2017: ‘See Me Change’

change-990x556by Soren Dreier

The Winter Solstice sparked some very different vibes than usual.
New experiences for the soul, the character and the ego often come in stealth. This was almost a collected force of ‘new’ that hit the weary pilgrims in Morph City. Weary of the year of 2016, mostly being based on both mundane confusion and celestial confusion. It would be a fair statement to say the impact is like this:

It´s time to step out of doubt, time to step out of confusion and take a stand for your – Self and follow the voice within that will lead you out of any Status Quo. There often is a lot of Status Quo in our lives that we hold on to because by doing that, we hold on to our comfort zones. People struggle with different things; the classics are:

Clinging on to a romantic relationship – even after the embers in that former place of fire have gone out and only smoke is left.
Clinging to the place you live – even though it doesn’t suit you anymore. (On the same day well before Solstice I had four different friends I have known for years write me that they got evicted.)
Clinging on to a work that holds no value for you anymore, other than the paycheck. Which is reason enough in itself in this decade of manufactured poverty and lack of jobs. These three are pretty mundane.

So are these and that is the Shift that occurred:

Am I walking in spiritual worn out shoes?
Am I following blindly what somebody said years ago or do I need to challenge that and find my own way in this ‘mess’?

During the Solstice, I advised a client to take a specific compound. She answered: My Guru, who is dead, never pointed to that compound in general, so I can’t do that. I answered: Maybe your Guru didn’t point to water sports – does that mean that you can’t take a swim?
Obviously she´s not talking to me anymore.

Which boundaries have I set for myself, and are they holding me down, and did I examine them before I took them as mine, and really investigate that if they are good for somebody else they might not be that good for me?
Am I (still)  floating around in a soup of doubt, if so, is it time to get ashore?

Not any of these sensations will outlive 2017, if we do not do something about them. Land Ho!

2017 will be a year well suited for changing the things we deep down know that we need to change, and to be gone with mundane or spiritual bypasses and ‘over jump’ reactions, confusing them with ‘spiritual self-defense’.

It´s time to be challenged in every which way thinkable.




How Do We Know That Energy & Healing Are Real? This is How

shutterstock_174150992-672x372by Chemory Gunko

What is energy, what is an aura, and do you have a field of energy around and within your body?

We feel that it exists, that it’s there, but what is the proof that tells us unequivocally that we are right – and not just imagining it?

Luckily, over the years, a number of key scientific experiments have been conducted to answer the question of “Does [bio]energy exist?”.


shutterstockKinesiology is a muscle testing processthat was discovered around the late 60s/early70s.

Today it forms the basis for healing modalities like Sports Science Medicine, Resonance Repatterning and BodyTalk, among others.

Basically kinesiology enables you test whether or not someone energetically resonates with an object or statement.

The word resonates or resonance in energy, basically means that your body and system (mind, thoughts, feeling, soul, energy) are aligned or agree with that item, person or statement.

So, a simple example would be identifying a tissue salt that someone needs. They could hold various salts while pressure is applied to a muscle in their body – usually the arm.

If resistance is encountered when the pressure is applied, then the tissue salt is indicated. If no muscle resistance is encountered, then the person’s system does not need that particular salt.

The Human Consciousness Scale & The Holographic or Morphic Field

Kinesiology on its own has so many applications in terms of healing and release work, but the really exciting discovery that kinesiology lead to was the Holographic or Morphic Field, and then the Human Consciousness Scale.

After the discovery of kinesiology, Sir David Hawkins set out on a very long two-decade research project into the field. As part of this project, Sir David began testing people with a consistent set of statements to see if the results were consistent across people all over the world. They were.

This led to the realization that there is a field of knowledge and information that we’re all connected to, called the Holographic or Morphic Field, and every one of us is able to plug into that field and extract the same knowledge consistently.

It’s like the Morphic Field is the Internet of all things, and our minds and bodies are search engines or devices that can plug into that field and extract whatever knowledge we need.


This then further evolved into an understanding that there is an evolutionary model and path for human consciousness development, and this was called the Human Consciousness Scale.




What Is Orgone Energy?

blue-cosmic-energyBy Charles R. Kelley, contributor for Orgone.org Via BibliotecaPleyades.net

Charles R. “Chuck” Kelley, was the co-founder with his wife, Erica, of the Radix Institute and later, Kelley/Radix Education in Feeling and Purpose. He passed-away April 30, 2005. With his passing, the “Reichian Movement” lost one of its finest. Reprinted from The Creative Process Vol. II Nos. 2&3 September 1962 by Charles R. Kelley – 1962

Introduction to “What is Orgone Energy?”

The Creative Process was the only journal in America in 1960-1965 devoted to developing Reich’s work.

The article WHAT IS ORGONE ENERGY? appeared in Volume 2. The article has been quoted, misquoted and plagiarized by other Reichian publications in the 37 years since it first appeared. Here it is reprinted as it appeared, with the exception that two figures from the original article depicting cloud destruction experiments with Reich’s apparatus could no longer be used.

