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iStock_000021022342XLargeTruth is an objective fact, whereas a lie is always something that has to be fabricated. A masterfully created lie is, however, very similar to the truth, so such a lie can be extremely dangerous.

Lies, taken as truth, will lull us into a false sense of security, into a dream. Once we have believed that we know the truth, we no longer look for it, and we will not long for it any more. The masters of fabricating lies exploit that very psychological reaction. Let us see who they are and why they kmeep producing their misleading lies relentlessly.

Day by day, we hear from the media, what a lot of lies there are in the world. Politicians lie to us, bankers, business people and our acquaintances do the same. Even we lie to others, when we find it necessary. Where and what are the roots of all those lies?

A thorough and detailed analysis will yield a surprising result: we will find that all those different lies have only one single root, and that is found in ourself. That is nothing but the separate little self, the Ego. The Ego is responsible for all the lies in the world, the Ego is the greatest master of fabricating lies.

knowledgebase-700x461The Ego itself is the product of a masterfully constructed lie, as it is in fact a non-existent thing, which is given a pseudo-existence under certain circumstances. The circumstances exert their influence on us through our parents and other people important for us. They are the people who created the Ego in us, when they told us in our childhood who we were and what are names were.

The lies, naturally, did not begin there, since we needed an Ego to survive and collect experience in the world. The lies began when our parents made us believe that we were identical with that Ego, we were nothing but a restricted, separate existence. That was the first lie, and the others were nicely added like new and new layers over the years. With the effective help of other people we fabricated a lie about the world, and another one about our own mission in it. Naturally, we were not aware that these were lies, as we took them as truth, and we honestly believed in them.




The Mystery of Recurring Numbers: What Does It Mean When You See the Same Number Everywhere?

recurring-nimbersI once wrote an article regarding the golden ratio, or Fibonacci Sequence, which touched base on the recurrence of a specific pattern found all over the world which can be broken down to an equation that fits in various subjects, including DNA, floral patterns, natural evolution, and a variety of other things.

What about other, more subtle and basic, recurring numbers, though?

There has been a lot of investigation into this topic, as people throughout history have taken a notice to the recurrence of specific sequences of numbers in an over-abundance. A lot of psychologists will say that it’s simply a placebo effect, that we’re subconsciously looking for the number which we have associated with and will continue to see it because of this. Others, specifically numerologists, say that the repetition of a number is ultimately a cosmic warning, a means of saying, “hey, pay attention.” I don’t have a firm belief in this topic, so this article, like many of my others, is purely speculative and meant to provoke thought. However, since I was infantile, the number which I have always noticed is “32”; what about you?

In researching for this article, I found some very interesting descriptions of recurring numbers in various forums and research thesis written on the topic. The thing which stood out the most to me is the fact that there is an accepted definition of what specific numbers, when recurring, could mean from a numerologist standpoint. The recurring numbers detailed in this were 11, 16, 22, and 33; I find this disappointing that neither 23 nor 32 were present, but, such is the consequence of mundane hope…

According to numerology.com, each of the aforementioned recurring numbers has been associated with a specific meaning. The number 11 is referred to as the master number and is theoretically the cosmos, or God’s, way of calling you to read between the lines in matters at hand, and that there’s more to your current situation than you’re accommodating for. The number 16 is the universal number signifying danger, and seeing the repetition of 16 means to look out; this often goes in hand with relationships or work difficulties. Seeing 22 is associated with your productive side, and the cosmos may be telling you that you’re overlooking a great opportunity for advancement in some form or another. Similarly, seeing the number 33 everywhere is allegedly a signifier that you are a gifted individual, and are holding back from using your gift to help the world.




The Matrix and You


The Matrix or Prison Planet is an artificial created reality which hides the truth through manipulation, mind control, artificial intelligence and very convincing lies if repeated often enough, eventually become part of your truth.

This has been going on for thousands of years. We didn’t evolve from apes and I believe that man was never less intelligent or enlightened than he is today, the rabbit hole is deeper than the one Alice fell into.

In the last two years, this matrix of control has become serious, dangerous and unpredictable because we are one step ahead of the handlers now, they have to change plans.

