Oct 22

Wherever You Go, Awareness Is

image1by Brian Thompson

Life is life, no matter what name you give it.

Every manifestation of life is lived by the same life, from the same source. It’s the same consciousness arising within the same shared field of infinite awareness. It’s all one.

There is only one life, and you are That (as are all things).

To be—to exist—is to be aware.

Everything that this aliveness experiences is either a sense perception, a thought perception, or an emotion that appears within awareness. The body and mind also appear within awareness. They appear to you like any other object of perception. And so, your apparent personhood is perceived just like everything else in the world.

But, have you ever considered, what is it that is aware? Or rather, who is aware? If I perceive this body, these feelings, and this world, then who am I? Who is aware of being aware?

Wherever you go, awareness is. Awareness is all you know because awareness is the knowing itself. You are inseparable from awareness because awareness is your essential truth. You cannot be considered to be anything apart from it.

Awareness is the Self. It is your true nature.

You have merely forgotten your Self after many years of identifying as the body-mind phenomenon. And yet all this time, you have mistakenly believed you were a separate entity, independently existing apart from the rest of the world. You have always believed that there was only yourself, and then there everyone and everything else existed outside of you. You never realized that this world was just a dream the mind was weaving.

It is this sense of existential isolation that causes your unease, sorrow, confusion, unhappiness, depression, and dissatisfaction.



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