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Don’t look outward…


How Could This Happen to Me? ~ Alan Watts

“We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.” – Alan Watts  

The Great Awakening


Medicine for the Earth: Healing the Waters of the World

by Sandra Ingerman Water is life! There would not be any life on this planet without water. As humans we are composed of mostly water. Water reflects back to us our inner landscape and the beauty of our soul. A solution to our current ecological crisis is working with the feminine principle of being versus …

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Awakening from the Illusion of Ego

by Frank M Wanderer We live here on Earth, together with billions of fellow human beings. That we live is an irrefutable empirical fact, similarly, the fact that other people live on Earth too, is also an empirical fact. We do not merely live, however, but we are also personalities. We are personalities who are …

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A Conscious Cosmos ~ Peter Russell


The Stealth Power of the March – April Celestial Influx

by Soren Dreier Sensitive people have sure had a hard time this March – April. I can divide them into three groups: The weariness: Which for many has been difficult to pinpoint exactly, as to the reason for them being drained and somehow hitting a melancholy vibe, where they would go very, very silent on …

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The 8 Main Benefits Of Introspection

We all feel a little lost every now and then and that’s when introspection comes in handy. There are times when we even think of ourselves as born failures and that is why so many people go as far as committing suicide — it’s because of their inability to take the burden of being human. As human …

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12 Plants Native Americans Used to Cure EVERYTHING

The Native American tribe Cherokee is indigenous to the Southeastern United States. This tribe believed that they have been given a gift by the Creator which enabled them to understand and use medicinal herbs. by healthy holistic living They believed and used the benefits of nature’s pharmacy. Moreover, as plants can become scarce over time, …

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Waking Up From Awakening

By Sarah Elkhaldy | Guest writer for Wake Up World For those of us who are currently experiencing the awakening of consciousness taking place on this planet right now, there are many rabbit holes we can fall down that lead us to believe we are fully conscious and awake when we are really waking up …

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