Feb 02

Inner Worlds Outer Worlds: It’s Time to Go Beyond Thinking (Video)

On a daily basis, it seems people are awakening in large droves and mass numbers. Whether this may be due to the precession of the equinox, the economic times, the destruction of earth ”our temporary home’; it may even be that we are just getting a little ‘homesick’ for a place that we can’t be sure even exists…..

Still, we all must take comfort in knowing the fantastic and comforting truth of it all! For those of us who choose to ascend, we are sure to do so!

How can we be so confident and know for certainty? It’s time to turn our eyes inside out and explore our inner worlds, because the fact of the matter is, that it is only by knowing ourselves that we can come to know the universe, and once we understand this we see that ‘one can only see rightly’, when it sees not with the mind or the physical eyes but with the heart.

But first, let’s explore and discover what this means more deeply.

As we have found in the majority of religions from buddhism and hinduism to catholicism and christianity, there are direct overlapping references and experiences that resonate through time and with us all.

That really shouldn’t be surprising remark… I mean really, when we understand thatlove is the true nature of creation, reality and the universe, (the gravity and the glue so to speak) we understand that in order to ascend from this plane of existence we must balance our inner and outer worlds to reach ecstasy in consciousness and the evolution of humanity through holding a conscious space of awareness in this existence in knowing that we are ‘the universe aware of itself!.’…

Phew I’m out of breath 😉 Attention Grammar Police that was definitely a run on sentence.

Enjoy the videos and thanks for watching!

Parts 1-3 below. Part 4 (beyond thinking) featured at the top of this post.



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