If you read this and laugh, then you bought into the lies, you live inside this Matrix and you’re perfectly happy to live under this condition of mass hypnosis. You’re content with being told what to do even from people you don’t know and following orders is just doing your job.

Perfect example of control and manipulation is religion, education, marriage certificates, birth certificates, government, television, newspapers, symbolism and all mass media distribution, food, medicine and property ownership or non-property ownership because you really don’t own anything.

Perhaps you lived your life never caring to take responsibility for yourself or take control of your life. You rarely question the establishment, you honor authority and do as you are told like a good little dog. You feel comfortable and safe so long as you have a JOB and a home to come to even if you have to work for the next 30 years to pay it off. You never thought of other options or ways of life and you are afraid to let go of all that is familiar to you and feel safe with.

You love tradition because it gives you a sense of identity. Identity is the most important human trait.

People reject, judge, hate and even kill over identity. So stay where you are, don’t change. Why should you?

Maybe you ARE aware of what is going on and know the truth but prefer to be silent. You have been teamed up with the rules and the players to manipulate and control everyone around you. You sold out for the identity of fame, money, power, glory and recognition.

Maybe you know the truth, but don’t know how to break out of the Matrix.

It’s all about choices and consequences.




This Is Why Timelines Change

time-travelby Gregg Prescott, Guest | Waking Times

What are timelines and why do some predicted events come and go without the anticipated event ever happening?

What is a Timeline?

A timeline is a chronological point within time and space that is relevant to this planet. For example, a list of inventions in chronological order since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution could be shown on a timeline.

Time is linear and is only relevant to this planet.   A day on Earth is calculated by the amount of time it takes for our planet to fully rotate on its axis.  A day on Mars is similar, but different because it takes Mars approximately 28 hours to revolve on its axis as it revolves around the sun, proving that time (as we know it) is only relevant to this planet.  When we cross over to the other side, time, as we know it, no longer exists.

3 Reasons Why Timelines Change

1.  Free Will  – I was talking with a friend of mine who is amazingly reliable with messages from beyond.  He stated that one of the biggest regrets of the Anunnaki is allowing us to have free will.  Other spiritual master will tell you the same thing…  not all planets and star families have free will.  Earth is one of the few planets whose inhabitants have free will.

Free will allows us to change perceived or anticipated timelines.  For example, several false flag events were averted through whistleblowers once the false flag was exposed to the general public.  Anexample could be found here: Ex-CIA Agent: Obama Planned Massive False Flag Attack On America

Because we, the people, do not (in general) seem to challenge most laws that work against humanity’s best interests, we are in essence agreeing with them and giving up our free will in exchange for perceived safety and security.

This is why “love and light” is not enough when it comes to creating change or changing timelines.  A good example of this would be the massive movement against GMO’s in the United States as Americans are finally seeing a growing movement toward GMO labeling and in time, the eventual elimination of GMO’s.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither.”  The same could be said of free will.

2.  We control our own destiny.  The last page on the Lost Book of Nostradamus is blank,  showing us that we control our own destiny.  In other words, it is our own free will that will determine how the story plays out.




Loneliness – The Science Behind It & Its Effects On Physical Health

silhouette-67202_1280-790x381By Filip Gjorgoski

Detailing the neuroscience behind loneliness, the effects it has on our physical health and four easy steps to help anyone get out of it.

Loneliness can be harsh. Not having people in your life that you can talk to, can make you feel empty and disconnected from the world.

Loneliness can be brought on by big life events or just simply growing up.

The development of modern society and technology isn’t making it any easier either. People are using social media more often, working longer hours, living alone, travel away for jobs and keep pushing each other further and further away.

The feeling that you no longer contribute to anything or don’t belong anywhere can sometimes even lead to serious health problems.

If we look into our nature and observe our behavior, we do actually need each other — a lot.

The Science of Loneliness

Loneliness is the feeling of social isolation. It can be related to being physically isolated but, more often than not, loneliness is associated with the emotional isolation.

One can feel lonely in a crowd full of people, being part of a numerous family, or even married.

Loneliness is not about the frequency and number of interaction with other people, it’s about the quality of those interactions. Being around other people isn’t what makes people less lonely, it’s feeling connected that does.

