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One Man’s Tale of Dying – And Then Waking Up

‘Dr. Parti was literally transformed by the light’ Near-death experiences are extraordinary. The idea of leaving one’s body at the point of death, traveling to a heavenly realm and seeing beloved relatives who have passed is truly a hero’s journey. I have written a dozen books on the subject, and I am constantly in contact …

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This Must Read for Advanced Spiritual Seekers

by Frank M Wanderer In your present, individual state of consciousness we identify with the thoughts and emotions that appear in our mind, so we believe that we are a separate, illusionary person, an Ego. A lot of us are not satisfied with what we are, and we would like to have a better and more …

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Ayahuasca Tea: Do Amazonian Tribes Hold a Cure for Cancer?

By Michael Skye Could a tea made from plants that grow in the Amazon rainforest be an effective treatment or cure for cancer? Ayahuasca tea is an entheogenic or psychotropic (mind altering) beverage typically made from the Banisteriopsis cap vine, often in combination with other plants. It is a traditional spirit medicine used in healing …

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Strange island that rotates on its own axis caused by supernatural event from the past?

A helicopter pilot accidentally flying over a remote area in Southern Argentina discovered a perfect circular island surrounded by a thin channel of water with an outside diameter of 130 yards. Both, the inner and outer circles, are perfect. The center circle moves and rotates on its own axis. How long had the island been …

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Knowing is Being; Being is Knowing

by Brian Thompson Everything is momentary and impermanent. All but you—you, are infinite and eternal. Not you, the person. You, the presence. All things dance in and out of existence, all things come and go. All but you. You, consciousness, forever remain. The consciousness that is perceiving these very words is the only “thing” in …

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Truth Vibrations & The Sun – David Icke


Is the Revolution Internal or External?

Bringing together the inner and outer aspects of transformation may be the revolution of our times By Kavita Byrd These days we often hear that if we are to change our world to a loving, just and sustainable one, all we need is to change consciousness. At first glance, this seems to imply that action is not …

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Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself – Shifting From Fear to Love

Fear is running rampant on our world and it is blinding many to the inner guiding voice of their soul, and keeping us from creating a better world. We can all transcend our fears by embracing a few higher truths and increasing our awareness of a few important points. A World of Fear Our world …

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When being Spiritual becomes tiring and annoying, Giving yourself permission to feel this way

by Sonia Barrett Being spiritual is in some respects an overrated concept steeped in all sorts of conjured up rules and expectations. Instead it becomes a state of being that we try to achieve yet every act is in honor of the spiritual experience. It is how we experience being human. As part of the …

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The Cost of Sanity…


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