A Knowing that is beyond the mind

image1by Brian Thompson

There is a light that is beyond the mind, and you are That.

You are That which illuminates—the inner-knowing essence. You are That which allows you to know that you exist. You are not any experience, for you are the experiencing itself—an invisible, formless, and nameless presence of intimate understanding.

You are the Knowing.

You are the field of infinite awareness in which all things flicker into temporary being. But these “things” that we experience are all momentary happenings, and, therefore, are fundamentally unreal and cannot be said even to exist.

All observed things are a pulsation within awareness—a brief appearance whose perceived existence is due only to the duration of its pulse.

Does a spark exist? It can be said to be a fact, but it doesn’t exist. It has no reality outside of the precise moment of its observation. It does not “exist” outside of the mind that perceives it. It is only the mind that gives a spark its apparent existence, an existence which is entirely conceptual and has no independent reality of its own.

The human manifestation is no different—we don’t really exist, and yet, we seem to. It is only the duration of our physical body’s apparent flicker in time that gives the impression of temporal existence. But, and here’s the kicker—time doesn’t exist either since it is just a concept of the human mind. So, even the perceived duration of a “thing” is unreal.

All “things” are unreal, no matter how you look at it. All things, in truth, are no-thing at all. Everything is nothing.

A “thing” (including a person) is nothing but a concept, a projection of the human mind attempting to give an impression of reality to all that it perceives. While in actuality, all things have no independent existence. Nothing has reality but you. You lend your reality to whatever you perceive.



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