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Nature-Based Education System

by Katherine Martinko After experiencing the “diseased” U.S. education system firsthand, Danish filmmaker Dan Stilling (who filmed “The Martian”) and American producer/writer Aimie Stilling head to Scandinavia to show how children are educated there, in stark contrast to the U.S. approach. The result is a beautiful 80-minute documentary that moves between the forests near Copenhagen …

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Happiness of the Awakened Heart

by Frank M. Wanderer Have you ever witnessed when a bird welcomed the rising sun with its song at dawn? Its heart overflows with joy, and it must share its happiness, the chant of its heart, with the whole wide world. Why cannot we live like that, to celebrate life like that? Because we are …

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Reality exists outside of any concepts you have of it

by Brian Thompson. Reality exists outside of any concepts you have of it. Reality is immune to any belief—it is empty of theoretical notion, philosophy, politic, policy, rule, regulation or religious ideology. Reality is THIS < snapping fingers loudly >. It is nothing other than the direct cognition of whatever appears within the contents of …

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Archaeology Continues to Reinforce the Truth That Human History Has Been One Long Trip

A recent paper on ancient cannabis use has made news this week, with some fascinating insights into its origins and spread through Asia and Europe. You can read a good summary of the research at the New Scientist link, so no need for me to rewrite it here. What did catch my attention though is …

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Ley Lines: The Key to Unlocking the Matrix

by Magdaline The rediscovery of ley lines is unveiling (apocalypse; Greek for unveiling) the secrets of Nature. Ley lines are the luminous strands that many are pulling at today, hardly suspecting what riches lay at the end of these subtle light lines. All ley lines lead to the planetary Grid, the primary light and energy …

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Grounding: The Gift Of Being In Your Body

by Dylan Harper Without grounding, the energetic healings, spiritual insights, and positive shifts we experience will fade away because they are not permanently imprinted into our cellular memory and anchored into the Earth. “Be here now.” We see this phrase everywhere, but are we actually embodying it? Are we consciously present and in our experience …

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Philip K. Dick Claimed That Time Stopped in 50 AD and Didn’t Progress Since Then

Novelist Philip K. Dick, suggested that time on Earth has stopped in the year 50 AD, and he gives concrete reasons for his theory in his breathtaking essay “How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later,” in “I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon.” In short, he believes that our world today …

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The Evolution Of Reality By Terence Mckenna

Transcedence + Ascension = TRANSCENSION The transcension hypothesis asks whether our civilization is rapidly developing into something analogous to a black hole Some physicists also argue black holes may be “seeds” or “replicators” for new universes, thus giving us a clue as to what we would do after we meet up with other intelligence  

Mind Over Matter

This video is not designed to make you believe, but to make you think, to make you start questioning reality and to make you realize that there is more to life than the physical realm we see with our own eyes. We will explore the many wonders of consciousness which each and every one of …

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The Free Thinker’s Manifesto

“Man, whether he likes it or not, is a being forced by his nature to seek some higher authority. If he succeeds in finding it of himself then he is a superior man; if not, he is a mass-man and must receive it from his superiors.” ~ Jose Ortega y Gasset A specter is haunting …

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