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Valerian for Sleep ~ Herbal Remedy for Insomnia

Valerian herbal supplements are widely used to combat sleeplessness, anxiety and stress. This all-natural remedy is derived from the valerian plant root and comes in many forms. How does it fight insomnia? Is it safe and effective to use? Natural remedies containing valerian plant have been used for centuries—record of valerian’s pharmacologic uses goes back …

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When Does Our Consciousness Transform From Being Purely Intuitive To Linear Thought?

Rather than looking at consciousness as belonging to a child or an adult, let us look at the idea of consciousness being both an energy and at the same time a state of being. There are two states: one state is becoming, when we use the potential, the activity and the power to change what …

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Too Much Stuff


How To Stop Thinking (How to Stop Thought) – Teal Swan

How do I stop thinking or stop thought all together? Are you over thinking about negative things or about someone too much? Stopping thought relates to quieting the mind and focusing on a specific subject. When we are thinking, we are not present with all of ourselves. We are not present with our bodies. We …

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In Higher Dimensions We Could See Past, Present And Future Events Simultaneously

by Cynthia McKanzie | Did you know that if we could access higher dimensions we could see all past, present and future events appear before our eyes simultaneously? We could see the construction of the  pyramids at Giza, the end of World War II and an important event of the future we still know …

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You Can Stop Playing This Game Anytime You Like

They are not in control of anything. That is an illusion of this game that you’re playing. The game tells you that there are these others who are out there somewhere in powerful positions, and they are calling the shots. The reason that we say you can chalk that up as an illusion is because …

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Do We Have Free Will?

by Larry G. Maguire Do We Have Free Will? This morning I hopped off the bus at Ormond Quay, a couple of stops ahead of my usual Bachelor’s Walk stop. The sun was shining and it was mild, a very beautiful morning really, so I didn’t mind walking. Besides, the traffic was mental so I …

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The ATTRACTING POWER of Expectation (Creation Starts In The MIND!)

Expectation has a great attracting power. When the mental attitude corresponds with efforts it creates a magical power formula for success. Without expectation, it is difficult to attract and create what is wanted. Expectation is powerful; it carries the vibration of absoluteness. With expectation there is determination to achieve the thing wanted, and this forms …

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The Ancient Eastern Science of the Nervous System

The following is excerpted from Fasting the Mind: Spiritual Exercises for Psychic Detox by Jason Gregory, published by Inner Traditions. The spiritual path of Buddhism came into existence as a result of this yearning to completely slow down our nervous system so we can experience real freedom. In Sanskrit such freedom is called nirvana, meaning …

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Spiritual Awakening on a Holiday

by Frank M. Wanderer Being on a holiday is a great time for most people. The permanent obligation to meet expectations ceases for a while, we are relieved, and we fell that a vacant place is created around us. We do with our time what we want, there is nor reason to hurry. We can …

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