Why is being aware of concepts so vital to spiritual awakening?

Image2by Brian Thompson.

I often talk about being aware of the “concepts” and “conceptual” ideas that you believe and create your sense of self around. In fact, it’s one of the most important spiritual teachings there is.

But, what exactly is a concept?

A concept is any thought that attempts to make something out of nothing.

Did you notice what slipped between those words? That was one right there. A concept—a thought-object made from ethereal, non-existent mind-stuff—an illusion created out of thin air. Sure, it appears to exist, but it remains a formless thought-form that can only float within the mind that thinks it. It is illusory, holding no truth beyond one’s belief.

When you look for something, you miss nothing—and by nothing, I mean, you miss all that is, which is the totality of the present moment you are now experiencing. Nothingness is the absolute truth of reality when it is undivided by the conceptual mind. All of the “somethings” that we label our world with only limit it. They project a meaning, a purpose and a definition onto that which otherwise has none.

Outside of mind there are no concepts, and outside of consciousness there is no mind. We are a presence of consciousness, but we are not anything that appears within it. Therefore, since concepts can only exist within consciousness itself, we know that they are not the truth that they suggest. Only consciousness is the absolute, and we are that.

We are pure presence, empty of anything that happens to appear within mind.

Consciousness is naturally unlimited and unconditioned, but we limit it and condition it through our concepts, shrinking ourselves into ideas of somethings we are not.



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