Spiritual Awakening Stages – Path of Spirituality

Spiritual-Awakening-Stages-Path-of-SpiritualitySpirituality is a natural function, a state of reconnection with the Self, with our Essence. In order to find it and develop it, we must take a fresh look on who we are, our lives, and focus on the Essence.

by insightstate

To achieve our goal, we must pay attention to our sensations, emotions and thoughts. Specifically: to encourage the positive ones (those that lift us) and to change the negative ones (those that gets us down). In other words, to learn to control them.

If not controlled, the Ego is trying to seize power and cut our connection with the Self, to divide us. Spiritual development means to choose to pay attention to the Essence. A re-education process is possible only if we use our qualities and take attitude.

This includes 6 spiritual awakening stages:

#1 Authenticity and integrity

By paying attention to our own sensations and feelings, we get the big picture objectively. A candid look, devoid of complacency, lies at the foundation of the inner edifice that we project.

Being honest with oneself implies sincerity, humility and simplicity. An honest look within must be reflected in the way we express ourselves, act and behave. Thus, the basic qualities come to light: authenticity and integrity.

#2 Determination and patience

The display of authenticity encounters fundamental fears (fear of loss, unknown, etc.), which are manifested in different forms – resistance, anxiety, denial. All tempt us to question and revise our beliefs.

We feel that we are alone, isolated from the world, without protection… a very uncomfortable sensation!



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