Mind Trick #1: Perceivable Reality Is A State Of Consciousness

Mind-reality-1-790x381@2xThe number one trick of your mind: Perceivable reality is simply a state of consciousness. It is the field of thought or thought field in which we become entranced. Each moment of reality is being reflected from the field of energy radiating from thought.

Ultimately, we exist in our minds. MIND can be defined as the space in which the thinking process occurs. It is the space in which thought is born within the private mind space of the individual.

We exist in an individual mind space while sharing an overall collective space of mind. It is the collective space of mind that holds this holographic/ virtual reality in its present existence.

All that we taste, smell, see, hear and touch is holographic. It is the solidity of thought, the finality of thought that maintains the holographic projections.

It is the conclusiveness of thought that solidifies believability as the thought is then held in the space of indefinite contemplation/ focus.

The texture of all preceding thoughts is determined by the architecture and the composition of energy of the original thought. Each thought however, begins its own divine expansion.

There are three levels of mind:

  1. The mind of the physical body
  2. The mind of the Christ-al body
  3. Central/ Primordial mind.

The mind of the physical body is that which holds us bound to the emotional realm, third density.

The Christ-al mind is the divine offspring/ messenger of Primordial mind.

The Primordial or Central Mind is ULTIMATE THOUGHT/ THE SPOKEN WORD, from which all life springs forth. We exist in the Primordial Mind as simply dream, manifested probabilities of itself.

Central Mind has been dreaming the dream of separateness through the illusions of the multiplicity of minds. In other words we are PRIMORDIAL MIND. When we stand in the central mind space, there is no time, space or distance.



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