Pristine Consciousness: The Canvas Upon Which Life Expresses Itself

Pristine-Consciousness-The-Canvas-Upon-Which-Life-Expresses-ItselfBy Harry Krueger | Contributing writer for Wake Up World

The bonding of the pristine whole (energy) with Intelligence (the mysterious expression of all that exists) is the only environment in which human beings can flower, and come to completeness. That fruition (as wholeness) is love. There is no other love. And that whole-y state is one of apperception — a perception that is beyond the aberrations of the memory-senses complex called, Mind.

Our thoughts are not self-generated, rather, our present responses to life’s daily challenges are a cacophony of sounds given to us by the prevailing culture. Except for some slight variations in content, we are the psychological clones of past generations. The accumulation of that misinformation (indoctrination) is what we call ‘culture’, and all culture is Mind: a myth given by others. The over-whelming false content of the Mind is what is preventing pristine awareness (Consciousness) from receiving its “daily bread” — the food that is indispensable to life’s daily responses.

Empathy, Sympathy, Compassion, Love, Compatibility and Relationship

Relationship is compatibility. Used here, compatibility is the bonding of Intelligence with Pristine Awareness and the expressions that come from that state. That state is always the first responder to all of life’s challenges.

Intelligence is the only supplier of energy in all life forms, both moving and stationary. In that wholeness — in the bond of Intelligence and Consciousness — there is a diversity as to how the energy is expressed. The totality of those expressions is what is meant by Acting as a harmonious whole. When we are not expressing that Action, we are reacting from a view point that is empathetic to the human psychological suffering that has its roots in the indoctrinated, misinformation given by the culture. That same culture cannot end this sorrowful never-ending cycle. Showing empathy, sympathy and compassion changes nothing.



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