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How to F.A.R.M. The Hive Mind – Free Associative Research Methods

The internet has rewired our brain for nonlinear exploration. Imagine if high schools and universities offered the option for self directed free associative research, group study, and private mentors. How many bored students would rise from their sleepy indifference and begin pursuing the topics that actually interested them? We can explore the world and the …

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This is the Reason Why People Can’t See Truth

From an early age, I have always wondered why people seem to be wrong about everything. As a kid growing up in the 2000’s decade, I constantly noticed that people generally did not have an accurate sense of probability, especially pertaining to fear. Adults who were fed propaganda about terrorism have improbable fears about being …

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The Power Of Energy In Motion

Energy in motion is important to processing life experiences. Have you ever been struggling inside, and someone says, “Oh, just snap out of it! Stop thinking all that negative stuff and be positive!” Sounds like a great idea, right? But for many of us it is not that easy. Thoughts and feelings are an integral …

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Abnormally Normal: The Individuals Rebellion of Involution

by Mateo Sol My earliest school memory is of a teacher reprimanding me: “Why can’t you be more normal like Simon who is so obedient…?” she asked.  “I’m not a dog!” I thought, “What demonstrates more intelligence: the student who is doubtful and opinionated or the one who accepts and abides?”  Obedience is a quality that …

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How To Create Miracles In Your Life (Law Of Attraction) ~ Stuart Wilde

Stuart Wilde speaks about creating miracles in your life.  

Our Mind: Powerful Force That Influences Our Body, Life And Behavior

MessageToEagle.com The idea that the mind and the body are united is not born in modern times. Already in ancient times attention was paid to the existence of the relationship between the body and the mind. However, for the first time now, we begin to understand this important relationship and science is able to confirm …

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Distilling the Truth of Oneness

by Stevie P Nothing is truly separate. Nothing exists in isolation. All things, events and people are intimately interconnected. In essence, all is one and one is all. Oneness IS. This concept of oneness is thrown around a lot, especially in “spiritual” communities. It sounds a bit idealistic, right? One of those “woo-woo” theories with no …

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Do You Keep Secrets?

““If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”” ~ Nikola Tesla  

Electric Fields in Nature and the Lab ~ Garrett Hill

The EU2017 Conference: Future Science — Aug 17 – 20, Phoenix: https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2017… At the forthcoming The Thunderbolts Project Conference, EU2017 – Future Science in Phoenix, Arizona, experts in a variety of disciplines will present groundbreaking evidence for the role of electricity in nature. In the Electric Universe community, many contributors have come from a background …

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No Expectations, No Disappointments: How to Live From a Place of Infinite Possibility

by Christine Hassler When you have no expectations, you have no disappointments and you open yourself to the realm of infinite possibility, where happiness and abundance simply fall into your lap. photo: martin sattler We are all consumers of expectations. They are easy to come by—from parents, family, friends, the media—and many are self-created. Maybe …

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