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Reality enchanted

by Josh Raymond A little while ago I went to Colchester, to a quiet suburban street on a hill. Semi-detached houses lined one side, and on the other a grassy field rose to a high horizon.  My friends Anita and Lucas climbed down from their camper van.  There were a few more vehicles parked than …

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You Are Enough

Your cup doesn’t need to be clean; it just needs to be empty. Eventually, even the cup will be broken to pieces. These were the words I found myself speaking recently to someone who was suffering from an attack of self-criticism and doubt.  How full we keep our cups with beliefs, with judgments, and with …

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The Mechanics of Reality Creation

One of the most epic things about awakening to the wider reality and your wider/higher self is that you come to know that you are a creator and that you are creating every aspect of your personal reality. By embracing your creatorship and understanding the laws of creation, you open the door to freedom and …

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Stunningly Complex New Crop Circle Appears In Cley Hill, Warminster July 18, 2017

A stunning new crop circle has appeared in Cley Hill just over a week ago. The formation is in excess of 300 feet (92m) in overall diameter and appeared in a barley field. The complex formation of scalloped edges with two arcs containing semi circles at either side of the each scalloped apex is truly …

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Man, The Fully Automatic Model – Alan Watts

Alan Watts Explains here how man is just a robot acting in this society ,  

Consciousness and The Brain in a Fractal-Holographic Universe

The mystery of consciousness poses perhaps one of the greatest problems in the history of science. How does one quantify the inner life of a sentient being? How does physical processes in the brain translate to the immaterial richness of subjective experience? Contemporary theories in the cognitive sciences approach consciousness and brain function purely from a neurocomputational paradigm in which the brain is compared to a computer, the …

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True Healing: How It’s Possible For Everyone

by Richard West It’s quite a bold statement, ‘Healing is possible for everyone!’ Many may be sceptical, but bare with me and I’ll show you how this is true. I think we can agree that all of us want to be healed in some way. There may be moments in our lives that are wracked …

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It’s All About Perspective

by Dennis Klinger, | Guest writer, In5D.com I’m sitting here thinking and considering what it is I can truly know about this existence or the awareness I sense inside this body I can feel. There is this ‘me’ that is distinctly different and separate from what, and who, is around me. This self awareness does …

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EA = Egoholic Anonymous, but done without the need to be anonymous about it  

Consciousnes, Energy, Healing ~ Tom Campbell

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on Consciousness, Energy and Healing tools. (Apologies as the video is slightly out of sync due to an update required, should be fixed next month, Skype issues Grrr!) This conversation began 2 months ago when we discussed clothes and energy from wearing someone …

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