Feb 06

Awaking to the Non-Dual Presence of Being

You-are-That-which-is-beyond-belief---You-are-a-Presence-of-awakened-non-dual-awareness---Zen-Thinking-Quote---Brian-Thompson---Advaita---Non-DualityBy Brian Thompson

You are here for one thing—to shed the egoic skin that veils the knowing of your true Self, and to awaken to the non-dual presence of your Being.

Cast off the many layers of false beliefs that confuse you.

Disregard the thoughts appearing to you, knowing that none are the truth you seek and quietly abide in the infinite silence in which they appear.

Discard your behaviour of creating stories about this idea you call “me”; it alone is the cause of your dissatisfaction. The habit of nurturing and protecting this delusional mental image of yourself is what binds you to a personalized world of unhappiness, discontent and suffering.

Let it all go.

No longer believe yourself to be something you are not and don’t assume that others are as you think them. No longer trust that the world is as it seems. The truth is, nothing is at it appears. All that you see is a projection from the fearful mind that is conditioned to define itself by things it believes to be outside itself, by creating concepts to which it is opposed, in which it can somehow hope to create some self-meaning.

But “me” is merely a thought, and a thought cannot think, so… for what are you searching? And, who is doing the searching?

How much longer will you wait to realize that peace is ever-present? It only needs to be realized, by emptying yourself of all untruths. Your well-being is here and now, it has never been elsewhere. The truth is, you have never actually lost your inner peace, you have only forgotten it. Realize that there is nothing other than the absolute perfection that is here and now, which you hesitate on self-realizing, which you ponder, question, and then altogether ignore, and which you then dream of being somehow better.

You exist, that is certain—but, as whom? Or perhaps more precisely, as what? No longer search for answers. Investigate your own nature—the subtlety of your beingness that is self-aware, regardless of the situation. Know yourself not by a concept, but as the presence of knowing that is aware of this present moment.

You are pure awareness; while everything you experience is an impermanent appearance of mental form dancing within your otherwise infinite and spacious expanse.

When you narrow your awareness onto how a thing appears, and you become hypnotized by the labels and concepts which you attach to them, your world becomes limited and small, as does your sense of self. But if you widen your awareness and allow everything to be as it is, free of concepts, then your world becomes free of the mind’s notions whose only purpose is to divide and distract you from your otherwise perfect presence of being.





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