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Eternity: A Manual To Forever ~ Sevan Bomar On Truth Frequency Radio

Truth Frequency Radio With Chris Geo & Sheree recorded on June 26, 2015 Guests: Sevan Bomar, Frank Castle, William White Crow Eternity: A Manual To Forever MP3: http://astralquest.podomatic.com/entr… “We are still gaining momentum, this time we aim to enlighten all those who are ready. Enroll in the Innerversity Today! ” http://secretenergy.com/enroll “Tonight, we enjoy a …

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Tom Campbell: Fireside Chat with My Big Toe Forum March, 2015

Tom Campbell answers questions from his My Big TOE forum members on various subjects involving our reality and consciousness from the viewpoint of his theory, philosophy, and experience. Tom’s website and forum: http://www.mybigTOE.com  

Chimps and the Zen of Falling Water

by Nautilus There is a waterfall in Tanzania’s Gombe National Park. Maybe 12 feet high, it’s fairly modestly sized, though even a modest waterfall is quite a magical thing. And it’s here that chimpanzees come to dance. You can watch a video online, narrated by the great primatologist Jane Goodall, who, as with so many …

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The Entangled Universe: The Missing Link Between Science and Spirituality ~ A.H. Almaas

Source: scienceandnonduality If you’ve ever experienced that gut feeling that someone was about to call and in that moment they did, or that something terrible happened to a loved one, only to find out they were involved in an accident at the same time you thought of them, then you have (on a spiritual level) …

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What Makes Humans Different From Animals? That Special Thing, Bigger Than Magic

by Dejan Davchevski The Reason why HUMANS Differ from Animals is more Magical than you can Possibly IMAGINE! I started wondering what makes us different from animals? What is it? Is it the ability to speak? Animals communicate in their own way, why should words be considered something special? Probably the ability to organize sounds …

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Expanding Our Awareness to See a Multidimensional Reality

We perceive Reality through our senses which convince us that the way in which we experience the world around us is exactly the way it exists. The true nature of Reality, however, is not experienced through this superficial perception of the world and limits the incredible (some say magical) nature of the universe and beyond. …

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‘The Connected Universe: A fundamental transformation of human awareness’ ~ Nassim Haramein


The Amazing Story Of What Happened When One Tiny Country Decriminalized ALL Drugs

by Sophie McAdam Decriminalization has worked in Portugal, and should inspire governments around the world to do the same Portugal is one of Europe’s smallest countries, but until 2001 it had a BIG drug problem. One in 100 Portuguese citizens were addicted to heroin, a shocking statistic that was met with brute force and a zero …

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Learn How to Live in the Flow of Life

On the ordinary days of our life, you work, educate your children, have some fun, build and sustain connections with others, that is, you live an ordinary life. The question is, whether you are mindful during all these things, or you just perform these activities mechanically, automatically. What is the evidence for me that you …

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