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Becoming what you are

If you stroll through a large art museum, you will notice that Van Gogh does not paint the same world as Rembrandt, Picasso does not see things the way Goya did, Georgia O’Keefe doesn’t much resemble Rivera, Salvador Dali looks like nobody but himself, and, in general, no world-class artist became a “classic” by doing …

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The Secret Power Music Holds Over You


FDA Designates MDMA a Breakthrough Therapy for PTSD

by Heather Callaghan Is the FDA paving the way to get ecstasy at the doctor’s office? No, this is not satire. Last week, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) gave a press release stating that the FDA actually granted “Breakthrough Therapy Designation” to MDMA for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But this is news that many young adult …

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Tree of Life: Spirit Science 35

Spirit Science 35_1 ~ The Qabalah (Tree of Life Pt. 1) In this Spirit Science episode, we dive into the deep and mysterious world of the Qabalah, also known as the Tree of Life. This ancient system is a cosmic glyph, said to describe everything in creation with tremendous detail, how the universe comes into …

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YOU ARE BORN TWICE. simulation reality. how can so many people keep this a secret for so long!?

Proof you can verify yourself that many people on this planet know the truth and keep it a secret. this video will prove our reality is not what we think it is. This is an accumulation of most of my work put into one video. we are in fact in a simulation reality  

We are buried beneath the weight of information…


Consciousness is the Key to World Change

By Paul A. Philips | Guest writer for Wake Up World Those craftily manipulating and controlling our society are caring less and less about whether or not we buy into their carefully cultivated 5-sense, 3 dimensional false reality, played out in the world theatre of illusion. They are caring less and less about the fact that in …

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Gregg S: A Near Death Experince

Transcript followed by Q&A:  

Creativity And The Cannabis Theory [11/07/2015] ~ Sevan Bomar


Snake Oil Supplements? Snake Oil Chart Highlights the Worth (or Lack Thereof) of Supplements

We’ve all got that friend or family member that swears by a supplement promising to stave off colds, cure headaches, or fix some other malady, but often they’re little more than snake oil. This Snake Oil chart matches supplements to scientific support. The chart is a pretty simple idea: Items toward the top of the …

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