What Reality Am I In?

Image1by Sonia Barrett

From time to time you may have experienced a sudden shock or feeling as if segments of time are missing or awakening to a sudden realization of the disappearance of past memories. This experience can be quite jarring at first. What we do not realize is that we have traveled to a reality that may have some extreme differences to the reality we may have left behind. What causes this to occur? In reviewing the article on “Time Travel” there is simplification in understanding the probability of this occurrence.

When the desire to change certain situations in our lives become final and we commit to it, most often people, places, things and attitudes gradually or drastically disappear from our reality, or maybe we simply shift to another time line. Each of our realities as experienced is a result of what we hold in focus; reality is a result of shifts in consciousness. Consciousness houses belief systems and thought forms. It is the seat of the imagination cradled in the vastness of “Mind”. Reality becomes whatever we indulge in the mind for we become lost in the indulgence. If our lives are filled with gossip, coworker disputes, judgment, conversations of lack, self-pity, material competition, illness, fear etc., the focus of the mind is then limited to sustaining only these attitudes and situations, for the personality is deriving pleasure from these experiences. When there are no signals sent to dismantle this process of operation, it becomes the skeletal structure that supports our emotional and physical environment.

Sometimes when we awaken to find ourselves in a different reality it’s the nudging of the soul stimulating an awareness that we have wandered away from the cradle of guidance. External reality is distracting as it imposes the program of “survival” in our every thought. The survival program is kept in place by the enticement of the socially accepted principles for the achievement of success and happiness on the planet. It’s the day to day monetary and material chase.

(See Transcending the Corporate Matrix).

For some reality remains consistent, never changing or so they think. There is a difference between being open and aware enough to recognize the shifting of your reality and there are those who are so consumed and distracted by old attitudes and external stimuli that such concepts of reality are strongly held in focus within the subconscious. Such individuals are unable to see beyond those programs.



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