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Spiritual Fascism

Be aware. Come alive. Be prepared for the level shift. Be the explosion you want to hear. Jon Rappoport.  

Jim Carrey on Meditation

Jim talks about the benefits of meditation. “It’s a very strange concept to most people. To trust that they can close their eyes for a couple of moments during the day and let go of the show that’s going on in their heads.”  

Coming Home To Who You Really Are

When who we are and what we do are not in alignment, we suffer and cause the suffering of others. A more beautiful and sustainable world awaits us once we align our actions with what does not cause suffering.  

Spirit Science 35_3 ~ Mysteries of Qabalah (Tree of Life Pt. 3)

Hey there, and welcome back to our continuing discussion on Qabalah and the Tree of Life! In today’s episode, Patchman opens up the conversation of these topics by exploring the true nature of Qabalah at its core, and looking at some of the various lenses through which Qabalah (Kabbalah, and Cabala) are viewed in the …

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Seven Next-Level Mind Hacks That Can Change Everything

by Gary Z McGee “Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer You don’t have to be a genius to be creative, but you do have to be creative to be a genius. Similarly, you don’t have to be awesome to not …

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Harvard-Trained Brain Scientist Had A Stroke & Figured Out The Mystery Of Life

by Joe Martino What if your left brain suddenly shut off and only the right side of your brain were active and working? This is something that can happen when you have a stroke, and exactly what neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor experienced in 1996 — and she was conscious of it happening. Taylor’s story is not …

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Wake-Up from the Spiritual Amnesia

by Frank M Wanderer Who or what am I? I’m just the sum of my personal life story, memories, experiences, thoughts and sufferings? Or is therein me a hidden dimension of a mysterious Consciousness, which is superimposed by the noise of my personal life stories? Who is the one who experiences the world through my …

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Overcoming Suffering and Ignorance to Remedy the Manipulation of Consciousness

The sound is not the best, that will improve. I explain a little about the current situation and then go into a riding chat about the manipulation of consciousness through suffering and ignorance and how to remedy the situation with focus and acknowledgement to restore the power to the true self through knowledge and productive …

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Packaging The Metaphysical

Join Jason Silva as he freestyles complex systems of society, technology, and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of science in a form of existential jazz.  

The Connected Universe – Nassim Haramein

An eye opener journey through the theory of Hassim Haramein and how everything in the universe is connected to us and viceversa. New sources of free energy for human kind, space travel, gravitational fields. An unfolding future is upon us. How are we going to deal with it? Narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart  

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