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Overgrow The System: Sydney Woodward

Marc Angelo and Sydney discuss what it takes to overgrow the system, to create systems that really get people out of their ordinary mindsets and connected to the systems that produce their goods and food. They explore the strengths and weaknesses of social outreach in both large and small scales, and what it would take …

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The Secret of the Vibrating Energy of Love

by Frank M Wanderer In our present state of Consciousness we identify with the forms and shapes, and thus we are separated from the Oneness. In that state, most of us have forgotten our original state of existence. Nowadays, the majority of people consider the Ego, that small, detached Self, as reality. That is the …

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When we feel beaten by life, the real bully

When we feel beaten by life, the real bully, Sonia Barrett takes a look at our response to challenges in our life. She discusses the feeling of defeat by life but at the same time learning to transform that feeling. Recognizing the choices made based on beliefs and perception. She speaks about the manner in …

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt


Find In vs Find Out


The Path Of One

by Neil Kramer The world of academia does not resonate too strongly with many who walk the path of conscious and spiritual growth. This is, perhaps, understandable when one considers that many entrenched academic concepts of institutional consensus, received wisdom and logical criteria for truth, can seem rather opposed to the trajectory of authentic conscious …

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Psychiatry as Bullshit

By Niall McLaren Is it possible for a modern medical specialty to be little more than what people in the street call bullshit? As scary as that sounds, I believe it is true of psychiatry. I’ve set out my case in some detail [1] and anybody who wants to disagree can read it. For readers …

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Life: The Ultimate Deception

by Dylan Harper I have to repeat the word ‘organism’ once again. It is the life of the universe taken as a completeness in itself, which you have to befriend as an integral part thereof, so that in a moment’s contemplation in this manner, you feel lifted up automatically to a realm of experience which …

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The Powerful Benefits of Hemp Roots: The Hidden Part of Cannabis

By Lara Starr Cannabis and Hemp (which is the more industrial version of Cannabis) have proven time and time again to be billion-dollar cash crops. The States that have legalized their use have seen an astounding increase in tax revenue created by the plant. We know it has at least 50,000 known uses, and we’ve …

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Wherever You Go, Awareness Is

by Brian Thompson Life is life, no matter what name you give it. Every manifestation of life is lived by the same life, from the same source. It’s the same consciousness arising within the same shared field of infinite awareness. It’s all one. There is only one life, and you are That (as are all …

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