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Bill Murray Brainstorm

“I don’t know who’s thinking up this stuff.”    

How To Shop For Healthy Food

Very practical tips for how to shop for healthy groceries, with lists of foods you should and shouldn’t buy again.  

The Three Questions Leo Tolstoy

A reading of the short story “Three Questions” written by Leo Tolstoy and read by Michael DuBon    

The Healing Power of Nature!

Many of us spend the vast majority of our lives indoors, surrounded by metal and plastic, under florescent lights, staring at bright screens while breathing in stale polluted air. We’ve become addicted to technology and man-made innovation, but the truth is…nature had it right all along.  

Ayahuasca Trip Report and Come Down Discussion from Beyond The Veil

There is no better Ayahuasca Trip Report than one that is fresh out of a DMT Trip. Fresh out of an Ayahuasca trip, Chris Geo and Sheree Geo share their post ayahuasca discussions with our friends and family here at Beyond The Veil. We break down the multiple layers of our illusionary reality, break through …

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How to Merge Spiritual Living with Practical Life – Benthino Massaro – Inspired Expansion

Thais Gibson sits down with Benthino Massaro how we can bring our spiritual journey into every day life, how to get into the vibration of love and how to connect to release unwanted beliefs!  

Bertrand Russell’s Advice for Future Generations


Two Different Views of Virtual Reality ~ Tom Campbell

Many now think we are living in a virtual reality. Tom Campbell states that “If we are living in a virtual reality, then our consciousness must exist in some other reality.” It would seem that many, even those who are supporters of virtual reality do not fully comprehend the nature of virtual reality…the logic of …

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We are a part of Nature ~ George Carlin


Hitler Reacts To Nonduality / Enlightenment

Hitler’s reaction upon realizing the radical consequences of nonduality / enlightenment.  

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