Jan 20

There’s Nothing to Understand

download (1)by Brian Thompson

Ultimately, there’s nothing to understand, since you are the nothingness in which all understandings arise within and appear.

Only YOU are true, your aware presence, here and now. Nothing else that you conceptually extract from answering questions of “how” and “why” hold any truth.

No longer analyze yourself, others, or the world, as this is the cause of all suffering—looking for lack, for problems, for reasons, for happiness, and for someone to blame.

Realize that everything is a story created by the mind.

Everything but you, the free and empty Awareness in which the entire Universe and all of its people, places, things, planets, and Gods appear.

There is nothing to get. There is nowhere to go. There is no wealth, nor poverty. There is no abundance, nor lack. There is no intelligence, nor ignorance.

There is only the recognition and self-realization of that which is.

All that needs to be understood is, Who Am I?, and all else will naturally fall into place with this abundantly clear realization of Self.

Know that you are nothing but this presence of conscious knowing, here and now. You are the space in which all things appear. You have nothing to do with the thoughts or emotions appearing to you, as you are nothing but their selfless witnessing presence.

You, awareness, are an impersonal window to the cosmos, observing this dance we call life.

As a universal window of consciousness, you have nothing to claim as your own; you are infinitely empty. Because of the vast emptiness of your absolute non-duality, you can observe the beautiful dance of forms swaying to the illusion of duality—but your true Self is free of it all.




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