Grounding: The Gift Of Being In Your Body

The-Gift-of-Being-790x381by Dylan Harper

Without grounding, the energetic healings, spiritual insights, and positive shifts we experience will fade away because they are not permanently imprinted into our cellular memory and anchored into the Earth.

“Be here now.” We see this phrase everywhere, but are we actually embodying it? Are we consciously present and in our experience here on Earth? Often, the most simple of phrases hold the biggest treasures. Now more than ever, we need to be here now. We are in the midst of a global ascension and are experiencing a multitude of energetic shifts both off and on our planet. Being anchored into the Earth allows you to go with the flow of these new planetary changes while remaining safe and secure in your body.

As an energy practitioner, I’ve observed that the one thing every client of mine has in common is that they are not grounded into the Earth and fully occupying their bodies.

When you are ungrounded, life becomes chaotic and confusing. To be out of body is to be out of control. How can you focus when you’re not actually here? My clients suffering from anxiety, nervousness, negative thoughts, paranoia, uncertainty, rage, insecurity, lethargy, exhaustion, and full body illnesses all have one thing in common: they are out of their bodies, and when you leave your body, you invite negative and heavy energies in. Moreover, clients holding trauma in their root chakra are by far the most ungrounded. This is because our grounding cord is located at the tailbone, and our energy streams from the crown chakra down through the root chakra before entering the grounding cord and making its way down to the core of the Earth. Clients with blocks in their root chakra lack the space to allow a healthy flow of energy to connect them from their grounding cord to the planet and release their trauma into the Earth. They go through life like a balloon floating around filled with toxic energies just waiting to pop. Not only is this a dangerous way to live, its not actually living.

As children of the Earth, we are made to thrive and live happy and fulfilled lives here. We incarnated into this planet to have a human experience, and the only way to do so is to actually live in the human body you were given.

The first thing I do at the start of a Quantum Sphere Healing session is ground the client to the center of the Earth and connect them to the unconditional love of Mother Earth. Their heavy energy and toxins are dumped and recycled into the planet and a stream of healing light is sent up through the grounding cord into the client’s energetic body. The client immediately feels a calming, loving sensation of safety and security. This is how it truly feels to be present and in your body.



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