The Nine Sacred Herbs of the Saxons

mugwortby Patrice Green

If you could only pick nine herbs to rely on for the rest of your life, which would they be?

It’s a tough question for most of us to answer, but the Saxons held nine herbs as the most sacred. They even had a poem or charm — called Lacnunga (Remedies) — written about them, which dates from the 10-century. The herbs of the Lacnunga manuscript were highly valued, and used as treatment against poison and infection. These same herbs are still highly regarded, widely used today, and worthy of a closer look:

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris): Mugwort is well known as the premier herb for dreamwork. The silver on the underside of the leaves shows an affinity for the moon and the female reproductive system. Mugwort tea and essential oil help ease PMS symptoms. The essential oil also helps to relax the brain, improve circulation and aids in delivering nutrients to brain cells.  It is a stimulant which helps keep the female hormones functioning properly.  Mugwort itself gets its name “mug weed” because it used to be used to flavor ale/beer before the use of hops became popular.  Moxa, which is used in acupuncture, is made from dried Mugwort. In the nine herbs charm Mugwort was named “Una,” the oldest herb.



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