced a strange trance-like state in which images, colors, sounds, even dream-like stories play out in your mind? Have you ever found yourself falling asleep and seeing a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes fleet in and out of your mind … or strange things like horses turning into helicopters? These experiences are hypnagogia in action and it’s likely that you experience hypnagogia multiple times a week, or even every day before you fall asleep!

So how can this unusual limbo state contribute to our self-understanding and spiritual growth? In this article, I’ll explain how.

Types of Hypnagogia

Depending on whether you are primarily a visual (image-oriented), auditory (sound-oriented), or kinesthetic (physically-oriented) person (you can take a test here), your hypnogogic experience will vary.

Here are common ways hypnagogia is experienced:

  • Images – e.g. monochromatic or colorful, static or moving, flat or three-dimensional – usually the images are fleeting but sometimes they form entire dream-like scenes
  • Sounds – may be loud or quiet and involve hearing music, voices, snatches of conversation, rain, wind, white noise, repetitive words, having one’s name called, etc.
  • Repetitive actions – known as the “Tetris effect,” when a person has spent a long time doing something repetitive (such as working, playing chess, exercising, reading) they may find themselves doing the same thing as they fall into the hypnagogic state
  • Physical sensations – tastes, scents, textures, and sensations of coldness and heat may be experienced during hypnagogia, as well as feelings of floating, falling, leaving one’s body or having one’s body change shape
  • Mental processes – at the edge of sleep thoughts begin to take a fluid and free-associative quality in which they morph and evolve in unusual, abstract, and innovative ways, uninfluenced by the ego
  • Sleep paralysis – the temporary inability to move may, in some occurrences, accompany hypnagogia, however while this state may be alarming, it is harmless

It is also possible (and common) to experience multiple forms of hypnagogia. For example, you might visually enter a memory from the day that transforms before your eyes into an array of physical sensations and sounds. The combinations are limitless.

Spiritual Oneiromancy, Dali, and Dream Yoga

Throughout history, there have been many writers, artists, and philosophers who have used hypnagogia as a way of triggering new ideas, insights, and even inventions.

Artist Salvador Dali, writer Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein), and inventor Thomas Edison are some of the most notable historical figures who have used hypnagogia to stimulate saucy new ideas. Both Dali and Edison, for example, used very similar techniques of sitting down with objects in their hands (a key for Dali and brass balls for Edison) and waking up once the object fell and hit the floor. This sudden awakening allowed them to quickly jolt out of their hypnagogic slumber and write down the thoughts and images that had been dancing through their minds.

In Tibetan Buddhism, hypnagogic states are used as a way of practicing “dream yoga.” Dream yoga is a form of spiritual practice that is based on the premise that dream-like states can be used to train the mind to enhance spiritual awareness. This self-discipline can contribute to the experience of enlightenment.

In the modern age, there’s a niche of people who refer to themselves as Oneiromancers; or individuals who use dreams as a form of divination. The word Oneiromancy comes from the Greek ‘oneiros’ (dream) and ‘manteia’ (prophecy). Such people commonly use and interpret dreams as a way of prophesying the future.

Even psychologists such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud have taken an intense interest in dreams and their potential meanings. Jung was notorious for his fascination with dreams and their connection with the unconscious mind since childhood.

I can’t personally vouch for the divination aspect of dreams (as in ‘oneiromancy,’ although I have had prophetic dreams). Furthermore, I believe that predicting the future is useless and a major distraction unless it is accompanied with work grounded in the present-moment. That is why my approach to dreams and hypnagogia specifically is targeted towards psychological growth. Without understanding yourself, meeting your shadow self, uncovering and dealing with old traumas and wounds, and integrating what you find, you won’t get very far. All of the dream work in the world will be just that: a bunch of fantasy.

How to Use Hypnagogia to Explore Your Unconscious Mind

Hypnagogia is the shortest path for communication from our subconscious — Sirley Marques Bonham, physicist

In the secular world, hypnagogia is often used as a way of stimulating creativity. But I propose, similar to the Tibetan Buddhists and their ‘Dream Yoga’ and Carl Jung and his technique of ‘Active Imagination,’ that hypnagogia can be used for deep psychological discovery as well.




Feb 13

New Study Links Human Consciousness to a Law That Governs the Universe

by Chelsea Gohd

Human Entropy

Our species has long agonized over the concept of human consciousness. What exactly causes it, and why did we evolve to experience consciousness? Now, a new study has uncovered a clue in the hunt for answers, and it reveals that the human brain might have more in common with the universe than we could have imagined.

According to a team of researchers from France and Canada, our brains might produce consciousness as something of a side effect of increasing entropy, a process that has been taking place throughout the universe since the Big Bang.

Their study has been accepted for publication in the journal Physical Review E.

The concept of entropy is famously confusing, and the definition has evolved over time. Essentially, entropy is a thermodynamic property that refers to the degree of disorder or randomness in a system. It can be summed up as the description of a system’s progression from order to disorder.

The second law of thermodynamics states that entropy can only remain constant or increase within a closed system — a system cannot move from high entropy to low entropy without outside interference. A common example that demonstrates entropy is an ice cube melting — the cube is in a state of low entropy, but as it melts and disorder grows, entropy increases.

Many physicists think that the universe itself is in a constant state of increasing entropy. When the Big Bang occurred, the universe was in a state of low entropy, and as it continues to gradually spread out, it is growing into a higher entropy system. Based on this new study, our brain may be undergoing something similar, and consciousness happens to be a side effect of the process.

The Brain and Disorder

To see how the concept of entropy could be applied to the human brain, the researchers analyzed the amount of order in our brains while we’re conscious compared to when we’re not. They did this by modeling the networks of neurons in the brains of nine participants, seven of whom had epilepsy.

They looked at whether or not neurons were oscillating in phase with one another as this could tell them if the brain cells were linked. They compared observations from when patients were awake, when they were asleep, and when patients with epilepsy were having seizures.

The researchers found that the participants’ brains displayed higher entropy when fully conscious. “We find a surprisingly simple result: normal wakeful states are characterized by the greatest number of possible configurations of interactions between brain networks, representing highest entropy values,” the team wrote in the study.




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