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The Transmutation Alchemy of Fear and Wrath

by Frank M. Wanderer Some of our fears are caused by future events that we are afraid of now, in the present time. When our thoughts are not engaged by this fear of the future, we often turn towards offences and pains we have suffered in the past. Memories such as ”I was humiliated,” ”deserted,” …

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The Infinite

“For man to be able to live he must either not see the infinite, or… connect the finite with the infinite.” – Leo Tolstoy  

The Last Death-Defying Psychotropic Honey Hunter of Nepal

Author: Nat Geo One man from the Kulung culture harvests psychotropic honey that is guarded by capricious spirits and the world’s largest honeybees. Mauli Dhan climbs a hundred feet up a bamboo rope ladder to his prize: a hive filled with neurotoxic honey. Smoke from smoldering grass disorients the bees, possibly reducing the number of …

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The Placement Of Our Energy…

by Visionkeeper The beginning of the end is now here it seems, thankfully. The dark ones are fighting back against the light with everything they have in their bag of evil weapons. Everyday we wake up to some new tragedy somewhere, innocent people dying followed up with pervasive lies and political correctness that is slowly …

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Your Beliefs Shape Your Reality

This Law of Attraction Pearl of Wisdom explores the critical role that your beliefs play in steering your manifestations.  Anything that effects your thinking effects your life.  And nothing else effects your thinking more than your beliefs.  The problem is that they are largely unconscious and often sabotaging your success.  Here’s how to master your …

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What Is Spirit? Are Psychedelics Spiritual? – Spoken by Terence McKenna


Unraveling Consciousness & Reality (Athene) – Full Documentary


Deception on the Spiritual Path

by Open It’s so easy to create illusionary realities on the path. Subtle essences of ego know how the soul is likely to act in particular circumstances. We’ve ‘seen’ what ‘Enlightenment’ looks like and a part of the soul might want to copy that. It’s kind of like an echo of the real thing. These …

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The Connection Between All of Us ~ Alan Watts


The Difference Between True Intuition and Regular Thoughts, Gut Feelings

Intuition, the “sixth sense” that we all have within us naturally, is something distinctly different from a regular thought process in the mind. Some call it a gut feeling, because they can literally feel it in their gut. Others describe it as a heart feeling, or in other ways often related to physical sensations. For …

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