Jul 15

Making a Transformation Changing From the False Ego to True Self!

By Paul A Philips

Ego-1It could be said that you have a head, an arm and a leg… and just as much a part of you is your ego. Does your ego run you or do you run it? Which do you choose? A life based on the false ego or do you gravitate towards accepting who you really are your spiritual true self?

To help with the choice here’s a list showing the differences between the false ego and the true self.

The false ego

Ego-2Self help, transformation, consciousness shift, spirituality, spiritual awakening, false ego, true selfWhile your ego helps control raw instincts so that you don’t act inappropriately in certain circumstances it’s not who you really are: Your false ego is how you want to be seen by yourself and others, in other words it’s your ideal self-image and because of this it can cause problems.

The false ego mask personifies a fake identity capable of playing out the idealized self to such an extent that it may cause fear, anxiety, embarrassment, pain, trauma or even death when this fake identity is either threatened, out of control or lost.

Thus, the false ego can never be at home with accepting its own self or others, or be free of insecurities, victimhood situations and having to forever seek approval while experiencing feelings of not being good enough, or is never satisfied…

The true self

Ego-4“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” – C.G. Jung

Moving away from the clutches of the false ego to the true self means a shift in consciousness, choosing the spiritual pathway instead…

Operating on a deeper more profound level, unlike the false ego, the true self chooses the higher values related to unconditional love, compassion, creativity, truth, honesty and integrity…



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