The original plates and photographs deteriorated too much. A new Figure 2 from the same operation has been substituted.

Charles R. Kelley
Vancouver, Washington State
July 1999

What Is Orgone Energy?

From a public lecture by the author on May 9, 1962, at the Hewitt Auditorium, Cooper Union, New York City. The lecture was the first of a series of six lectures entitled An Introduction to Orgonomy, which were sponsored by the Interscience Research Institute.
  • Franz Anton Mesmer called it animal magnetism
  • Charles von Reichenbach called it odyle
  • To Henri Bergson it was the elan vital, the “vital force”
  • While to Hans Driesch it was the entelechy
  • Sigmund Freud observed its functioning in human emotions and termed it libido
  • William MacDougall, the great British – American psychologist of a generation ago, labeled it hormic energy

Dozens, if not hundreds, of lesser – known scientists have recognized its presence and have given it a name to characterize its special properties.

Among the 20th-century proponents of the concept are, for example, Doctors Charles Littlefield and his vital magnetism and George Starr White and his cosmo-electric energy. Mechanistic science in the 17th through 19th centuries embraced many of its essential qualities in the concept of the ether, while mystical human beings have embraced other essential qualities of it in the concept of god.

Orgone energy is Wilhelm Reich’s name for the substratum from which all nature is created. The best definition this author can provide for it is this: Orgone energy is the creative force in nature. This article will discuss briefly the history of the discovery of orgone energy by Reich and will describe its properties.

It will then summarize the evidence for and against the concept and, finally, will undertake to explain why it is that the concept meets such great resistance.

Reich’s Discovery of Orgone Energy

Orgone energy was originally discovered by Wilhelm Reich in his psychiatric work. As a psychoanalyst and student of Freud, Reich’s point of departure was, quite naturally, Freud’s concept of “libido.”

“Libido” is life energy, desire, the source of human striving. Reich developed the libido concept, concentrating on its physical expression and simultaneous psychological content, until he was able to show the relation of bodily attitude and emotion. This he described in CHARACTER ANALYSIS, a book which went further than any work in history in solving the mystery of the relation’ of mind and body. In this great book Reich also described the mass pathology of the animal man. This pathology consists of a chronic rigidity of the musculature which blocks the movement of energy underlying emotion and hence blocks the emotion, thus providing the psychic or emotional underpinning of mankind’s universal sickness.

Reich’s initial work on orgone energy was done, then, in depth psychology. From this it spread, quite naturally, into sociology and political science, for Reich saw quite clearly that the sickness of man was socially or culturally transmitted. His books, THE MASS PSYCHOLOGY OF FASCISM, THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION and PEOPLE IN TROUBLE deal with this enlargement of his depth psychological discoveries to the social and political scene.




Missing Links with Gregg Braden | Episode 01

The biggest questions concerning who we are, where we come from and where we are going have captivated scientists and mystics for centuries. Gregg Braden connects the missing links between science and spirituality to complete our understanding of humanity’s history, the origins of civilization and our interconnectedness with all things.
Explore the deep truths of our origin, history, destiny and fate, with Missing Links.



Affix No Labels or Names

download (1)by Brian Thompson

Practice the art of not naming things.

Practice moving throughout each moment of every day through pure awareness alone, empty of any preconceived classifications. No longer pride yourself on the distinctions which you believe separate this from that, me from you, us from them, should from should not, and right from wrong.

The labels you hold within mind only distract you from both their truth and yours. They keep you focused on their mental image, rather than their truth.

Once you have dissolved the walls of mental conceptualization, only one truth remains, which all things share, and that is the presence of consciousness in which all things seem to exist—your Self.

This practice of affixing no labels or names helps break the illusory bond between you and the story you tell yourself about yourself, about others, about the world, and about all of the sensations you perceive.

No longer name your feelings. Feel whatever feelings arise, but don’t attach a label to them such as anger, sadness, depression, or anxiety. Notice the feeling fully, without adding any unnecessary mental descriptions or dialogue, just feel with pure loving awareness. Embrace whatever seems to be happening within you, feeling the energy which appears to be coursing through you. Observe without judgement.

Realize that whatever feelings arise, you remain as nothing but their empty, witnessing presence—free.

No longer allow the mind to project its subjective limitations onto the world. Quit living in the ego’s dream.




Song of the New Earth by Tom Kenyon and the Power of Sound

songFollows one man’s quest to integrate modern science and ancient mysticism through sound. It features the extraordinary life and work of country singer turned brain scientist and shaman of sound, Tom Kenyon, as he journeys from his homeland of Orcas island to the stage on Broadway, giant caves in the south of France, the golden-chandeliered symphony halls of Vienna and finally to the snowy peaks of Tibet.