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Beginners Guide to Metaphysics – Part 1: Introduction

by Anthony Tyler “That’s why we look behind appearances, see the world like the eye on the pyramids” – Raiza Biza In today’s society, “magic” and “religion” have become loaded words. From a scientific perspective, they have become akin to fairy-tales, folklore, and psychological simplicity. Those who find the value in it are sometimes treated with a …

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Physicists Prove Classical Music Inhabits Separate Realm, Inaccessible To Humans

GENEVA—Physicists affiliated with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) released a report Wednesday revealing that classical music exists in a field of reality entirely removed from the four-dimensional spacetime inhabited by human beings. Scientists were performing a routine search for fifth-dimensional activity using the Large Hadron Collider, the immense particle accelerator famous for proving …

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Consciousness, Psychedelics & Visionary Plants – 2016 : Graham Hancock

A Brilliant, Compelling & Presentation on the Use of Psychoactive Visionary Plants & Psychedelics thru-out History With Thought Provocative Commentary on the ‘War on Drugs’ & Governmental Suppression of Expansive Awareness. Filmed Before a Sold Out Conference of 525 Attendees at the Earth-Keeper Crystal Vortex Event in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas on Nov 23rd, …

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7 Powerfull Signs of the Higher Consciousness

by Frank M Wanderer It has happened to all of us that we came under the spell of a moment some time during our life. A beautiful landscape, a sunset, a beautiful piece of art, the rhythm of music enchanted us. It may even happen that we are just lost in the silence of a …

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Dr. Josh Axe on helping his mom heal breast cancer and his book Eat Dirt

Dr. Josh Axe is a doctor of natural medicine, and an expert in herbal medicine, nutrition, digestive health and athletic performance. Josh operates one of the world’s largest natural health websites: and is the author of a brand new book called Eat Dirt. Josh tells the amazing story of how he helped his mom heal stage 4 breast cancer with …

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Lightning Strike of True Gnosis ~ Terence Mckenna


Many people think…


You are not separate from nature, you ARE nature

by Brian Thompson. If you believe that you are separate from nature, and that you are not actually “nature” yourself, then you will continue to be divided from the natural bliss of your true nature. If this is your belief, that you stand in opposition to the infinite circle of life, rather than one with …

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This Will Happen to Your Body if You Drink this Health Boosting Tea Every Morning

Do you ever wake up feeling tired and a little out of it? Have the activities from the night before put a drain on your body? This is a common problem for most people. The environment we live in will take a toll on the body if we do not treat it right. Your positive …

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Are We Becoming a Nation of Zombies?

by Dylan Harper We all fear the Zombie Apocalypse without realizing that we are the ones who have not only brought the Apocalypse upon, but are actually living in it happily without any realization. If we stop for a moment to ask ourselves the last time when we did something productive for the things that …

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