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The Effective Use of the Law of Polarity

Law-of-Polarity-790x381By Dylan Harper

Time to Crack the Polarity Code

As we explore Universal Law, it becomes apparent that these laws are present in every aspect of life surfacing on a regular basis. To recognize and apply them, therefore, is an essential part of understanding our interactions with the Universe and to become adept at flowing with its wisdom.

The Law of Polarity states that: “Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet.”

We are a combination of various energies, each present by degree. Some energies may dominate our nature and others will surface only on special occasions. We are also the essence of the concept of polarity. Polarity differs from duality in that each pole has the essence of the other contained within it. There are ranges and degrees of each aspect housed within the other, inseparable.

Polarity Manifests a Spectrum of Combinations

A continuum of polarities exists within us, and what we manifest is a combination of these polarities in varying degrees. Nothing exists in a pure state; everything blends to form unique and vibrant combinations. The physical and metaphysical aspects inherent in the energy that surrounds us is where the polarity begins; the power generated by opposites yet has the essence of each opposite held within it.

The duality inherent in nature serves to produce energetic interactions as seen in the interaction of positrons and electrons within the atomic structure, in magnetic fields that display positive and negative polarities, in the light of day and the dark of night, the sun and the moon, and in the human forms of male and female. In each case, both aspects are necessary to create balance and promote harmony in the world. Energy continuously seeks balance. We also talk more about this in the article on the Law of Gender.

Duality, Dichotomy, and Identifying Connections

On the metaphysical side, it is the Yin (moon, female, cold, dark, submission) and Yang (sun, male, heat, light, projective) energies working to balance active with passive. It is the energies of the god and goddess and the forces of conscious and subconscious. Each of us therefore contains these aspects, traits, and characteristics within ourselves. Everyone is the duality, the dichotomy, reflecting the potential of the Ultimate Energy Source. We can also tap into the Source to bring these aspects together for our highest good or most devastating demise.

Additionally, opposites, each bearing their individual essence, allow for creation only when combined with its antithesis. It is about combining rather than separating, once again showing the need for interaction. Nothing is separate; nothing can in and of itself stand alone and effectively produce the desired result. Everything is connected.

Some Examples of Polarity are:

Analytical – Creative

Within each creative act, a measure of data analysis also takes place. It pulls together information about a perspective and organizing it in a way that expresses the essence of that information. The system of Tarot is a creative expression of the metaphysical laws that apply to the human condition and its relationship to the Divine. The act of interpreting the artistic renderings of symbols and concepts as they appear on the cards is analytical. At the more analytical end of this polarity, a scientist who is gathering data and designing a system to make sense of the information uses the creative faculty to also create a visual or conceptual means of expressing the results.



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