The View

by Elva Thompson

Let there be many windows in your soul – That all the glory of the universe – may beautify it. Not the narrow pane – Of one poor creed can catch the radiant rays – That shine from countless sources. Ralph Waldo Trine.

31198302_mOne window

Most people have only one view of the world – one window to look through at the ‘whirled’ of all there is – and are unaware that there are other views – other windows to other worlds.(See Folk of the Hollow Hill.)

Undoing the programming

The understanding that the physical world is not solid is a bit of a stretch for most people. After all, for many folk, the security of solidity is all they know. It is hard for them to comprehend that everything alive is an energetic unit, a spark of energy existing in a sea of energy – a pulse vibrating within five bands of power that move at different speeds – speeds that resonate on our chakras and create our five sense world.

The filters

The chakras in our bodies are filters, sensors that decode vibratory information, and are the lens through which we experience ‘the dual whirled’ and play the game of opposites we call life.

21047250_mBecause our sixth and seventh chakras are blocked by genetic engineering and electromagnetic interference, what we receive in terms of awareness is drastically reduced – and therefore our view of reality is skewed. We cannot see into the other worlds that share the same space as our own because our psychic vision has been compromised.

The game of opposites

Duality dictates opposites, and to play the game of life requires two sets of players with opposing views. Perhaps there are two species of humanity living side by side, both groups look the same, but one is ensoulled and in service to others, while the other is the fractal consciousness of service to self. The game of ‘me versus you’ and ‘us versus them’ has been deliberately set up in a controlled environment – the third dimension, and handicapped by our limited awareness we are not equipped to see the whole picture

Man prides himself on being the pinnacle of creation, and yet, he is totally unaware that he is energetic food for an unseen vampiric species. Perhaps this is the answer to the age old question: what am I doing here, and what’s the purpose of life. The truth is, that some of us don’t belong here, and if we had all our faculties intact we would see the conspiracy against our species in a heartbeat. Earth is a farm and just as we farm animals for hamburger on the hoof, we ourselves are farmed – exploited for our energy – the loosh rote.(See my article Meet the Firm)



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