Feb 23

Realizing One’s Sense of Being

downloadby Brian Thompson

Life doesn’t happen to you, for you are the very living-ness that is this “thing” we call life.

You are not separate from life; you do not somehow stand apart from it, watching it impact you, for you are intrinsically one with it, in all of its many forms.

All of life mutually co-arises alongside you. All of life is interdependent, forever entwined, nothing separate from all else.

However, life is only a concept that is relative to its surroundings and defined by a beginning, a middle, and an end.

If you throw away all presupposed notions of what life is and investigate your own experience of living, it will become apparent that there is only this present moment in which your awareness-of-being is manifest, and through which you creatively express your knowing of it—all of which can only ever happen in the present moment.

In truth, there is only the knowing of this present moment, in which you—awareness—are its principle cause.

All else is assumed. All else is nothing but an unreal thought, an image created by memory and mind.

Without you—the unlimited field of awareness that encompasses your entire sense of being—this moment would not exist. This impersonal presence that you truly are is the creator of all that is known.

Suffering occurs when you have forgotten your true self. In truth, however, presence has never left; the mind’s illusory creations were only obscuring your conscious recognition of it.

In this ongoing and unchanging experience of all that is here and now—as revealed by your very presence—you are everything that is happening.

All along, it has always been you—you are always (and only) aware of your Self. Not the imagined person which you perceive, but the real you, the inner you, the one true Self that is seeing through all eyes, which is hearing through all ears, and that is the all-pervading awareness in which all knowings become known.

There is nothing apart from you. Your presence is everything, but this presence that you are is not bound to the physicality of the body; for your presence includes the totality of everything arising within the all-pervading awareness that is the Self.

The world unfolds within you, as you.

Everything that seems to happen happens within consciousness—to which the mind naturally applies its conditioning, subjective bias, opinion, and collected knowledge—and to which you, as a presence of pure awareness, are its perceiving witness.



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