2017: ‘See Me Change’

change-990x556by Soren Dreier

The Winter Solstice sparked some very different vibes than usual.
New experiences for the soul, the character and the ego often come in stealth. This was almost a collected force of ‘new’ that hit the weary pilgrims in Morph City. Weary of the year of 2016, mostly being based on both mundane confusion and celestial confusion. It would be a fair statement to say the impact is like this:

It´s time to step out of doubt, time to step out of confusion and take a stand for your – Self and follow the voice within that will lead you out of any Status Quo. There often is a lot of Status Quo in our lives that we hold on to because by doing that, we hold on to our comfort zones. People struggle with different things; the classics are:

Clinging on to a romantic relationship – even after the embers in that former place of fire have gone out and only smoke is left.
Clinging to the place you live – even though it doesn’t suit you anymore. (On the same day well before Solstice I had four different friends I have known for years write me that they got evicted.)
Clinging on to a work that holds no value for you anymore, other than the paycheck. Which is reason enough in itself in this decade of manufactured poverty and lack of jobs. These three are pretty mundane.

So are these and that is the Shift that occurred:

Am I walking in spiritual worn out shoes?
Am I following blindly what somebody said years ago or do I need to challenge that and find my own way in this ‘mess’?

During the Solstice, I advised a client to take a specific compound. She answered: My Guru, who is dead, never pointed to that compound in general, so I can’t do that. I answered: Maybe your Guru didn’t point to water sports – does that mean that you can’t take a swim?
Obviously she´s not talking to me anymore.

Which boundaries have I set for myself, and are they holding me down, and did I examine them before I took them as mine, and really investigate that if they are good for somebody else they might not be that good for me?
Am I (still)  floating around in a soup of doubt, if so, is it time to get ashore?

Not any of these sensations will outlive 2017, if we do not do something about them. Land Ho!

2017 will be a year well suited for changing the things we deep down know that we need to change, and to be gone with mundane or spiritual bypasses and ‘over jump’ reactions, confusing them with ‘spiritual self-defense’.

It´s time to be challenged in every which way thinkable.



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