Dec 12

No Experience is True

downloadby Brian Thompson

No experience is true, but that which all experiences appear within is.

As soon as it is sensed, cognized, and perceived, it is gone. Every experience is an illusion; an elusive mirage created by the mind.

No experience has an independent truth all of its own. Every experience only seems to exist because of you, because you lend your reality to its false appearance.

Only awareness is true. How else could an “experience” be known?

Only Presence exists, which is this present moment Beingness in which all knowing appears. You are this Presence, here and now—and there is nothing apart from this Presence, this knowingness, this awareness that permeates your entire being.

And so, all that is exists within you.

Outside of here and now, what could be real? Only this moment is verifiable and true, to you. Everything else is a concept.

Whatever appears will always disappear.

All manner of appearances, which every experience, sensation, and perception ultimately are, are false. They are entirely unreliable—they do not exist whatsoever.

The only “thing” unchanging in life is awareness itself—and this is self-evident when you investigate the continuity of your being. Your awareness has never altered. In fact, it is not “yours” at all—it just Is. It is the suchness of your Self.

Inquire into your own direct experience and realize this to be true. Awareness has always been there in every moment of your life; alert, forever unchanging, and accepting of everything that appears within it. Awareness is infinitely empty, which is why it seems to be so full. Just like a window, everything is sensed only within its open space.

All else, aside from this presence of awareness that you are, is an illusion.

Everything else is an emanation from the mind, which itself is merely an appearance—or rather, an experience—an illusion within the infinite consciousness of your Self.




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