The Counts of the Netherworld ~ Bill Hicks Manifesto

The time has come to air the Voice of Reason,
In a world gone mad, adrift on banal seas,
For all who feel that lies have had their season,
And whose Hearts Cry Out instead for Honesty,

For all the weary souls grown bored with dreaming,
Whose thirst for Beauty and for Knowledge goes unslaked,
For all who want to wake from what is dreaming,
To know what’s Real, and what is Real to embrace.

For all who’ve watched with mounting horror,
Evil’s reign upon this world grow ever-clear,
For all who’ve prayed in vain, Emancipators,
Wielding Swords of Truth and laughing without fear.”

-William Melvin “Bill” Hicks


Cosmic Orgasm: An Enlightening Story of the Great Mystery of Existence

by Jordan Bates

image“Astonishment is the proper response to reality.”

Terence McKenna

There’s a certain feeling—a feeling that’s also kind of an experience and an idea and a way of seeing. This feeling is central to my perspective and my shifting identity, my perpetual becoming. And I always want to articulate it, but I can never seem to find the necessary words.

Everything is happening. This is all actually here.

That almost gets at it. I mean, it works for me. Contains the meaning I wish to convey. I could say it that way and it could be that simple … if language weren’t so subjective and flat and insufficient.
The problem is that most people would read those eight words and see something banal or uninspired or even meaningless and would move on to another something in milliseconds.

When really I suspect that those eight words constitute the most astounding and un-process-able and soul-shivering and speechlessness-inducing fact, when seen from a certain non-default perspective—an almost out-of-body, all-encompassing perspective, the perspective of an infant or a god, a perspective which, as Emerson wrote, “see[s] the miraculous in the common.”

imageBut the only people who would read those words and feel The Fact in that way are the ones who are already in on the secret, the un-swallow-able monolith of a truth—that this is all really existing right now.




The Small and Great Secrets of an Embrace

by Frank M Wanderer

fatherIntimacy is one of the most elementary human needs. Its shortage deteriorates, its wealth nourishes human soul. One of the most beautiful expression of intimacy is when two people embrace each other. This wonderful human gesture is a store of great secrets. What are the secrets of embrace? Embrace has a smaller and a greater secret.

The Small Secret of Embrace

The small secret of embrace is that it has a wide range of positive physiological and psychological effects. For instance, it increases trust and confidence, it reduces anxiety, fear, and pain, and alleviates the aftermath of stress.

An embrace means closeness and warmth in human relations, it is the most intimate expression of love. An embrace reinforces connections, it affords a sense of safety and improves the intensity of two people’s sense of belonging together. An embrace is a form of communication, with it we may express things that we are not able to put into words.

An embrace provides us with the an exceptionally intensive sense of belonging to another person. It is not possible to generate the same emotion in any other way. An embrace tranquilizes the soul and, for a few moments, is able to make us forget the things and problems around us.




Is this the world’s oldest secret code?

by Anna Liesowska

Scientists close to precise dating of the Shigir Idol, twice as ancient as the Egyptian Pyramids.

The oldest wooden statue in the world. Picture: Ekaterina Osintseva, The Siberian Times
The oldest wooden statue in the world. Picture: Ekaterina Osintseva, The Siberian Times

The Idol is the oldest wooden statue in the world, estimated as having been constructed approximately 9,500 years ago, and preserved as if in a time capsule in a peat bog on the western fringe of Siberian. Expert Svetlana Savchenko, chief keeper of Shigir Idol, believes that the structure’s faces carry encoded information from ancient man in the Mesolithic era of the Stone Age concerning their understanding of ‘the creation of the world’.

German scientists are now close to a precise dating – within five decades – of the remarkable artifact, which is a stunning example of ancient man’s creativity.

The results are likely to be known in late February or early March, The Siberian Times can reveal.

Now the question is turning among academics to a better understanding of the symbols and pictograms on this majestic larch Idol, one of Russia’s great treasures, which is now on display a special glass sarcophagus at its permanent home, Yekaterinburg History Museum, where Savchenko is senior researcher.

