The Zen Gardner Revelations: Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff

Image2by Steve | Philosophers Stone

It was obvious that news such as this would cause repercussions around the web. It has brought out the awakened – free thinkers and the loonies still determined to act and think like mainstream sycophants. Determined to take an inch and stretch it a mile without a thought, except to create the next headline grabbing click bait. People start to make shit up and even try to associate established alternative media “celebrities” with wrong-doings – simply because they may have shared a stage, an interview or posted articles written by each other.

Absolutely ridiculous – but a useful indicator of the real motive behind the headline grabbing nonsense. This really will sort the wheat from the chaff. Clearly on display for all to see will be the brain-washed, the head-in-the-sand brigade, the sensationalists – desperate to get clicks for their latest trash half-truth made up bullshit. They start to mimic the Corporate Media they pretend to want to replace.

There are even idiots out there naming any number of internet writers or commentators as suspect simply because they may have shared an interview, a stage or posted each others articles.

I posted Zen’s articles. Zen used our suggested articles and images – news is shared between internet associates. Does that equate to guilty by association – of course not. The very nature of devious people, liars, cheats, psychopaths, greed mongers, war mongers is that they are able to integrate – right up until the moment they are found out. At that point, The “associate” becomes just another victim.

So – stop making shit up – people are awake now – and you just show yourselves up for the morons you are.


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