The neuroscience of social connections is a spectrum. You can have one extreme that is characterized by the lack of connections (feeling of loneliness and rejection) and on the other side you have the presence of the loved ones (feeling loved and appreciated).

Pain is an aversive signal that motivates you to take care of your body when you’re in a current potential tissue damage.




Sonia Barrett Interviewed by Michael Beckwith The Sound of Transformation show

Michael Bernard Beckwith interviews Sonia Barrett. Shares her story about her own awakening and what it took to get there. They discuss the programs by which we operate and how they form our belief systems. She shares her discovery of meditation on her own and discovering the breath. They discuss the various themes and trends projected that people attach to such as diseases like cancer.



Be Mindful and Alert!

1605141591by Frank M Wanderer

During our Journey through the world of shapes and forms, we are often under the effect of our daily disappointments, as our “sandcastles come tumbling down,” and we ask ourselves the question: ”What am I doing here?

In a narrow sense it may mean: ”What am I doing in this situation?” or ”What  am I doing in these relationships? In a broader sense the meaning can be: ”What am I doing in this life, what is the sense of life, what is my ultimate goal ? Why was I born onto this Earth?”

The socially conditioned mind is ready with the answer to all those questions, provides a detailed description and explanation, underpinned with scientific arguments. It tells us and analyses our own personal histories, starting with birth and ending with death. Between the tangible endpoints, the already and the yet, every single conscious moment of our life is embedded int he story as experience.

Every such personal history, however, has its own problems and conflicts, beauties, ups and downs, and questions awaiting answers. One of the central questions in almost every autobiography is the following:

  • How could I achieve more in life in order to be happy?

9e5957a358c10f02763830daf35f6a35_500One of the awakened teachers, who has experienced the real nature of truth, Nissargadatta Maharaj believes, however, that instead of asking that, we should concentrate on the following questions:

  1.  What is my true nature?
  2.  What is the capital that I had when I was born and that has stayed with me since the moment when I realized that I existed?
  3.  How did I acquire this bodily structure, together with the vitality and Consciousness that gives me the sense of Presence?
  4.  How long is it going to last?
  5. What had I been before this body was born, and what am I going to be when this body decomposes?
  6. Who was born, and who is going to die?
  7. Who am I?

The only answer to these questions is that the capital with which we were born and which stays with us is the concept of ”I am here, I am now,” the intuitive feeling and reality of ”I am. It is only possible to experience that in the Present moment, in the Now.

Past is an intangible part of our personal history, and future is the expectations we project into it. Both are products of the mind, therefore illusory, false, not realistic things.




Reincarnation: 3-Year-Old Boy Remembers Details of His Death, Locates His Killer, Body and Murder Weapon

boy-solves-own-murderReincarnation. We all have a pretty general idea of what it is. It is thought that reincarnation means that one comes back as another person after he or she dies. In some religions, who or what you come back as is based on past actions in a previous life, but that isn’t always the case.

“According to Hinduism, a soul reincarnates again and again on earth until it becomes perfect and reunites with its Source. During this process the soul enters into many bodies, assumes many forms, and passes through many births and deaths.” (Source)

Hinduism is not the only religion that believes in reincarnation. An interesting story comes from the Druse people who are primarily located in Golan Heights in Israel. This group is only made up of about 200,000 people and they are neither Muslim, Jewish, or Christian. They are also the only non-Jewish Israelis to serve in the Israeli army. Reincarnation is at the core of their belief system. Because this culture believes so heavily in reincarnation, any new baby is thoroughly searched for birthmarks after entering the world. It is believed that a birthmark may be the wound that killed the person in a previous life. A story of a 3-year-old boy comes from the Druse culture

This boy was born with a long red birthmark near the center of his head.

When he turned three years old, a group of family members, elders, and representatives from three different villages decided to move the boy from village to village to see where he used to live. (They recognised the area based on what the child had told them.) They found the village that the boy claimed to be his old home, and what happened next is amazing.

The child not only recognised the house he used to live in, but he also spotted and pointed out his killer. He then led everyone to the body and the murder weapon. Amazing!

Some people will wonder how the child knew all this information if he had passed away.