Aug 28

Knowing is Being; Being is Knowing

Image1by Brian Thompson

Everything is momentary and impermanent.

All but you—you, are infinite and eternal. Not you, the person. You, the presence.

All things dance in and out of existence, all things come and go. All but you. You, consciousness, forever remain.

The consciousness that is perceiving these very words is the only “thing” in the entirety of the cosmos that is unchanging. It is ever-present, with or without the manifestations that self-perceive it, that are self-aware. Consciousness is the empty space that all matter and forms seems to appear within.

But, consciousness is not a “thing”. It’s no-thing. It’s nothing.

It is this empty and spacious formlessness that permits all forms to appear and become known.

All things exist because of you, the consciousness that is here and how.

Without you, consciousness, nothing could be known and nothing could be. As such, it can be realized that knowing and being are one—a unified and indivisible, harmonious whole.

Your knowingness is your beingness, and your beingness is your knowingness.



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