Reality exists outside of any concepts you have of it

Image1by Brian Thompson.

Reality exists outside of any concepts you have of it.

Reality is immune to any belief—it is empty of theoretical notion, philosophy, politic, policy, rule, regulation or religious ideology.

Reality is THIS < snapping fingers loudly >. It is nothing other than the direct cognition of whatever appears within the contents of one’s consciousness.

THIS < snap! > is your true nature, here and now—empty of any mental projections which mind layers onto it, that only distort what you, pure consciousness, are directly perceiving.

Reality needs no translation or interpretation. Any attempt to do so is to lose yourself in the relative—or, that which isn’t real. It must be realized that the relative changes from moment to moment, but you—consciousness—are absolute.

You, consciousness, are forever true.

Abide in the peaceful beauty of that which IS—and realize that you are That. You are not apart from your presence of awareness—you ARE it. Anything that appears within it is merely an impermanent and relative phenomenal manifestation.

Perceive your mind, but do not be bothered by it. Perceive the happenings of the world, but do not be lost within it. Perceive other people, but do not believe they are any different from you. Perceive your creative imagination, but do not believe its creations. Revel in the wonder of the mystery and beauty of the cosmos, but do not be confused by any of its unanswerable questions.

Realize that questions only create more questions, which in turn, only create emotional unrest and dis-ease. Answers can only be found within the absence of the inquiring mind.



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