There is no such ancient sculpture in the whole of Europe. Picture: Ekaterina Osintseva, The Siberian Times
There is no such ancient sculpture in the whole of Europe. Picture: Ekaterina Osintseva, The Siberian Times

German pre-historian Professor Thomas Terberger said: ‘There is no such ancient sculpture in the whole of Europe. Studying this Idol is a dream come true. We are expecting the first results of the test at the end of winter, (early) next year.’




Multi-Dimensional Beings With Reflections in the Spirit World

by Julie Henderson, Contributor | Waking Times

Smudge-SageThe spirit world, also known as the mirror world, is the authentic underlying truth of humanity’s collective evolution. It contains humanity’s truest feelings, ideas, beliefs, and sacred consciousness. The subconscious of humanity was placed inside of beings who are dreamers, people who are capable of holding space and making life sacred again. These are the mamas and the papas, the sacred indigo children, the seers, the navigators, the creators, and the lovers of life. These are the dancers of space and time that shake rattles in their eyes and bring you back to life when they crack a smile.

Each and every human being, every plant, animal, or element of creation has a mirror world/spirit world identity. We exist as multidimensional beings with interior and exterior landscapes. We are capable of manifesting the sacred dream, of transforming nightmares into journeys through bliss gardens, and of healing ourselves above and below, within and throughout our eternal beings. Contained within the authentic mirror world are the spiritual imprints and collective light and dark of every individual human being. These gather together to create actual dimensions that encapsulate emotions, feelings, thoughts, imagery, and events.

The dimensions within these spirit worlds can be journeyed to and through in meditation, and they can be studied and used as tools for an individual’s continued evolution and growth. Within each dimension are contained the coordinates of heavens and hells, of gravity or zero gravity, of grace and forgiveness, of darkness and despair. We are traveling to and through heavens and hells moment to moment. Life and death are part of the same continuum. We are not born and we do not die; instead, we exist as eternal beings participating in an ongoing epic evolution. This evolution is sustained by the spiritual mirror worlds which are paramount to the renewal and resurrection of humanity and nature.




March Against Monsanto: Could We Finally See Mandatory Labelling?


monsantoLast weekend the March Against Monsanto once again saw millions join in around the world to stand up for quality food supply. Monsanto, the world’s largest biotech company and producer of GMO foods, has been challenged by the public since GMOs first began hitting grocery stores. People are concerned about the safety of GMOs when it comes to their health and the environment, as our right and ability to produce natural foods in a natural way is being compromised without our permission.

One of the largest themes that came out of this year’s event was that activists are no longer against any one person or thing, instead they are with and for nature, for health, and for truth.

Toronto was among 428 other cities from 38 countries around the world that participated in this grassroots march, which took place on May 23rd. People chanting and holding signs marched in Toronto from Queens Park to Christy Pits, where the Farm 2 Fork festival then took place, showcasing all organic and vegetarian food as well as speakers and performances that engaged hundreds of people.

The Movement Demands Rights

This movement is demanding a basic right we should all have: to know what we are eating. Labelling food that contains GMOs is common practice in 64 countries, yet the US and Canada are not one of them. It’s troubling to see so many other developed nations recognizing the dangers while we turn a blind eye here in North America.



Children Who Seem to Remember Past Lives as Monks: Details Verified

boymonkThe universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge. In “Beyond Science” Epoch Times collects stories about these strange phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities. Are they true? You decide.

Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, professor emeritus at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik, has examined cases of children who seem to remember their past lives. In some of the cases, the children remembered lives as Buddhist monks. Furthermore, in some of these cases, the memories were recorded right after the children recalled them (without time elapsing in which the memories could be distorted), and they seemed to correspond to historical information about real monks who had died.

Cases in which children remember details that can be, and are, verified against factual reports of the life of someone who has died are known as “solved cases” among researchers. Cases in which the memories are too vague or the details too imprecise to be verified are known as “unsolved cases.”

The solved cases of these children who remember being monks stood out to Dr. Haraldsson for another reason. “What makes these … cases particularly interesting is not only the alleged memories but also the behavioural features that the children display. Each child shows behavior that is considered appropriate and even ideal for monks,” wrote Dr. Haraldsson and Godwin Samarartne in a 1999 paper titled, “Children Who Speak of Memories of a Previous Life as a Buddhist Monk,” published in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research.

Far from being happy about this behavior or encouraging it, the childrens’ parents seem to have been concerned and distressed by it.