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Change Yourself Before Changing The World

Why changing yourself is the first step to changing the world.  

Nobody is smarter than you are ~ Terence McKenna

“Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16, 1946 — April 3, 2000) was a modern philosopher, whose main interest was psychedelics and their role in society and existence beyond the physical body” -Wikipedia  

Realizing One’s Sense of Being

by Brian Thompson Life doesn’t happen to you, for you are the very living-ness that is this “thing” we call life. You are not separate from life; you do not somehow stand apart from it, watching it impact you, for you are intrinsically one with it, in all of its many forms. All of life …

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Lifting the Veil of Separation to Find a Transpersonal Reality

Humanity is now in a period where it faces several serious threats to its survival and conscious evolution. The disconnect that is experienced by many because of the stranglehold that the concept of money has on them is one of the primary drivers of this disconnect to the interconnected aspect of human consciousness. There is …

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The Whole Truth ~ Sevan Bomar

Astral Quest With Sevan Bomar recorded on June 29, 2014 Every now and then something comes along that changes everything… It’s all too often we wish to pursue the higher meaning to life, however, the structure of modern society allots very few opportunities to engage in true, vivid esoteria. James Evans Bomar III (more popularly …

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We Become ‘Powerful Beyond Measure’ By Using Our Heart, Not Our Brain

“DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK.” Now, that advice may sound over-simplified and silly, but there is some serious truth behind those words. After watching what I would consider to be one of the most powerful TED talks out there, I learned that maybe it’s not our brain we should be relying on for accurate …

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The Tiny Seed Of Truth

The tiny seed of Truth is found in every human being. Similarly to the seed of a tree, the tiny seed contains great potentials. If the spiritual Seeker protects and nourishes that tiny seed, it will grow into the mighty tree of Truth. But it can only protect and nourish it, if it’s aware of …

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Ego Death: The Obliteration Of The Self And The Experience Of Enlightenment

by Aletheia Luna Waking up is an endless losing what you think you know, like a wave of destruction that leaves nothing, but what is true. —Unmani Death is a word that we humans usually associate with darkness, mourning, decay and general creepiness. We spend our entire lives running away from, avoiding and denying the …

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Compelling Evidence (and Maybe Even Proof) of Reincarnation

By Makia Freeman | Contributing writer for Wake Up World Reincarnation is frequently rejected as impossible by those who worship at the altar of rational materialism and mainstream science. Yet, for those with an open mind who realize that logic and reason cannot possibly grasp and account for all the phenomena existing in the Universe, it is amusing …

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John Major Jenkins: Reflecting on a Life of Discoveries and Tribulations

by Jonathan Zap Under somewhat ominous circumstances on Sunday, February 12th of 2017, I drove from where I live in Boulder to the home of my old friend and colleague, John Major Jenkins, who lives in Windsor, Colorado. It was a beautiful day with Colorado’s gloriou high-altitude lighting and unseasonably warm temperatures. The metaphorical weather, however, …

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