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The Origin, Purpose, and Destiny of the Earth Game

by Jeff Street Understanding the origin, purpose, and true nature of the earthly reality that you are experiencing can be instrumental to transcending your current level of consciousness and moving up to the next level of the game. For some, especially the unawakened, this information might be a bit overwhelming or hard to believe but …

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A Neurosurgeon’s Journey to Worlds Beyond: An Interview with Dr. Eben Alexander

By Richard Smoley Today the intellectual world is facing an insurrection. It has nothing to do with politics or economics. It is about worldviews. Contemporary intellectual thought is hidebound by a materialistic view of the universe that automatically shuts out anything of the “spiritual,” or, God forbid, “mystical.” More and more evidence is coming to …

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Astral Travel – What Is It and How To Do It Effectively

The ability to astral travel is a lot more common and easier to do than people may realize. We all leave our bodies during the night when we sleep. Just enough of our soul essence is left behind to keep the soul connected to the physical body to keep it alive and functioning. Often we …

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Any Dream You Want ~ Alan Watts (with rare footage)

A very concise way of looking at where we are in our life. If you dare to be fully honest about it.  

Ancient Secrets: The Truth About Energy Healing

Energy is all around us – right? Actually, we ARE energy, and when we need to heal our physical bodies, we do so by applying the right energy healing techniques to raise our vibration to correspond with the energy of well-being. Okay, admittedly that’s a bit “out there” given the teachings of modern medicine that …

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Ascending The Densities of Consciousness

As always, my articles are simply my perspective that I offer in the spirit of discovery and empowerment … take what resonates and leave the rest. — Jeff Each thread of consciousness (our souls, over-souls, and beyond), within the One multiversal consciousness, exists in one of eight states of consciousness.  Each of these states has …

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Making the Transition from Fear to Courage

Many souls around the world today are still living much of their daily lives within the consciousness state of fear. By existing within this state of mind they are putting up an impenetrable boundary between themselves and their own self-actualization. It’s sad thing to see but it’s a reality that can been seen all around …

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Open the Doors of Perception: From Hallucinations to Simulations with Anthony Peake

EBTV with host Evita Ochel (http://www.evitaochel.com) and returning guest Anthony Peake (https://www.anthonypeake.com/) who presents information from his newly released book: “Opening the Doors of Perception: The Key to Cosmic Awareness”, which is available on Amazon (http://amzn.to/2dlDhM9) in Kindle and paperback. Topics covered in the video include: 1. A summary and overview of “Opening the Doors …

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Join Us For The Ring Of Fire Distant Healing Event On Sunday, 26 February 2017!

Ring of Fire group distant healing event New Moon – Annular Solar Eclipse Sunday, 26 February 2017 -All are welcome to participate in this event – By Edna Spennato The Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project will be hosting a group distant healing event for participants around the world on the New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse …

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What it means to give your power away

What it means to give your power away and what it means to take it back. You are the power generator of everything in your life! Sonia Barrett invites you to an upcoming webinar titled What it means to give your power away and what it means to take it back. We give our power …

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