Affix No Labels or Names

download (1)by Brian Thompson

Practice the art of not naming things.

Practice moving throughout each moment of every day through pure awareness alone, empty of any preconceived classifications. No longer pride yourself on the distinctions which you believe separate this from that, me from you, us from them, should from should not, and right from wrong.

The labels you hold within mind only distract you from both their truth and yours. They keep you focused on their mental image, rather than their truth.

Once you have dissolved the walls of mental conceptualization, only one truth remains, which all things share, and that is the presence of consciousness in which all things seem to exist—your Self.

This practice of affixing no labels or names helps break the illusory bond between you and the story you tell yourself about yourself, about others, about the world, and about all of the sensations you perceive.

No longer name your feelings. Feel whatever feelings arise, but don’t attach a label to them such as anger, sadness, depression, or anxiety. Notice the feeling fully, without adding any unnecessary mental descriptions or dialogue, just feel with pure loving awareness. Embrace whatever seems to be happening within you, feeling the energy which appears to be coursing through you. Observe without judgement.

Realize that whatever feelings arise, you remain as nothing but their empty, witnessing presence—free.

No longer allow the mind to project its subjective limitations onto the world. Quit living in the ego’s dream.



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