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Watch CBD Oil Transform This Former Cop With Parkinson’s

Due to the progression of his Parkinson’s, Larry the former policeman cannot speak and absolutely cannot control his limbs or facial muscles. In under 3 minutes – just seconds, really – the transformation is nothing short of miraculous… [Source:]  

9 Significant Benefits of Green Tea

Humans have been drinking green tea for almost 5,000 years (since 2,737 BC) both as a beverage and a medicine. You’ve probably heard how healthy it is to drink green tea but what you may not know is just how good green tea really is. As more research is done into the properties of green …

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Transcendence Through Intuitive Thinking

by Montalk The Binary Fallacy and the Misappropriation of Intellect The intellect is overrated and underrated because few understand its true purpose. In truth the intellect is a passive tool that evolves a given input towards an output according to certain rules and takes a premise toward its logical conclusion. But like a computer it …

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A New Map

by Kingsley L. Dennis, Guest | Waking Times  ‘It is the tragedy of our time that the average individual learns too late that the materialistic concept of life has failed utterly in every department of living.’  ~Manly P. Hall  We have entered times of incredible change, readjustment, and upheaval. There are many contrary forces pushing through our …

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Terence McKenna Describing the Nature of Synchronicity

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” – Carl Jung  

George Carlin on why “It’s important not to give a shit”… for George Carlin’s entire 3-hour interview  

Eight Life Saving Actions for 2017

by Julian Rose I’m going to take it as a prerequisite that you feel some sense of urgency about the need for change. The need to find your place in the resistance. The need to get onto the road that’s supportive of life, rather than death. If you don’t even feel this, no point in …

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Youth Fireside Chat Dec 2016 ~ Tom Campbell

Last weekend we had the first Youth Fireside Chat where Tom answered questions from a younger audience than we usually have on the regular Fireside Chats. It was a great interaction and we have already agreed to do this again. If you are a teenager, see the recording and want to be a part of …

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How Feminine is Ayahuasca?

The following article was originally published on While doing fieldwork with traditional healers in the Peruvian Amazon, I realized that their way of understanding nature was profoundly embedded within the categories of male and female. Humanity was only one possible expression of this gendered pluriverse. The forest and the cities of the forest were …

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Make 2017 Your First Year of Real Abundance

by Phillip J. Watt, Contributor | Waking Times When we live in a scarcity-based system it’s easy to believe that having abundance is near impossible, but that’s just because we’ve probably got the wrong idea of what true abundance actually is. The ideologies that dominate our societal landscape – particularly operationally – have skewed our collective view …

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