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There is no cure or is there

There is no cure or is there. Sonia Barrett discusses the idea of “there is no cure” which is often heard from medical doctors. She encourages a redefining of such a conclusion, reminding us that there is always a cure; perhaps we simply arent aware of the cure. Sonia reminds us that life is an …

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What we now want is…


A Disconnected Humanity: The Age Of Pineal Suppression

by Dylan Harper We live in an age of pineal suppression. We imbibe and ingest substances that tend to calcify the rice-grain-sized pineal gland, and on a global scale we have become subservient to the various systems of government. We are continually subjected to a number of controls all designed to disempower us. As we …

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Vibrating In & Out of Different Realities

As you become more light/more energy, more multi-dimensional, you will have to “learn” (Remember) how to merge your holographic realities with your physical ones. You will have to accommodate your new energetic existence, your new LightBody with forming crystals in it, constantly shifting from tuning modes, transmitting modes, receiving modes…as your new body vibrates in …

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DMT & The Mysteries of The Pineal Gland


What in the World Are We Waking Up About?


Feeding the Psi God: Precognitive Dreaming, Memory, and Ritual

by Eric Wargo I’ve mentioned several times the debt I owe to J.W. Dunne and his 1927 book An Experiment with Time. Dunne was not a scientific researcher or a parapsychologist by training, but a military man and aeronautical engineer who became interested in questions of time and its structure after becoming aware of uncanny …

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Has Consciousness Evolved?

by Richard Smoley The idea that consciousness is evolving is one of the most important doctrines of the New Age. But is it true? Over the long term, the answer seems obvious. Even the stupidest of humans is far more intelligent and sophisticated than a trilobite. Although materialists have skirted the conclusion that evolution has …

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Virtual reality, love, fear, consciousness: Tom Campbell Interview with Andrew Marr and Chris Albert of Warrior Soul

Virtual reality, love, fear, consciousness, and mainstream beliefs are the topics covered in this comprehensive and informative interview.  

Organic Tree of Life and Artificial Tree of Life: What Are the Differences?

The Tree of Life is often believed to be a symbol of knowledge, power, enlightenment, immortality and life. It has been talked about in religion, science, philosophy and mythology for millennia. Throughout history many people tried to find the Tree of Life but their search usually came up empty handed. The reason why they couldn’t …

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