A Disconnected Humanity: The Age Of Pineal Suppression

the-age-of-pineal-suppression-790x381by Dylan Harper

We live in an age of pineal suppression. We imbibe and ingest substances that tend to calcify the rice-grain-sized pineal gland, and on a global scale we have become subservient to the various systems of government. We are continually subjected to a number of controls all designed to disempower us. As we become ever more reliant on ‘the system’ we become increasingly less self-reliant.

As we become less self-reliant so also our relationship with the world around us is reduced and diminished. This, in turn, leads toward a gradual atrophy of the pineal. Nor does it end here.

We live in a world where over a hundred million people in the Western World take anti-depressants on a daily basis. Why? What is wrong with us?

The answer is simple: from a metaphysical viewpoint, our pineal is the interface between we humans and the greater world around us; the galaxy around us; and even the multiverse in which we live. We have become disconnected.

We all know that if you disconnect an electrical appliance from electricity, it will not work. What is a human? We are not a mortal body/personality with a soul, as is generally believed. We are an immortal soul with a mortal body/personality. Very different! The immortal soul-self is a purely metaphysical Being . . . this is who you are. As a metaphysical Being you have a deep and vital spiritual connection with the multiverse.

If you find the idea of a multiverse too challenging, then we will call it your connection with the greater reality in which you live. As I stated, the vast metaphysical energy expression of that physically tiny pineal is our interface with a greater reality. So, just as an appliance with no power will not function, those people who have lost their connection to our galactic birthright are seriously malfunctioning. Hence, deep depression based in a terrible and totally unnatural isolation.

And most people have no comprehension of this whatsoever.

This has had a very detrimental affect on our innate and natural ability to live with powerful inner visions, with deep intuitive insight, and our natural ability for mystical cognition. But there is more.



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