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Dropping The Roles You Play

The Roles You Play – A list of the most common roles people play in life and how to drop them. Worksheet Download: https://www.actualized.org/downloads/…  

“The majority of us are having these experiences, which makes them normal” ~ Phillip J. Watt interviews Gordon White

In this interview, Gordon White and Phillip J. Watt discuss what magic is, its historic and modern context, the scientific evidence for magical phenomena and how we are subject to cyclic forces on a collective scale, as well as how to decentralise our lives in response to the increasing centralisation of our social system.  

Tom Campbell: MBT From Head to TOE Vancouver 2017

Tom launched quickly into another round of wonderful questions from a diverse group of participants and advanced consciousness explorers.  

What is ascension – Sonia Barrett excerpt from Conscious Life Expo Panel 2011

What is ascension, Sonia Barrett excerpt from Conscious Life Expo in 201. Sonia was part of a panel. In this clip she presents her perspective on the idea of ascension as a natural progression in awareness, an evolution. Sonia Barrett reminds of of the importance of allowing others to take their own journey instead of …

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How Anxiety can Lead you to Freedom

By Matt Licata Being kind to your Anxiety can open doors to the World of the Sacred As a sensitive human being, it is natural to experience waves of anxiety from time to time. This word ‘anxiety’ has come to be associated with something deeply problematic, unworkable, invalid, and certainly ‘unspiritual.’ It can be helpful, …

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One Thing At a Time

by Donna Quesada In this excerpt from her new book The Buddha in the Classroom: Zen Wisdom to Inspire Teachers, professor, Zen teacher, yoga instructor Donna Quesada addresses our all-too-common need to get it done, whatever it is, right now. And she offers a perspective that can remedy that need: that there is “no beginning …

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5 Ways to STOP Wearing Your Wishbone Where Your Backbone Should Be

by Gary Z McGee “We are anxiety-ridden animals. Our minds are continually active, fabricating an anxious, usually self-preoccupied, often falsifying veil which partially conceals our world.” ~Iris Murdoch 1.) Unfuck the world by unfucking yourself: “Hidden deep within our subconscious mind is a rubbish-heap as well as a treasure-house.” ~W. H. Myers Bypass the rubbish-heap …

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Can Meditation Lead to Lasting Change?

A new book reveals how long-term meditation can lead to profound improvements in our mind, brain, and body. By Jill Suttie Mindfulness meditation is everywhere these days. From the classroom to the board room, people are jumping on the mindfulness bandwagon, hoping to discover for themselves some of its promised benefits, like better focus, more harmonious relationships, …

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How Can We Accept Ourselves ~ Ram Dass


Overcoming Fear… by Embracing Nothingness

By Richard West | Guest writer for Wake Up World “We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.” — Rumi Dying — whether a final death or an everyday challenge to our sense of self, it confronts our identity causing us to be afraid. Essentially our fear of death is a fear of losing that which …

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