The Secret Strategies of the Spiritual Awakening

image1by Frank M Wanderer

During our spiritual Journey we accumulate a vast amount of knowledge of the world. From the books read, lectures heard and conversations we try to pick the useful and interesting bits of information, ideas, thoughts and theories. The same applies to experience.

We believe that if we gather a sufficient amount of information during our Journey, we achieve something, we improve, we make a progress. All the knowledge and experience collected, however, improves the contents of the mind, that is, a part of the Ego.

When we are interested in the spiritual development, we apply the same method. In this way we believe we are richer as we accumulate a lot of information, we will have more spiritual experience.

The Mosaic Image of “Truth”

555333_548459208554914_908033241_nThe Ego-dominated mind attempts to make an image of reality from the accumulated spiritual knowledge and experience, trying to create the mosaic image of Truth.

The mind, however, always picks the stones for the mosaic from external sources:

  • Eckhart Tolle claimed the following about it…,
  • It is very similar to the way Osho argues about it…
  • As Krishnamurti asserts…. 
  • On the other hand, Maharshi believes….

That is how the mind puts one piece of the mosaic next to the other until it believes that the image is complete, and the mind is familiar with the whole Truth.

That moment, though, will never come, because the image created from the bits and pieces borrowed from others is not the real “truth;” it is only the truth as the mind imagines it to be. As it is not possible to express the Truth with concepts, the image is false right from the beginning.

Another typical way of the mind is comparing its own experience with those of others:

  • What was your experience? Oh, that has happened to me, what’s more…
  • I have not seen that; how was it with you?
  • Just imagine, when….”.

By assembling the mosaic image of our own mosaic of “truth” (our own version of the “truth”) from our accumulated knowledge and through comparisons with those of others, we shall not be free and do not get closer to Truth. We have only created a beautiful (or not so beautiful) spiritual mask, and behind it the Ego grins at us and the world created by itself.



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