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How To Get Out Of Your Own Way ~ Alan Watts


Emotional Pollution, Expressing versus Sending

by Lauren Torres The shaman knows that everything is energy.  Strong emotions are energy, and its important to know the difference between expressing an emotion versus sending it. Paying it Forward – Not in a Good Way When you send your emotion, rather than express it that energy ends up being dumped on the receiver.  Often …

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Empathy & Compassion – Helping Others Without Being Judgmental

by Dylan Harper Judging others puts you in a position of superiority that no human being can boast to have achieved. If you exercise empathy in all life situations you meet, you not only allow yourself to judge others, but deny them the much needed support to get out of their circumstances. The first step …

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The Science of Healing Thoughts

By Dr. Joseph Mecola | Guest Writer for Wake Up World Can your mind heal your body? It may sound far-fetched that the power of your thoughts and emotions could exert physical, biological changes, but there are countless examples, both scientific and anecdotal, showing this possibility is very real. Science journalist Jo Marchant shared numerous such …

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The Age of Non-Acting

by Frank M. Wanderer Non-acting is a great mystery to our mind. If we do not act, we just sit there passively in one place, we soon starve to death here in the world of forms and shapes. The very essence of this world is the constant change, the constant action. A lot of us would …

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Changing The Perception Of Time ~ Alan Watts

In This video Alan Watts explains how it is our perception of time is what makes it so complicated to deal with and if we change that views ,how our whole world changes , for more follow the link below . Alanwatts.org  

Living Between Ego and Self

by Roxana Jones A few days ago, a lady seating next to me with whom I chatted while I was on an airplane, asked me what would I say to someone interested in one single piece of advice to be used in making a major life transformation. For a few seconds, my memories went to …

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The Mysteries of Death

(This post was originally published on Occultforum by Haelos Dagaz) In this contribution, I will share with you the secrets of the Mystery of Death in plain English for all to understand. Do not let the simplicity of my ideas hide the inner secrets. You will be tempted to read this and glance past it …

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The phoenix rises! The Northern Lights take on the form of the legendary bird over Iceland

These incredible photographs of the aurora borealis captured the moment the lights formed the outline of a phoenix – the giant fire-eating bird common in many ancient mythologies. With outstretched wings and a striking bird-shaped profile, the image – captured by photographer Hallgrimur P Helgason – wowed stargazers in Kaldarsel. Mr Helgason, 64, said that …

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