Awakened, Frustrated – Now What?

Image1Upon our awakening, we often discover the matrix. We realize that our lives are being manipulated by fear and our energy is being sucked for use by others. We understand that fear is what drives separation and division. We understand that fear drives all the loss of our freedoms to be natural beings free to do as we please without hurting another soul. We understand that so much of this world we live in is a manipulation to get us to act a certain way which is over consumption of what is now less than desirable upon our awakening. We begin to see the big picture and it often is the hardest part of waking up.

Accepting that we are all connected and are really one is a concept that brings warmth and love resonating through our bodies and spirit. Knowing that we have been manipulated and our energy is not being spent on ourselves or others in a manner that helps to promote that interconnection are hard facts to swallow. Many of us may have guilt over the things we have done in our past. We may have resentment for the decisions that we have made. We become frustrated with our current situation which seems to have us in deep with the matrix.

So, we experience this amazing awakening and find beauty in so much, but then we see the dark truth of reality. What are we to do at this point? It is time to take a deep breath. This is when we need to take responsibility of where we are and how we got there. They were our decisions. We may have been born into some terrible situations, but we still have choices to make. We have to start by forgiving.



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