Feb 03

Chi And Spiritual Enlightenment

kundaby Arno Pienaar

Chi and Enlightenment are one and the same thing, if everything is energy and one comes to understand all energy, how can enlightenment be avoided?

Chi Sources

First and foremost, let us clear any confusion surrounding the phenomena known as “chi energy.” Chi is the primordial energy which permeates everything in creation and without which life is not possible. Everything in existence has a vibrational frequency which is synonymous with the rate of chi that emanates from it.

All humans emit various vibrational frequencies, because they are generating various levels of chi. To elaborate further, your level of chi is determined by your physical/ emotional/ mental & spiritual states, all comprised into one.

The Chinese symbol for Chi means No Fire, which symbolizes that when the Chi in the body is mastered, the body is in balance and not polarized to an extreme, due to a dominance of Yang (fire) energy, causing aging and deterioration.

When intelligence is combined with chi, the former can manipulate first creatively, in order to transmute it to finer/subtler and higher levels (higher frequencies).

This type of alchemy requires knowledge about all the sources of chi generated from within the human body. Substances, such as food, water and air, are known as post-birth Chi — their essence plays a major role in the level of Chi they transmit to you.

It is very simple once you understand that you are what you eat, and what you eat affects the rate at which you vibrate, which in turn affects your being — in other words, your psychological processing and ability to transcend low behaviors.

In a world where clean, pure, drinking water, healthy, fresh, greens and clear, pure, air are so rare in the environments where most of us live, the disastrous physical and mental health of the majority should come as no surprise.

One of the worst sources of chi is believed to be flesh (i.e. animal meat). If you come to understand that your DNA intertwines with all that you consume, then why would you in a sense, turn yourself into a cow, pig or a chicken?

Why is it so hard to comprehend that this is the sole reason for chaos in theconsciousness of so many humans, that are unwittingly keeping themselves binded to animalistic traits and tendencies?

Another vital source of your Chi is determined by the level of Chi your parents embodied in the moment of your conception, which resides within you as the pre-birth Chi.



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