Feb 02

Metaphysical Self Defense – The Egg & The Cross

Sometimes we suffer Metaphysical attacks. Usually they come from people who do not agree with us, the things that we say or the things that we do. Often they also come from non-biological beings. The attacks can come from that realm solely, but often it’s a mix of both, since people who are into this sub-human low life stuff are surrounded by these entities.

When they hit, and hit hard, we often sense it right away. That is to our advantage since it gives us time to gather our defenses and put up a barrier in order to repel the attacks. If we find ourselves as targets, the last thing we want to do is to victimize ourselves. Self-victimization opens a door called: Poor Me. And every time we take that road we weaken ourselves.

That would be the first line of self-defense… not to ponder upon the ‘Why’ or to start making excuses for ourselves. They probably just aren’t that much into you, and we do not want to be on social terms with the Metaphysical criminals anyway, so a good spiritual attitude would be: Fuck ‘Em: If that’s who they are under the hood – walk away.

Only problem is: It’s almost impossible to walk away from a Metaphysical attack. Since it doesn’t have any solid form as a physical attack would have, we cannot see our new-found enemy, and basically it is a collection of disruptive and dark frequencies and they will find us wherever we try to hide. So instead of being the hunted, turn the situation around and secure yourself.

Since these attacks are somehow more regular towards good people who write me about this, them being attacked, I thought it would be appropriate to bring it up. Seems to be more frequent now as in the last couple of months and people are still getting hit hard. I cannot in one post give all keys to Metaphysical Self Defense, so I will probably do another post or two about it in the coming year. If you feel like I have left something out, it might be for that reason.



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